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Evie Perez: Ooh la la…how I love all these pretty girly things!!! Love the new ShootSac design. Can’t wait to see you at WPPI!!! 2.23.10, 7:43PM
Paige + Blake: oh shoot sac covers… You’ve become my new "shoes" obsession. I don’t need you, but oh how I want you… <3 2.23.10, 4:51PM
Wedding Photographer Sarasota: Simply beautiful. I am looking forward to see the rest. 2.23.10, 11:30AM
Ray: This looks like it’s going to be another lovely shot. I can’t wait to see more. And I like that added touch of the buttons to the tablecloth. It’s cute. ;o) 2.21.10, 9:46PM
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Ellyn: Beautiful/ Honeymoons by Ellyn 2.19.10, 4:25PM
Jan: Gorgeous!! 2.19.10, 4:02PM
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Elisabeth Carol: I can’t wait to see the rest!!! Gorgeous! 2.19.10, 10:39AM
drae trounce: you amaze me! i am so inspired by you and hope to one day take photos even half as good as you. 2.19.10, 12:57AM
jenberry: you are on FIRE. setting up awesome shoots left and right 2.18.10, 11:59PM
Ink and Button: Beautiful, Jessica! I am so excited to the see the rest of the pictures. WOW! 2.18.10, 9:21PM
Sally : Wow I thought as I looked at the table – then I scrolled down the page further and the buttons appeared – another Wow – love it. 2.18.10, 5:00PM
Alicia Swedenborg: oh, give us mooooore!!!! 2.18.10, 2:35PM
jill thomas: wow! i cannot believe how cute this is!! everything about it is perfect. amazing job all of you. 2.18.10, 1:36PM
jenny: love the pokadot and the new pattern! 2.18.10, 1:12PM
MelissaFoscardo: Oh my, the colors and the details in that first photo…yum, yum! 2.18.10, 12:06PM
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Krissy: Yeah! Some eye yummies, and I want to see more! 2.18.10, 12:00PM
Marissa Rodriguez: Buttons!!! 🙂 And Katie and Ryan are adorable! 2.18.10, 12:00PM
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