Giovanna Mandel: Jessica….you look about 19 years old and heading off to college!!! Beautiful! 3.19.10, 9:01PM
Sarah Bussey: Love the new hair Jessica. 3.17.10, 5:57PM
Natascha: You look stunning. Hope to see you soon. 3.17.10, 7:59AM
raphael maglonzo: we waited for you by your booth x2 days to get a glimpse of the famous Jessica but no luck. oh well we have two of your shootsac instead. 3.17.10, 12:20AM
corey sewell: I wish I would have seen this while I was there – I would have loved to hear you speak. Love the new hair! 3.14.10, 7:47PM
Vanity Bride: absolutely stunning new look. we are a big fan 🙂 3.14.10, 7:19PM
fotograf ślubny gdańsk: Love this blog ! I am alvays comming back to get more important info. Regards 3.14.10, 8:25AM
Billy Bass: …wow… you look great, beautiful shot, cool hair, great look. What is that on the bottom of your camera…are you using a vertical grip these days? 3.12.10, 12:04PM
joan.solitario: that hair color looks really good on you! very nice and pretty! 3.12.10, 11:35AM
Roxy: Wow Jessica, I just want to say that I love your hair looks so chic! WOW! 3.12.10, 10:40AM
courtney bowlden: it was great to finally meet you! hope to see you again next year!!! 3.11.10, 8:49PM
sydney photographer: Thanks for posting your schedules/// 🙂 3.11.10, 4:37PM
zoe: jessica – really enjoyed your presentation at whcc’s booth on wednesday morning. thanks for emphasizing individuality – loved it! keep up the excellent work, zoe from san diego, ca 3.11.10, 2:15PM
michele dyson: WOWZA!! You look incredible Jessica! You can definately pull off both looks….lucky lady. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for taking the time to snap a pic with us a WPPI, it was great meeting you, and scooping up one of your fab bags….seriously – I think it WILL change the way I shoot! Thrilled with it! 3.11.10, 12:37PM
Erin: Glad I got to stop by and say hi! WPPI was great! 3.11.10, 9:44AM
Tammy Hunt: WOW!!! Nice makeover! You look great!:::)))) 3.10.10, 8:52PM
ajira: You look awesome with the dark hair! Lovely!! 3.10.10, 8:23PM
Corinna Hoffman: Wow-you look amazing! I like this look.. very sexy and mysterious.. also means business and you’re in charge 🙂 Love it! 3.10.10, 5:46PM
Angel Canary: Wow! You are rockin’ that hair! 3.10.10, 10:10AM
Tanja: Love the new do.. you have lots of fun, so wish I was there 3.10.10, 2:49AM
Cat Thrasher: Jessica, you’re so pretty! 3.9.10, 9:48PM
Ray: OMG, you look so different with the brown hair! =D But change is good. Great photo. Have fun at WPPI! ;o) 3.9.10, 9:42PM
Leah G.: Love the new look! You look great with your hair this color and you totally rock the bangs…. 3.9.10, 7:56PM
Mindy: I’ll look for you! 3.9.10, 3:47PM
Renee Delsigne: Jess…you look AMAZING! I Love the bangs!!!! 3.9.10, 3:10PM
Libertad Leal: You look beautiful, love the hair! (I’ve been a lurker forever) 3.9.10, 11:23AM
Dixie: I love this hair color on you. Looks great. Keep it this color. 3.9.10, 9:20AM
Rebeca: OH you look beautifull in black hair, more young. 3.9.10, 8:55AM
elizabeth Pellette: ohhh wish I could go to wppi.. have fun.. and love this shot of you..your hair looks amazing 3.9.10, 8:21AM
Kathy Baksa: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new "doo". It frames your face nicely and makes your eyes pop! 3.9.10, 6:42AM
Cicilia Teng: Gorgeous hair and smile! 🙂 3.9.10, 1:19AM
Hugo: Wow! je suis en Amour!!!! 3.8.10, 9:06PM
Bobbie Brown: You look gorgeous as a brunette! 3.8.10, 2:02PM
Hannah: I LOVE THE HAIR! work it girl cause you look so amazing! 3.8.10, 12:05PM
Carter and Cook: Your hair! Gasp! It’s beeeeautiful!!! xo 3.8.10, 11:01AM
Colleen: You look stunning with that hair color!! 3.8.10, 8:53AM
Missy M Emory: LOVE LOVE the hair!! I dont think you have ever looked better…. 😉 3.8.10, 6:48AM
Kris: Wow! You look fab! 3.8.10, 4:55AM
patricia: you look so adorable! hope you won ya lots of poker chips! 3.8.10, 1:48AM
Cynthia Q.: Love this picture! You look AMAZING! 3.8.10, 1:17AM
Cathy G.: LOVE THE DARK HAIR!!!! 3.8.10, 12:23AM
Vanessa Paris: Supermodel gorgeous! 3.7.10, 11:59PM
Wendy: So wish I could go to WPPI this year. Maybe next year when I am no longer nursing my baby… You look absolutely stunning. HOT. 3.7.10, 11:01PM
Trista: yummy yummy color. I’m a big fan of the layers and bangs. LOVE it!!! Have fun at WPPI! 3.7.10, 9:56PM
Lindsay Kipp Photography: okay Jessica, you have always been beautiful but WOW is all I can say!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dark hair!!!!!! GORGEOUS lady, gorgeous!! 3.7.10, 9:30PM
cameron clark | c+k studios: your camera looks like a *cute* little accessory. 3.7.10, 9:02PM
Melanie: Love your hair, looks fantastic! 3.7.10, 6:32PM
lisa: Ohhhh…..Love the hair Jessica! 3.7.10, 6:25PM
carter&cook: wow! love the new hair. beautiful:) 3.7.10, 6:05PM
Dina: I love the color!! 3.7.10, 6:05PM
Carol Nanfito: Wow…love the hair Jessica…I’ll be stopping by the Shootsac booth to say hey!! 3.7.10, 3:54PM
Penny Burgess: Have a great time but could you come to Focus on Imaging in the UK next year? A very warm welcome awaits. 3.7.10, 3:44PM
Helen K: You look totally different!! 3.7.10, 3:20PM
Cathy Empey: Looking good! Have a great time in Vegas! 3.7.10, 3:17PM
s h e r r y: Have fun at WPPI!! 🙂 3.7.10, 3:12PM
Linda Broström Cabrera: WOW, you look absolutely beautiful! Well, I loved your red hair as well, but this looks fresh :-)! 3.7.10, 3:03PM
Lukas: Wow You look so great, beautiful You and beautiful picture, and Your smile, I like it 3.7.10, 3:02PM
Mark: Wow, you look great! Good job! 3.7.10, 2:33PM
Leslie: wow, I love it!! Love the color and the bangs, it looks awesome!! 3.7.10, 1:46PM
jenny: I like the new look ! have fun in Vegas ! Win lots !! 3.7.10, 1:36PM
Karina: You look GORGEOUS!!!! I love the new do. 🙂 3.7.10, 12:27PM
Joanna McNeil: Love the new look!! Gorgeous!! 3.7.10, 12:21PM
Shy: Oh My Jess, You look stunning. 3.7.10, 12:05PM
Jessica K: HOT! your hair i mean. 🙂 3.7.10, 11:49AM
jenberry: you’re not supposed to spice up your marriage so quickly. you have to pace yourself. kidding. you look awesome. is that a new strap for a new shootsac item on your shoulder???? 3.7.10, 11:12AM
Tracy: Jessica, what lens do you have on your Mark II? 3.7.10, 11:02AM
Jessica Claire: I probably wot upload them because they’re just photos, no actual info–sorry! 3.7.10, 10:53AM
Lindsay Weidenhammer: Hey Jessica! Could you upload your Ingnite presentation slides so that those of us who can’t make it to WPPI this year can see it? 3.7.10, 10:46AM
Linda / Seattle: Wow ! LOVE THE BANGS, LOVE THE COLOR !! 3.7.10, 10:07AM
Janelle Vano: Love the new hair color!! 3.7.10, 10:03AM
Mary Sandy: Love the hair, love the bangs. 3.7.10, 9:52AM
Tracy dee: WoW sister, you look AMAZING with that new hair color!!! Hotness…. lol 3.7.10, 8:56AM
Christa: From a fellow redhead….I seriously LOVE your new hair colour. It looks awesome! 3.7.10, 8:46AM
jemi: you look stunning! 3.7.10, 8:24AM