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Orange County Engagement Photos: Diane & Steve

Sun. April 8, 2012   |   i do
There are some couples that I just love to watch.  Sometimes I don't even know them--they're the couple dancing together at a wedding, having dinner in a restaurant, on a hike together at the park.  They are the couple that makes everything look easy because they're together.  Diane and Steve are that couple.  Watching them, there's no question that they are absolutely perfect together.
Maybe that ease is something that comes with time--they've been together for NINE years!  Some people might say WOW, it sure is time to get married, but I'd say WOW, good for you for not rushing things and taking your time with each other.  This mindset has stayed with them even throughout their engagement, a process that lots of people find stressful.  Not Diane and Steve--they just enjoy each other in any relationship status.

People that happy and content are my favorite people to shoot :)

Diane & Steve's engagement session went much the same way:  Relaxed!  We wandered through one of my favorite parks just chatting and shooting here and there, talking about wedding plans (coming along), weather (absolutely perfect), and life (simple and sweet).  I believe their photos are a reflection of their easy way with each other, and I was so honored to capture their love:

Carefree and lovely:

This time of year is the perfect time to shoot in OC.  It's the one time of year everything is green!

And beautiful:

Being with Diane and Steve, you watch because they are laughing:

They are content:

But mostly, they are laughing!  

They are at peace:

A lot of being engaged can be stressful because there are SO many decisions to make, everything is on a timeline, and there is little time for just BEING.  Diane and Steve have perfected the art of just being together:

Something in the feeling of this one makes me happy!

Having been together for so long, Diane and Steve have had the time to learn each others ways and to love each other for those ways:

They are a team, a unit, a united front together:

Their love just radiates out, and makes people stare:

But I doubt they notice when people stare, because who else exists with love like this?

Diane:  A natural model with no modeling experience whatsoever.  

Two models in one family:

Being together for nine years is awesome, but just the beginning:

They're going to look back on this time as "before we were married", and it'll seem like so long ago:

I know that they will keep holding on to each other like this for the next nine, nineteen, ninety (hopefully) years:

A quick dressy outfit change and we were off on the next adventure:

My favorite location:

By the way, this is off-topic, but this is where that MarkIII really shined!

It's been awhile since I've seen flare like this:

My favorite:

True story--when we were discussing location for the engagement session, Steve went around to a few different parks to select the one that felt right for this shoot.  However, this particular park doesn't have any mustard fields in bloom right now, which are SO fun to shoot in this time of year!  Earlier that day, I had seen a giant mustard field off the side of the road--LITERALLY off the side of the road, as in, no parking and possibly no entrance.  So when I suggested that we try to head over there and see if we could quickly pull over and jump out for a few shots, they were not only game but enthusiastic about the idea!
So we pulled off the side of the road during rush hour and climbed into this field (no exaggeration):

Was it worth it?

Personally I'll say yes:

You never know where a sense of adventure will bring you:

Or what might come of an unexpected detour.  I'm sure people were staring us.  But for Diane and Steve, I'm sure that's a usual occurrence.  And that they didn't notice at all.

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