Louisville photographer: Nice detail. I’ll be shooting a military wedding in a few days with all the men in uniform + saber exit. Love those… 4.7.10, 9:01AM
Raven Jackson: Your photos are AMAZING!!! mycamerabiz.com 4.1.10, 7:36PM
David: Love your blog, very inspirational photographs… thanks for sharing this. :0) 4.1.10, 3:47AM
Weekendje weg last minute: Great picture! Thats one of the best white balance I have seen for a long time. And the picture tells a story 3.31.10, 4:06AM
sydney photographer: I love the color of the 2 little boxes.. It’s so cute… 😀 3.25.10, 4:51PM
jenny: now I just want to see the whole wedding !! Tiffany’s boxes always gets to me…. 3.24.10, 7:40PM
Krysta: *sigh* LOVE this image! I can see what it jumped out at you. Gotta admit, it tugs at the heartsrings a little bit… my bro was the Man of Honor in my wedding a few years ago too 🙂 3.22.10, 11:07PM
paige + Blake: love it 3.22.10, 3:44PM
Erin (Rollins) Maffei: Jessica, I LOVE this picture more than you know. It even brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for such an amazing day! I can’t wait to see the rest. 3.22.10, 2:07PM
Madelynn Kenoly: Awesome and moving shot! 3.22.10, 11:03AM
Marta Hoya: Tus trabajos son maravillosos, impresionante esas fotos, mis más sinceras felicitaciones!!!!!!! Marta Hoya 3.22.10, 8:14AM
Emilie: This shot is beautiful!! I love the white and the blue! 3.22.10, 4:07AM
Brandi: Love a man in uniform…what a lovely shot that will be cherished by his family forever. And to the "man of honor" thank you for serving our country…God Bless. 3.21.10, 7:34PM
s h e r r y: I love love love this photo! The pop of the Tiffany blue is amaaazing. Can’t wait to see the rest. 3.21.10, 2:37PM
Wendy: I love it! Tiffany boxes always make me happy. Your work makes me smile on a Sunday morning. 3.21.10, 1:27PM
Jessica: BEAUTIFUL! 3.21.10, 1:06AM
Whitley Pollet: Wow! This is amazing! 3.21.10, 12:53AM
Amanda: What a great picture!!! 3.20.10, 11:50PM
leslie: getting married on 5-2, hired mark&candice for photogs! you shot my high school classmate’s (monica) wedding last year and have been in my google reader ever since. i’m DYING about the new shootsac and am hoping it’s available for shipment before we head off to our honeymoon on 5-4-10. any chance you could let me know so i can stop looking through all the ugly ones?? thanks! 3.20.10, 10:56PM
Karen: Such a clean and refreshing photo. =] 3.20.10, 10:27PM
BEN: the presumed tiffany boxes look so cool against the uniform. classic! 3.20.10, 9:42PM
Jordan: how cool. I wish I coulda had a morning wedding but nobody would’ve been ready on time! 3.20.10, 8:54PM
maggie: this is the kind of shot that makes you wanna see more from that day! and wish you were there… 3.20.10, 8:54PM
Stacy Hughes: …and THIS is why you’re HOT! 3.20.10, 8:52PM
Lydia: Very cool shot! 3.20.10, 8:45PM
Dorothy Snyder: Out of all of the ‘normal’ wedding day images this one is definitely unique! Great job Jessica!! 3.20.10, 8:45PM
Kelsey: This is really cool! Gotta love the Tiffany boxes too! 3.20.10, 8:44PM
Janet McK: I can see why it jumped out at you! How special! Also, a morning recipe sounds SO refreshing! 3.20.10, 8:37PM