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Locke is 1!

Thu. August 2, 2012   |   my life
There's only a few days each year where you can look back and say, "I remember EXACTLY what I was doing this time last year".  For me, those days are usually Christmas, New Years' Eve, Thanksgiving, my anniversary, and my birthday.  But now I have a new one:  Locke's birthday!  Feel free to relive it with me :)

Locke didn't come into the world easily.  If he'd had his way, he would have been safely and cozily nestled in my belly most of the way through August, despite his July due date.  But as luck (and medical intervention) would have it, August 2nd turned out to be the day that Jeff and I would have our lives changed forever!

I suppose it's trite to say it, but we really had no idea what we were in for when Locke was born.  Oh, I could go on here about all the good things, the tough things, the adorable things and fill this post with moments from the past year and deep reflections about parenthood and how my life has changed.  

But instead of that, I'll let you just look at my Locke for a minute.  I mean seriously, looking at him, how could you not believe in how miraculous life is?

There's this world of parenthood, a club I now belong to that I always knew existed, but that existed below the surface of my day to day life.  It's a group of people who spend their days marveling at how amazing their children are, how smart and adorable, absolutely POSITIVE that their child is the best.
I fully agree with them--mine is the best :)

However, I fail to understand how I could have produced a child that would prefer a strawberry and a slice of watermelon to his cupcakes!!  A kid of mine who doesn't like cupcakes?!

Locke's party wasn't fancy.  It wasn't the cutest thing you've ever seen.  You won't see it on any party planning blogs or on Pinterest.  But we took the day and celebrated a person that this time last year had just made his entry into the world, and who is today a smiling, laughing, curious, determined, adorable little guy that I can't imagine life without.

Happy Birthday Locke!

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