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Katie & Dave’s Wedding!

Tue. October 12, 2010   |   i do
Now that I’m finally back from my travels and (mostly) caught up, it’s time for the fun part–the PICTURES! **don’t forget to watch the slideshow at the end!**

This past month has been amazing in many ways, but I wouldn’t have chosen to kick it off in any other way than at Dave & Katie’s wedding in Jackson, Wyoming.

Katie first called me right after Christmas, probably immediately after she and Dave got engaged. She’s a detail girl through and through, and probably the most efficient, organized person I’ve ever met. Anyway, the second she told me about her wedding, the location (the UNBELIEVABLE Double L Ranch, and of course, she and Dave, it’s fair to say I was smitten!

Katie and Dave didn’t always feel that way about one another though. They actually met when they were 12 years old, and even spent a little time together as friends! There is a kind of amazing photo of the two of them with another friend out on a boat, about 13 years old, having no idea that they would eventually get married.

They re-met at their high school reunion. I would call it love at second sight 🙂 I would also call it incredibly romantic!

Now, about the wedding.

I usually go by the theory that you attract people who are like you to you. Same begets same, or such. I was hoping that theory would hold true for Dave and Katie, and it did. There is not a SINGLE person I met at this wedding during any part of that weekend that was not friendly, funny, outgoing, kind, and just a lovely person altogether. If you are who you associate with, this group of people is probably one of the best indicators that I was in for a treat!

Oh, what? You want to see the photos? Okay then 🙂

The Ranch: A Jackson Hole Magnificent Wonder of the Most Epic Variety:

I was just so taken with all the wild beauty of the place:

Perhaps one of the ways you can tell what a wedding will be like is by the invitations. Carved out of thin slices of wood, i was quite excited when I received my copy:

Where else to hang a wedding dress? This is actually inside the saloon on the property where the boys hung out:

Katie, looking oh so gorgeous:

The law of similars again: all fun, gorgeous, awesome ladies!

The saloon from the outside:

The boys hung out here for their getting ready–I just had to make a portrait of them with all those deer heads!

Have you seen a more gorgeous setting?

It was about to rain…and then it did rain! Right as the guests were seated! Everyone just laughed and put up an umbrella though, and not another word was said, except by the father of the bride who said, “Oh, it’ll clear up before the ceremony”.

He was right! Imagine that 🙂

Yeah, no sign of rain five minutes later. The weather moves quick out there in Jackson!

I posted this before, but it deserves a little repost 🙂

Some beautiful portraits of a beautiful couple:

The one on the left makes me SO happy! I just love how he’s fixing his jacket:

A little overview of all the details:

More gorgeousness:

MORE gorgeousness:

And some married-ness:

One of my faves:

It just kept getting better and better! Literally in every direction there was a beautiful light and a willing couple:

Seriously. Do I need say more?

Some fun toast reactions:

There’s nothing better than a couple that actually pulls YOU out of the reception to shoot more portraits with the sky looking like this!

A little nightscape:

And of course, a party!

This pretty much sums up the party:

I’ll be posting their day after photos soon, but you’ll get a little sneak preview at the end of their slideshow. It’s a good one 🙂 Enjoy! Dave and Katie, your wedding was an experience I will never forget. You, your friends (my new friends), everything–simply perfection.

Special thanks to With Etiquette for the music for the slideshow!

To order photos from Katie & Dave’s wedding please visit the following link (password is Katie’s last name): Katie & Dave’s Wedding Gallery
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