Karen: What a YUMMIE photo!!! 4.3.10, 11:55AM
Emily @ Southern Weddings: Gorgeous! And you do have a great job. 🙂 3.30.10, 4:21PM
Mike: I love this image. Your photography is so inspiring. 3.29.10, 10:21AM
Anouschka: Wow, this is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more! 3.29.10, 9:16AM
tony zhang: I have already attented your photos for many times from I saw it first, these photos are comfortable, happiness, simple, full with shiny! I am looking forward to your further images. 3.27.10, 1:33PM
luke walker: I hear ya Jess, I just had that last weekend shooting in Boston. We were along the waterfront and walking the docks with 72 degree weather, were treated to a fabulous dinner afterwards, and I just felt afterwards like it was one of those times I really appreciated what we do and how fun it is. 3.26.10, 2:00PM
Meg: Can’t wait to see more of these! 3.26.10, 11:19AM
Ashley: Aw, there’s nothing more romantic than watching the sunset, holding the hand of the one you love =D 3.26.10, 3:00AM
Gilbert Wong: Love the moments~ they are sweet 3.25.10, 12:22PM
priscilla Monroe: I love your photos! they are insanely beautiful! 3.25.10, 12:16PM
Lisa: Love this shot, it is totally epic! 3.25.10, 11:37AM
jenny: Love the SF view ! ( and of course the flair !) can’t wait to see more ! 3.24.10, 7:38PM
Becky: This is BEAutiful! You need to stop teasing us all with one photo posts… we need more! 3.24.10, 4:26PM
ajira: stunning! 3.24.10, 6:44AM
sarah: very cool. very, very cool. 3.24.10, 3:00AM
kortnee kate: Love it! I have to tell you that as soon as I read that you were on a tugboat all I could picture was you downing spinach and then sprouting huge arm muscles. 3.24.10, 12:11AM
Emmalee: Ah, so beautiful. This picture reminds me of my "happy place". Also.. is that Christian Louboutin i see?? 3.23.10, 8:47PM
Alan & Karen Woo: Amazing! 3.23.10, 5:45PM
Sally : It feels so peaceful, and beautiful light. Everyone I know who has been to San Francisco raves about it… maybe one day! 3.23.10, 5:37PM
Simone Anne: Are you still in the bay for more shoots?!?!?!?! ahhh! 3.23.10, 4:10PM
Stephanie Stewart: Love this! Can’t wait to see more! 3.23.10, 1:57PM
Brian Mullins: This really made me miss San Francisco! Beautiful shot and a great moment! 3.23.10, 1:56PM
Alexandra : Love it, Jessica! Beautiful! 3.23.10, 12:12PM
Laura Mazotti: Love this!!!, I am so excited to see the rest! 3.23.10, 10:13AM
Miriam: Just WOW!! Oh Im so excited to see all the full posts of your latest sneak peeks 😀 3.23.10, 8:57AM
Mark Gove: Beautiful! 3.23.10, 8:30AM
Kellie Carter: Beautiful …can’t wait to see the rest! 3.23.10, 7:51AM
RLG: LOVE the Louboutins! 3.23.10, 7:49AM
Sarah: Wow! Seriously!? I can’t wait to see the rest of this shoot:) The colors, light & shoes;) ARE AMAZING! 3.23.10, 7:20AM
Jen Madigan Photography: Beautiful!!! 3.23.10, 6:27AM
Emilie: Beautiful!!! 3.23.10, 5:34AM
Michelle Pearson: Stunning!! 3.23.10, 3:36AM
Kyle: Loubi Lou’s!!! And gorgeous light. And she matches your blog. 🙂 3.23.10, 1:04AM
s h e r r y: Gorgeous light <3 3.23.10, 1:03AM
Harmony Loves: ooooh girl! that is some delicious light! 3.23.10, 12:36AM
pinky: ahh beautiful!! 3.23.10, 12:32AM