Katelyn james: the goodness kept coming and coming!! LOVED this!!!:) 3.15.10, 12:38AM
Maridette Cachola: Love the bag and picture. Just wondering where can I get that sweater? I’ve been searching for one just like that. thanks! 3.5.10, 10:11AM
Krzysztof: Wonderfull shots. Great surrounding. Envy those pictures. 3.5.10, 4:07AM
mario: i SWEAT..WHAT A BEST PICTURE YOU PUT IN THERE !!!! 3.5.10, 1:09AM
Vanessa: Hey, I just discovered your site, and I think it’s really good! Some awesome photography skills yougot there! 3.4.10, 1:51AM
shane tjia: beautiful pictures!! I love the way you capture those beautiful moment… thumbs up! 3.3.10, 11:55AM
Ross: Well worth the wait. Love all the shots. Love the break in video on Becker too. FUNNY! 3.3.10, 10:23AM
Fotograf, Mirza Oezoglu: I was surfing the web and then stuck here at your website. Great photos and thank you for sharing them with us 😉 3.2.10, 1:48PM
Hinojosa Photography: Jessica, I can’t wait for the new shootsac unveil. I love using my shootsac at my Chicago weddings and events. It allows me to be flexible with my angles and not having to worry about lugging around a big ‘ol bag. 3.2.10, 12:07PM
Pakistani Wedding Photographer-Kairos Studios: lovely work…and I love the shootsac! 3.1.10, 2:47PM
Sarah: Love the bride’s Anthropologie necklace too! Great pics! 3.1.10, 12:35PM
jewels: you’re photographs are breath taking ! If I am ever engaged I can only hope to have you as our photographer. You’re amazing! ♥ 3.1.10, 1:20AM
Molly W.: ooo, so much loveliness to look forward to! 2.28.10, 6:51PM
ograf Trine Bjervig: I love your photos. Amazing light and colors 🙂 2.28.10, 6:10AM
Debbie: I just wanted to drop a note and tell you how much I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures. You are so talented. Just awesome. 2.27.10, 9:52PM
Charleston Wedding Photographer: I love the red head, too! These pictures rock! 2.27.10, 9:17PM
Brenda Upton: Another vote for Red!! Red heads rock (if I do say so myself!) 2.27.10, 6:44PM
Lisa, photo: I love your photos you are one of my biggest rolemodels! Love Lisa 2.27.10, 3:41PM
s h e r r y: 🙂 Love the shot of Braedon and Lindsay! I can’t wait to blog my photos. Thanks were a great workshop!! 2.27.10, 1:34PM
anne mcgowan: Beautiful as always- annnnd… RED! I loved your ‘do in your wedding images- so soft and romantic 🙂 See you in August! 2.27.10, 10:12AM
Anna Kim: I must buy that new shootsac cover–absolutely love it! 2.27.10, 7:54AM
Ray: Again with you making the colors POP in your photos! I love it. Especially that third photo. ^o^ Is that an, "Alice In Wonderland" get-up I see on Little A (she’s adorable by the way)? So cute. ;o) Can’t wait to see all that you have in store. 2.27.10, 3:56AM
Stephanie Fay: Jessica- I CANNOT wait to see the pics of Steph and Steve- this one looks amazing and they look awesome in it. Can we meet at WPPI?! 2.26.10, 7:16PM
Jen Madigan Photography: Love all of the photos, but especially the first and fourth ones. Can’t wait to see more! 2.26.10, 4:48PM
Allison : Great photos and I especially loved the detail in the tree branches for Braedon & Lindsay’s photo. Not sure if it was intentional or it just happened to be there, but the branches in the middle right, a bit above Lindsay’s head is sorta in a shape of a heart! Perfectly fitting for photo! 2.26.10, 4:39PM
Mom: Red for sure! 2.26.10, 3:12PM
Serendipity Photography: I love the 5th one! Can’t wait to see more 🙂 2.26.10, 2:44PM
Alice: Hair: go back to red! And get bangs – once you have kids you won’t be able to keep up with them. Gorgeous images as always. 🙂 2.26.10, 2:34PM
Bobbie Brown: So I know you are a super busy girl… but, these sneak peeks leave me wanting to see more fast! So please don’t keep us waiting for long! LOVE the new shootsac cover and as far as your hair… don’t do bangs, they’ll just get on your nerves after awhile! That is the only advice I have! 2.26.10, 1:50PM
caroline: I’d vote red with bangs, in my super unprofessional opinion. Have fun at WPPI! 2.26.10, 1:42PM
carter and cook event co: LOVE these…can’t wait to see them all! You rock!! 2.26.10, 1:24PM
Abbie: GORGEOUS pics!! I say go back to RED….I’ve always thought your red curly hair is stunning and so fun!! 🙂 2.26.10, 1:23PM
ali: WHOAAAAA – who is the bombshell in the cowgirl boots?!?! What a sassy kitten. 2.26.10, 1:10PM
Darla: bangs…yes! red…oh yeah! 2.26.10, 1:07PM
melissa: super dark hair and bangs! that’s my vote! loving the shootsac cover pictured here… wish it would have been in the boutique when i stopped in in january!! 🙂 2.26.10, 12:52PM
Camille: Go dark. It’s always fun. and side swept bangs. just my opinion for not knowing you at all! Happy Weekend! 2.26.10, 12:52PM
JacquelynnBrynn: Ahh… Little A looks just like a little Alice from Wonderland 2.26.10, 12:48PM
Andreanna: Wow, gorgeous images! And I am loving that new cover!! 2.26.10, 12:29PM
Amy: Jessica–I saw on Mandey’s facebook last night that you had taken her pictures and I was so excited! I went to high school with Mandey and just started my own photography business about a year ago. When I saw the little water mark I was like…WHAT??? Mandey do you know who JC is?? Of course she did, silly me! Don’t be surprised if she asks you for an autograph for me! Haahaa! BEAUTIFUL pictures! You captured them just as they are and they look so happy! I can’t wait to see photos of the little guys! 2.26.10, 12:19PM
Allie: Beautiful pictures Jessica! You only get your hair done twice a year?! Lucky! Go back to RED! and get bangs 🙂 2.26.10, 12:17PM
cindee bae: you’re such a tease.. but I love it regardless! can’t wait to see the full post! 2.26.10, 12:04PM
Sabrina: Love the drop dead gorgeous’ October bride’s necklace. So cute! Don’t know what to tell you about bangs/hair. My bangs are bugging me today so today would be a no bangs vote. I sure whatever you do it will be cute. 2.26.10, 11:56AM
Krissy: So pretty Jessica! 2.26.10, 11:48AM