Krystian: great, impressive! 3.11.10, 9:35AM
Fotografia ślubna gdańsk: Wow! Imazing natural lighting! 3.11.10, 2:23AM
brianne: i love that you can party in your sweats! you rock! have fun in vegas!!! 3.7.10, 8:45PM
Tammy Hunt: I am a HUGE fan of yours Jessica and Becker! I would be so blown away to win this! It would be a so much fun for this mother of three to have an adventure like this:) 3.3.10, 8:16PM
Stephanie: How time flies and wonderful changes happen! Life is great! 3.3.10, 7:09PM
Shy: Holy crow!! that picture was FOREVER ago. Miss your face miss Jess! xoxo 2.25.10, 9:37PM
Kia Gregory: I’m a fan! I’m a fan! Pick me! Pick me! 2.25.10, 12:55PM
Connie: I so, so wish I could go to the WPPI… but just can’t this year… maybe next and I will enjoy being there through your posts! 2.25.10, 10:27AM
jaclyn kaiser: what the what? talk about a walk down memory lane! good times my friend! 2.25.10, 1:25AM
Deyla Huss Photography: LOVE THIS!!! Im a huge fan of both Shootsac and ofcourse the "lovely" Becker! Im there with bells on! 2.25.10, 1:00AM
Irja Elisa: a fan for sure! can’t wait help rep shootsac at wppi too. woohoo!! 2.25.10, 12:25AM
renee Hindman: I am a fan and I love a good party! 2.24.10, 11:17PM
Erika: Just joined and left some love 😉 Can’t wait to meet everyone at WPPI! 2.24.10, 11:03PM
Vania – SimplyBloom Photography, LLC: Jessica, I joined on FB, and I would love the tickets to the party– looks like so much fun and so many amazing people there, including YOURSELF of course! 😀 thanks 🙂 Vania – SimplyBloom Photography, LLC 2.24.10, 10:45PM
Kristin: I’m a fan!! I can’t wait for wppi! 2.24.10, 9:11PM
Krista: I’m a fan & would LOVE to party! Thank you! 2.24.10, 7:00PM
jerrie: i’m a fan!! fo’ sho’! :O)) 2.24.10, 4:32PM
Anna Kim: I’m a fan! A big one! 2.24.10, 3:51PM
Angie Wilson: Just joined! Shootsacs rock! 2.24.10, 3:48PM
briana elledge: you guys are so much awesomeness, hope to meet you guys in Vegas, its my 1st year, so, heres hoping that i can check out you guys party. come on free tix……..;) 2.24.10, 3:46PM
samantha: I’m coming all the way from New York for this show, saving every penny just for the plane tickets. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and getting a chance to know the people behind the pictures! And, not being a facebook user, made one just to add you on there. Great idea for a give away! 2.24.10, 3:15PM
amy: I am a FAN! Can’t wait to go to WPPI! 2.24.10, 3:14PM
Abbey: I joined the fan club!!!! love my shootsac! 2.24.10, 2:27PM
Lynette: I don’t know if I should enter this, since I won the WPPI passes from SHOOTSAC, but I figure these tickets would MAKE my WPPI experience. 2.24.10, 1:43PM
Jessica: You might consider as a newlywed that you are disrespecting your husband everytime you post a picture of yourself with another man who is not him…especially in a bathrobe. You seem to have more class than this. I am telling you because you probably think you are not hurting anyone but you are. 2.24.10, 1:32PM
jenny m: just became a fan! would love to party with you and becker. 2.24.10, 1:29PM
Rachel: I’m a fan! Would love to go!! 2.24.10, 1:20PM
feuza: so if wer already on face book fan page do we still get a chance to win? thanks 2.24.10, 12:31PM
Kelly Settle: I’m a fan & would love to party with you in Vegas!!! 2.24.10, 12:25PM
Darby: I’m a fan! 2.24.10, 12:20PM
Erika Jackson: Just became a fan! Would love to come to the [b]party! 2.24.10, 12:12PM
Paula Willcox: Shootsac fan…yeah baby! 2.24.10, 12:10PM
Andreanna: I’m a fan! Had no idea that there was a fanpage until now! 2.24.10, 11:49AM
Kathrina: I’m a fan!! Have been but now officially on your page 🙂 Hopefully can be one of the cool kids to join the party! 2.24.10, 11:35AM
Laurie Bracewell: This will be my first WPPI and my first [b] party…I’m so excited! 2.24.10, 11:02AM
Veronica Hinojosa: I am a fan and would love to come back my first time at WPPI with a great story from the [B] Party 2.24.10, 10:58AM
brooke bowland: already a fan. already have tickets. already super excited to meet you and so many other fab photogs! 2.24.10, 10:54AM
Kellie: What if you have been a HUGE fan from the very beginning?? Does that count too?? Would loooooooove to go! 2.24.10, 10:42AM
Julie Velez: I didn’t know there was a FB fan page! I’m now a fan! Yay! 2.24.10, 10:26AM
Marissa Rodriguez: Joined! 🙂 2.24.10, 10:25AM
Debra Dean: Heya, I just became a fan! Pick me, pick me! 🙂 2.24.10, 9:55AM
Julie : I am going to WPPI for the first time this year and I’m excited — great to hear what you said about it! 2.24.10, 9:53AM
Tammy Staley: I’m a FAN! 2.24.10, 9:42AM