Emmanuel@Fun Wedding Reception Ideas: wow. what a cute reception. i love those mini cakes and the buttons. They made the reception much cuter. Great idea! 😀 5.27.10, 3:32PM
Picasso Perfect: I love the mini-cakes and the colors of this entire thing!!!! Love it!! 4.21.10, 12:05PM
Rena: Amazing!!! What kind of flowers are those yellow ones? They’re soooo pretty! 4.14.10, 11:14PM
jane: nice photos!! lovely. 3.21.10, 4:37AM
photographer in Sydney: They look so cute…;) And I like her eyes.. 3.19.10, 9:17PM
Brian Ray: Really like the eng session. What a perfect time of day for light! 3.19.10, 2:47PM
andrea ellison: OMG…this shoot is beyond cute!!!!! 3.19.10, 2:45AM
Sarah Bussey: Love the new covers. One of those fabrics I mixed with another fabric and had someone make me a diaper bag this past summer. So cute! 3.17.10, 6:00PM
wall murals: Love the cake! These shots would make great wall murals, they are sweet! 3.16.10, 11:03AM
Kassil: She does excellent work. Love the shots. http://kassilphoto.ifp3.com 3.16.10, 10:00AM
Jenn T.: I just ran into your blog a couple of days ago and I’m stunned. I’m upgrading my camera, and could not figure out what camera you use. I saw that you started with a 30D and then upgraded to the 5D, but that was in 2007 or 2008. 🙂 I’ve been researching cameras for months and I’m thinking of the 5D Mark ii and I’m still undecided. You’ve got by far the most amazing shots. What are your thoughts?!?? By the way, I LOOOVE the Shootsac, and I’m so excited to order it and get a variety of sleeves. So sassy! 3.14.10, 9:28PM
Paul: I want a shootsac but there hard to come by in Europe… I hope they sell em here soon!! 3.12.10, 6:01AM
Brooke: Oh my gosh. This makes me want to have another bridal shower. Hehe. Wife shower? Do those exist? If not… they now should. Heh. These photos are so amazing. Beautiful everything. I love the way you capture people. Fabulous. 3.12.10, 12:23AM
jenny : awesome awesome! love the buttons..i just bought avintage button mold for my sons birthday party, and now i’m not sure if i can wait to use it! haha and ps. wish i would’ve known you had a fabulously amazing yellow shoot sac coming out..dang it. i just bought one..i will be buying it in the future. for sure. just don’t tell my husband 🙂 3.11.10, 11:41PM
Lindsey: Love the colors! Very cute button detail. I’m attempting those cookies asap 🙂 3.11.10, 12:22PM
Saskia: I’ve never ever seen something so simple but/and so so so so stunning!! Really LOVE them, those cute buttons all over the place. xo 3.11.10, 4:32AM
Erin Hernandez-Reisner: Love Love Love the little cakes. 3.10.10, 6:28PM
Hot Pink Brides: Great idea! LOVE the pics! 3.10.10, 2:33PM
michelle: love the buttons!! 3.9.10, 11:22AM
{15:51} photography: Who knew that buttons could be that much fun?!?!? 3.9.10, 9:00AM
carter and cook event co: Jennifer – the dress is from Anthropologie… : ) 3.8.10, 7:38PM
Heather Brown: I own a flower shop in Indiana and my photographer said one time to check out your site…I do all the time now for inspiration…YOU ARE AMAZING!!! …and I wish that I had access to all the lush posies you capturethere in Cali. Cheers! 3.8.10, 6:31PM
Jennifer: Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! Can anyone tell me where I can find that awesome dress in the engagement shoot????!!! 3.8.10, 10:35AM
Jeanette Sanchez: Ahhhh! I heart you Shootsac! 3.7.10, 3:44PM
Helen K: I love all those buttons. AND i reeeally want a whimsical shootsac! 3.7.10, 3:21PM
Glauce: Linnnnnnnnnnnnnnndooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! 3.7.10, 2:16PM
jenny: your photoshoots are always so amazing ! the new shootsac covers are awesome ! Can’t wait to see it on monday ! 3.7.10, 1:52PM
David Creelman: Love it! 3.7.10, 3:59AM
carolyn beaudreau: WOW! amazing colors, how do I pick I love them all but I think I FELL IN LOVE with all four. I think unlink on the bachelor this is true love (x4)!!! 3.6.10, 10:27PM
Ray: Everyone involved in this bridal shower/brunch/engagementset-up and YOU as the photographer equals GENIUS! Gorgeous photos and a great design of the shoot. I love me some, "whimsical" goodness. =D And OH MY does Katie have GOREGOUS eyes! Wow. ^o^ 3.6.10, 8:12PM
Natasha C: WOW!! Love the new covers! Can’t possibly decide which is my fave! I wish I could have all of them! 3.6.10, 7:38PM
Leah G.: LOVE LOVE this shoot! The colors and the quaint, antique, and old fashioned look to everything is simply beautiful! 3.6.10, 6:12PM
HARRISON STUDIO: love it all!! especially love all the film work jessica!! 3.6.10, 5:38PM
CASSiDY BROOKE: Oh wow. This session is fabulous. So unique with all the patterns! Great great great. 3.6.10, 3:57PM
Teresa K: So much good stuff going on right now…YEAH, welcome spring! 3.6.10, 11:53AM
Christa: I don’t know why but I just LOVED this blog post 🙂 So excited about the new tote & shoot 3.6.10, 6:22AM
Jen: I thought the flowers were Australian Wattle! How did you get your hands on it over there… especially at this time of yer? LOVED the button details. 3.6.10, 3:51AM
Kristina: Wow…can’t really say anything else…just amazing and beautiful photos! Yellow, and buttons, and the dress and my favorite Anna Maria Horner fabrics…all in one shoot! Dying with envy at such talent and such opportunities :)) 3.6.10, 2:13AM
Hannah Wing: But diamonds are a girls best friend!!!! 3.6.10, 12:52AM
Hannah : but diamonds are a girls best friend…!! 3.6.10, 12:52AM
JulieLim: I did not want this post to end… it’s just THAT AMAZING. You truly is/was/will always be a pioneer! 3.5.10, 11:54PM
Cynthia Rankin: Wow, I needed that. I am inspired to go about once again, capturing true beauty. 3.5.10, 10:55PM
cameron clark | c+k studios: but diamonds are a girl’s best friend… 3.5.10, 9:46PM
drae trounce: are you kidding me! i am so in love with all that was done to style this shoot and not to mention your fabulous photos. once again… you NAILED it. 3.5.10, 8:38PM
Amy: …but diamonds are a girls best friend!!! 🙂 This may be one of my favorite shoots I’ve seen of yours! 3.5.10, 8:14PM
s h e r r y: A kiss on the hand can me quite continental, BUT DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND. (Thanks, Moulin Rouge). Gorgeous shots!!! <3 <3 <3 I loove Katie’s headband from brunch, and the new covers are so exciting! AHH. 3.5.10, 7:56PM
weddingchicks: thank you over and over! your photos brought everything together perfectly! xoxo 3.5.10, 6:35PM
Katie Neal Photo: omg omg omg. i’m in loooove with so many of these images. thanks for making me feel giddy, and making us feel like we were engaged all over again! 😉 3.5.10, 6:32PM
Garrett Nudd: Beautiful work, Jess! What an extraordinary concept and unbelievably styled. Congrats! Looks like you’re starting to get the hang of this photography thing. 3.5.10, 6:10PM
Jessica Morrisy: Beautiful!!! LOVE the new covers and the stylized shoot!!! 3.5.10, 5:46PM
nicole : wow, i adore this shoot! so adorable! the covers turned out so gorgeous too. fantastic work! 3.5.10, 5:43PM
kelly m: This shoot is so full of fabulousness. Just gorgeous! 3.5.10, 5:40PM
Aga: I like your photos! Best regards Jessica :):) 3.5.10, 5:21PM
Angela Klocke: Amazing shots! But I’m really commenting to let you know the link to the Shootsac blog actually goes to Google. Thought you might like to know. I can find my way, but in case you wanted it to actually got there…LOL! 😀 3.5.10, 5:04PM
Southern Gal: …but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Love this shoot!!! 3.5.10, 5:03PM
Jordan: But Diamonds are a girls best friend! (answer to fill in the blank 🙂 3.5.10, 4:55PM
Bethany Boone: You are my idol!!! This shoot was amazing! 3.5.10, 4:09PM
Krissy: Stylish as always! Amazing!! 3.5.10, 3:58PM
Christie: Fabulous! I’ve been following your work for some time now! You always end up with the most fantastic shoots and couples! I dream to be one of them someday! Great work! 3.5.10, 3:52PM
Vanessa Paris: Oh these covers are just beautiful!! My favourite is Whimsy, so delicious:) I didn’t realise you had Wattle in America? I thought it was native to Australia….makes a lot of us sneeze but the colour and circle flowers are gorgeous. 3.5.10, 3:52PM
Carleigh: I love that very last picture of them spinning around. LOVE IT! 3.5.10, 3:47PM
Marissa Rodriguez: I’ve been dying to see this shoot! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! AMAZING!!! 3.5.10, 3:46PM
AmyPunky Photography (Emilie): this is super cute!!!!! 3.5.10, 3:43PM
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