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Natali & Brian’s Engagement

Sun. June 27, 2010   |   will you
Every year, I start out with weddings booked. And every year, there are certain ones that I look forward to just a little bit extra for one reason or another. Natali and Brian’s wedding is one of those, because it’ll be the first one that I’ll be getting to shoot in one of my favorite places, Palm Springs!

Although Natali & Brian are getting married at the fabulous Horizon Hotel, we photographed their engagement session at the Ace Hotel, to get a different feel for this set of photos than for their wedding!

This hotel is exactly the kind of place I love–retro modern, a little quirky, a little campy, and of course, perfect for photos!

This is what you see when you arrive:

They had a FANTASTIC suite! It was a bit dark but I couldn’t resist a few black and whites:

Normally, I request that couples don’t wear sunglasses during our shoot, but Brian looked so Palm Springs swanky, I couldn’t resist just one. Natali, of course, looked perfectly retro Palm Springs in her eyelet lace dress:

The lobby of the hotel was so stylish for engagement photos:

It had this amazing knitted draping in the window. I could have shot there all day!

I loe these two:

And these two:

My favorite from this engagement session:

Seriously, stop being so awesome N&B;!

The poolside had these shade things that were just so alien looking! They were like a 70’s version of what the future should look like:

It didn’t stop us from making some timeless photos though:

I think these two are going to make for some rad wedding shooting:

No matter what they are wearing:

Another favorite:

Natali requested some photos by the Palm Springs sign, and we got there at exactly the right time!

Timing is everything, isn’t it?

Brian loved the scale of the mountains. I agree:

Palm Springs: Not a Misnomer:

Thank you both for BLOWING MY MIND on this session! I can’t wait for the big day!
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