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Allison & Adam’s Greenwich Connecticut Wedding at Burning Tree Country Club

Sat. July 20, 2013   |   i do
About six years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Allison’s family because her sister, Andrea was getting married!  In fact, you can check out my post from their wedding RIGHT HERE.  Well, at that wedding, I noticed that Allison was having the absolute time of her life, dance floor, party all the way and I told her that I couldn’t wait to shoot her wedding!  She laughed and told me it would be awhile.
But here we are, six years later, at Allison’s wedding.

I made the trek across the country back to Greenwich, Connecticut, for another spectacular event, that was even better because I knew quite a few of the main players there!  I knew that it was going to be a blast because I’d gotten the chance to spend some time with Allison & Adam in Chicago for their engagement session (did I forget to blog that?  If so I’m sure I’ll do it eventually!) and knew that they were the kind of couple I absolutely jump at the chance to photograph.  They have the kind of rapport with one another that not only is wonderful to be around in real life, but translates exceptionally well in photos too.  So when I showed up to Allison’s house that morning, I was super excited and ready to go!

Now that we live in the day and age of Pinterest, of course the details were stunning!

Also stunning:  The bride!

It was seriously SO much fun to get to see this family again!  As a wedding photographer, you can imagine I don’t get any repeat business, so the only times I get to see some of my long-distance destination wedding couples again is when I photograph siblings weddings.  Anyway, it just made the day so much more fun:

Another thing that happened in the years since Andrea & Tate’s wedding was this guy, Rhett!  He has definitely taken this family by storm and quickly become the apple of their eyes 🙂

Allison’s (gorgeous) ring & bands:

The background here is the envelope of their invitation!

The theme of the wedding was all black and white:

I had the fabulous Kenny Grill along with me to second shoot–he went to photograph Adam & the boys getting ready while I was with the ladies:

Adam and the guys are fun, but guys just don’t do the preparation the girls do:

I adore the one on the right of Allison’s dad adoring her:

Andrea & Tate, how are you MORE gorgeous 6 years later and after a baby??  That just isn’t fair:

Oh Rhett. The only person at the wedding photographed as much as the bride & groom:

Allison’s incredible gown:

This was the perfect dress for that day–it was so light and flowy, which was great because it was a scorcher!

Nobody could deny that they are sisters!

Love these:

The finishing touches:

The girls with their son/nephew:

Adam looked so dapper for his big day!  I was seriously obsessed with his polka dot bowtie:

The beautiful mother of the bride pinning on Adam’s corsage:

I love personalized cufflinks:

Adam ready for the first look!

Their reactions were SO good!

It was definitely a mutual admiration society over the socks & shoes 🙂

Something about these two photos just makes me so happy:

We shot these photos at the most insane home next door to where the girls got ready.  This estate was BEYOND:

So was the couple 🙂

But really, what do I have to do to end up living in a place like this??

Allison & Adam are so lucky to have so many grandparents!  These are both sets of Adam’s grandparents, in coordinated outfits of course.  They told me that they did the same thing for the wedding of their kids however many years ago.  So fun!

The beautiful bridal party:

All the girls:

All the boys:

And of course, the couple.  

Obsessed.  I said it again.

Just a fun shot I grabbed while Kenny was shooting some individual photos of Adam:

We headed over to the Greenwich Academy for some more time with the bridal party:

What a great group.  They were all so much fun to work with!

Then it was time for the wedding!  The Burning Ttree Country Club is such a beautiful place.  Everything there is just impeccable:

A fun little detail:

The ceremony setup:

I had some time while waiting for the ceremony to start.  I couldn’t even handle how awesome the below shoes were!  After quite a bit of research, I finally found out that they are from Stubbs and Wooton.  If you are looking to buy me a ridiculous, extravagant, amazing gift, I would like a pair with one with shoe having a bow and arrow and one shoe with a padlock (they do custom designs).  Size 8.  Thanks.

Then it was time for the ceremony!  In keeping with Jewish tradition, Adam walked down the aisle with both of his parents escorting him:

One of my favorite moments that I don’t always get to capture (sometimes my second shooter does) is the last moments with the bride and her father, especially if they have a close relationship like Allison and her dad do:

Allison couldn’t wait to get down the aisle to Adam:

But he had to get by dad first:

I LOVE this moment.  You can tell how much Allison’s family love Adam and vice versa:

Wedding time, finally!  They had both a priest and a rabbi officiating:

They took turns with their readings and blessings:

Have I ever mentioned that I think priests are awesome?  They look like they are so serious all the time (I think it’s the outfit), but they’re really nice guys!

The blessing over the wine:

A detail right before the rings went on:

I love this!

Lighting their unity candle:

First kiss:

In Jewish tradition, the groom smashes a glass at the end of the ceremony.  It’s usually a sharp noise and every in the crowd shouts and cheers!  But the glass kind of got away from Adam a little bit. Second time is the charm!

Yay!  Newlyweds!

There was a feast at cocktail hour.  A raw bar–the perfect thing for a hot day!

But while that was going on, I escaped for a few minutes with the new Mr. & Mrs:

They just have the best chemistry and have so much fun with one another!  They are able to chat really easily between themselves, so they always look natural and beautiful together:

They’re that couple you see across the room and think “I want what they have”:

Having fun together is such a big part of having a great marriage, I just know they are going to be so happy together:

It was finally cooler out, so we hung out for a couple of extra minutes:

Allison’s bouquet and grandfathers’ handkerchief:

Allison, you were such a gorgeous bride:

And the dress-whoa. So so good!

But if I know this couple, they were ready to PARTY!

The details of the patio seating:

And the inside–of course a black and white dance floor!

Stunning florals made the tables:

So pretty:

No space was left un-floraled:

I love when the bride has her new last name on her seating card:

Here we go!

First dance:

Allison loved her name on the seating card too!

A great moment during the Father of the Bride toast:

Daddy daughter dance:

Mother son dance.  Now that I have two sons, I have a special place in my heart for this moment:

An inside joke maybe?  ðŸ™‚

Cake!  My favorite part of any meal:

So sweet:

A little more tart than sweet:

But no less loving:

Then it was time for what Allison was waiting for the whole day–the dance party!

And did everyone ever agree!!


Allison and Adam, it was such a pleasure to be able to spend this day with you.  Thank you so much!!
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