Charlie: I love the composition here! 4.9.10, 5:58PM
BEANTOWN BRIDE: LOVE Frechies! I have a Boston Terrier – these guys are too cute! Love this shot Jess! 3.26.10, 4:15PM
David: This one made me LOL. 🙂 3.26.10, 2:02PM
Kasey: I love this! Awesome perspective! 3.25.10, 9:15PM
BEN: shot a bulldog last year. mindy and i couldn’t help but think about getting one after that shoot. how can you not love ’em? 3.25.10, 10:52AM
marissa nicole: I love this. just looks like a little dot in the middle of the field pondering life. 3.24.10, 8:46PM
Melissa: oh my!!! he is adorable!!! 3.23.10, 8:52PM
Jamie: I want him! I want him! I want him! Can I have him, please? 3.23.10, 4:02PM
Lyn Ismael-Bennett : awwwww….so cute! 3.23.10, 11:38AM
Tab McCausland: Come on that is a CUTIE!! 3.23.10, 9:11AM
Bruce: That is a classic! man I laughed. Bulldogs and Boxers are just the BEST! 3.23.10, 5:50AM
Phyllis Cheung: What a beautiful shot! 3.23.10, 12:30AM
Molly: Wow, that’s so cute! 3.22.10, 9:45PM
Michelle W: ahhhh…my little love bug :o) So Adora-BULL and I can’t wait to see the rest of the shots. Thanks again for taking pics of Uno & tell Jeff thanks for scouting the location and bribing Uno with treats. You guys are the best. 3.22.10, 9:20PM
joey: what an interesting concept! Great shot. 3.22.10, 9:07PM
Howard Haby: Excellent shot!! This is really, really cute. 3.22.10, 8:39PM
katy gray: OMG what a cutie!! 3.22.10, 5:06PM
marie: great perspective!! love it. 3.22.10, 3:38PM
carly: Oh my goodness…he is absolutely steal-worthy. Looks alot like my sweet little Chomper, my lil’ white bulldog mix who once ate a Shootsac AND the Baroque cover for it. (Along with chomping a few CF cards and Listerine PocketPacks.) Uggh. 3.22.10, 3:05PM
jessica claire: tim–total coincidence but really cool! 3.22.10, 12:40PM
TimH: Jessica, This reminds me of one of my favorite paintings. The painting, by Francisco de Goya, hangs in the Prado Museum in Madrid and is called "Perro Semihundido". Coincidence or flattery? 3.22.10, 11:44AM
Betsy: OMG! Such a tease. I want to see MORE!!!!! So cute!!! 3.22.10, 8:42AM
Briana: Oh my goodness he is the sweetest little thing! I love how he’s popping out of the grass. 3.22.10, 8:20AM
Mary Sandy: That is great, put a big smile on my face. 3.22.10, 8:19AM
johnwaire | photo: …love this shot jessica! 3.22.10, 8:02AM
Michelle: While waiting for this picture to load I tried to imagine what I would see…thanks for surprising me …and making me smile! 3.22.10, 6:49AM
Tanja: aaww.. they are just so sweet and cool dogs.. love the angel 3.22.10, 6:28AM
ajira: This picture makes me laugh. He looks so funny peaking out of the green, green grass like that! 3.22.10, 5:00AM
Emilie: Cute!!! 3.22.10, 4:06AM
Alexandra : So glad to see you blogging constantly again 🙂 And loving all of the sneak peeks. Beautiful work, Jessica. 3.22.10, 3:22AM
s h e r r y: CUTE. HE IS SO STINKIN’ ADORABLE. (hugs, squishes, kisses, cuddles) 3.22.10, 3:08AM
angel swanson: absolutely precious <3 would make a perfect desktop background! 3.22.10, 2:36AM
Alice: Uno looks like the Easter Bunny in this photo… so stinkin’ adorable! I can’t wait to see more. 3.22.10, 1:21AM
Annie: I must add to the love of French Bulldogs and this shot is only adding to it. Adorable! 3.22.10, 1:18AM
Karen: I adore French Bulldogs! 3.22.10, 1:09AM
Lydia: Adorable! 3.22.10, 12:56AM
Harmony Loves: I’m obsessed with french bulldogs!!! I can’t wait to see more! 3.22.10, 12:40AM
Tunji Sarumi: nOice!!! 3.22.10, 12:40AM