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Adorable Baby Clothes (and win a $75 gift card to buy some)!

Tue. July 10, 2012   |   people
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do something I've never done in my career yet--shoot a look book for a new children's clothing line by none other than my favorite online shopping website, RUCHE!!

Photographing children is WAY different than photographing adults.  Children are instinctively more natural and exuberant but on the other hand, they also do not take direction at all (depending on age), so it falls entirely on the photographer and horde of wranglers (parents, art director, assistants) to make absolute fools of themselves to get these kids to laugh on cue.  It can be EXHAUSTING but is such a fun challenge.

I had the immense good fortune on this shoot to work with the staff set designers & stylists at Ruche so all I had to handle was the kids and well, the shooting!  It was very helpful that the clothes were absolutely darling and the models adorable (one in particular)


All you have to do to enter to win a $75 gift card for RUCHE to buy something for your little one (or hey, maybe even yourself!) is leave a comment below with your favorite baby outfit.  That's it!  You can enter until WEDNESDAY, 7/18, and make sure to leave your email address so we can notify the winner!

Also, a special congrats to Mai & Josh, owners of RUCHE who are expecting their first little one!

We started off the shoot with the oldest kids which was good because they really gave me a run for my money!  

But how adorable were they??

I love these darling little Mary Janes:

We aren't above bribery around here--that lollipop wasn't exactly a prop, but it worked!

That teacup?  Yup, full of goldfish snacks :)

Beach baby!

This little baby was SO cute and the perfect age for this shoot--sitting but not walking, and SO happy!

She's just precious!

This big little guy was our 4 month old model.  His little linen outfit would be PERFECT for a summer party!

All the clothes are so special and have tons of details:

Look at this little princess, aren't fabric tent forts the best?!

Babies and balls of yarn--a deadly cute combination :)

Cutie pie:

I just loved this little guy--he was so round he reminded me so much of Locke at that age!

Little ballerina:

This dress--I die!  This is the kind of outfit that makes me wish for a girl baby of my own one day:

Oh look!  The cutest baby on the planet!  Yes, my little Locke was one of the models:

I have to say, he was quite the star performer:

Plus, who can look at him and not want to pinch him?


He LOVES to clap hands!

What?  More photos of Locke you say?  Well I wouldn't want to disappoint you :)

Bibs never looked so cute:


Mustaches are cutest when eaten:

Ruche has clothing for ages 0-2 years.  This guy was closer to the "0" side :)

Little bear monkey :)

And if you haven't heard...I am expecting baby boy #2!  Jeff, Locke, Acey and I are thrilled our family is getting bigger, and will be the best dressed in clothes from RUCHE :)
So leave a comment with your favorite outfit--you might be the lucky winner taking home some of these clothes for your little one (or picking something for yourself instead)!
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