hieu: amazing photos Jess, bride is so beautiful ^^ 3.18.10, 11:19PM
Zarah: Absolutely amazing photos! LOVE the twists to them! 3.4.10, 5:07AM
Kirstin Roethel: Wow… your photos are so beautiful, inspiring and I am always waiting for the next post. 3.2.10, 8:01PM
Alan & Karen Woo: What can I say! Wow!! So inspirational, hope u don’t mind that we printed it and stuck on our wall. So stunning. 3.1.10, 7:06PM
Serendipity Photography: Those flowers are amazing. Beautiful shoot! 2.26.10, 2:45PM
Ginger Murray: Love this session to pieces. For reals. 2.26.10, 12:01PM
Adam Loewen: Amazing pictures! those are probably the coolest flowers I have ever seen. And I dont say that often 😉 2.25.10, 2:05PM
Morgan Taylor: Hey these are rad!! I love it! 2.25.10, 1:23PM
HARRISON STUDIO: LOVE the styling for this shoot … the flowers, the dress … and LOVE your photographs … such a natural, editorial look! 2.25.10, 9:01AM
samantha V.: YUM! I love winter white as backgrounds. The couple was totally adorable and me just love your vision. 2.25.10, 7:53AM
Krzysztof Serafiński: I like your photos 2.25.10, 2:51AM
annie Robillard: I am up here in the snow and I so wish we had more of those. I love the fresh, crisp light in the winter but brides want summer?!! Love the styling, colors. 2.24.10, 11:11AM
Erica Velasco: Love it! I love the details…borrowed and thrifty are my way to shop! 2.24.10, 9:58AM
cami: these are awesome & so much fun! 2.24.10, 9:56AM
WEDification: These are off the charts! Great work JC, as always. 2.24.10, 9:35AM
samantha: your work is absolutely amazing. i am so inspired. 2.24.10, 8:26AM
Bekah S: Wow. This could be one of my favorite shoots/weddings you’ve ever done!!! The colors are amazing. Love the flowers, love the little touches, the snow…awesome, Jess!! 2.23.10, 1:56PM
photographer Sarasota: I love your style and your images. Very very talented. Have a great day. Natascha 2.23.10, 11:32AM
Chris: great images… lovely couple : ) 2.22.10, 3:39PM
{15:51} photography: too.stunning.for.words. 2.21.10, 7:42PM
amber reinink: awesome! so pretty with the winter wonderland bkgd. i’m not sure that i have the guts though to just set up shop and hope that "friendly" people will be happy to let me shoot there. so my hats off to you!!! 2.20.10, 9:04PM
Shuva Rahim: What a beautiful bouquet! 2.20.10, 8:37PM
Rachel (joliejolie): Wow i love the bold colors in contrast to the snow. Wonderful photos! 2.19.10, 6:09PM
Jan: beautiful shots! 2.19.10, 4:03PM
Thina Doukas Photography: Like to say your photography images are excellent. Fantastic use of available light and creativity. Awesome to see stylish work. Cheers from Perry in Sydney! 2.19.10, 11:49AM
Abra Michelle: Ummmmmmm WOW! 2.19.10, 12:41AM
Melanie: Awesome, just awesome! Love the every detail 2.18.10, 8:27PM
jennifer: Lovely work Jessica! 2.18.10, 7:19PM
Jolynn: These are FABULOUS! I am in loooove. ^_^ 2.18.10, 4:25PM
Jane Jeon: Hi Jessica!! Thanks for such LOVELY pictures! You guys were such troopers too slushing it through the snow! Look forward to working with you again soon! 🙂 – Jane {Olive Hue Paper Goods} 2.18.10, 2:01PM
Mary: Jess, where did you shoot this? What mountins were you in? 2.18.10, 1:48PM
Bobbie Brown: Wow! If I tried to name everything I love abou thtis shoot this comment would be waaaaay to long! I LOVE IT ALL! Everything. The entire shoot is stunning. 2.18.10, 10:17AM
Joyce Dy: Really like how the sweater was incorporated with the boutonniere. Genius! 2.18.10, 8:48AM
Emma – Foto m.m.: OMG i love your photo :D!! You have a big talent! 2.18.10, 8:41AM
Amanda Waltman: these are such fun photos! thank you for sharing so many great images! 🙂 2.18.10, 7:54AM
bambooska: You’re such a great photographer! These look incredibly beautiful! How did you start your business? I would love to know! Do you work full time with photography? 2.18.10, 6:25AM
Nick Grove: These are great images. So bright! I like the way you have put so many on your blog. It gives the lient a much better idea of what they will get out of the session. Keep up the good work. 2.18.10, 6:02AM
Bartek Szmigulski: They’re awesome! It’s presents nice. But I hate winter! White white and white everywhere. Ugh. But you pictures show wanderful winter time 🙂 Cheers. 2.18.10, 3:10AM
marina padiy: jessica, such a lovely shoot! all the details are adorable. you just gave me my new favorite – that teal hat is gorgeous! and thank you for telling about anemones, i’ve been trying to find out the name for months now 🙂 2.18.10, 2:17AM
Megan Squires: I LOVE everything about this session! Love the colors, the clothing, the couple. Just absolutely perfect! 2.18.10, 12:12AM
punam bean: is this film? These are so lovely! 2.17.10, 10:45PM
krista: i really really love the chairs! and that knit hat! there’s something about pops of color against the snow…me gusta! 🙂 2.17.10, 10:34PM
Jennifer O.: Those are great! And how awesome are their clothes?! 2.17.10, 10:07PM
Nicole DeAnne: LOVE LOVE LOVE this shoot! Very inspiring… and I adore that you shot in the snow! Great work as usual!!! 🙂 2.17.10, 8:56PM
Angel Canary: OH MY! Utterly fab! I love love love the way the colors and tones pop with the snow. I love everything about this, Jessica! 2.17.10, 6:25PM
karl Bratby: beautiful shots as usual.. 2.17.10, 5:05PM
Karen: Those photos are stunning and the bride is even more so. Amazing photography of two very photogenic people! 2.17.10, 4:57PM
Katelyn James: yay! I miss your long posts! These are so fun… I’m obviously a big fan of the teal:) great work! 2.17.10, 4:29PM
ally michele: love it jess and totally worth the wait!! 🙂 I love the color and the WOOing that happened!! 😉 their beautiful!!! 2.17.10, 3:33PM
Ray: "So there you go. Living proof that expensive doesn’t mean good and that good doesn’t mean expensive." Brilliant! It’s true. Awesome, AWESOME "Winter Wonderland" shoot Jessica! I absolutely LOVE it! The white snow backdrop with the pops of purple and turquoise made for gorgeous photos. Also, with beautiful subjects (such as Darren & Alex) and decor; you can’t go wrong. ;D You were smart also to go with that picnic table because it’s white-washed color was a great contrast to the table decor. I’m really diggin’ it. That photo with the red flowers is beautiful. Flowers in the winter are heaven sent. Questions: do you do these shoots for inspiration only, or for a bigger project ahead? Where do you find your models? 2.17.10, 2:59PM
Eliza Lewis: Love the bright colors against the snow! Gorgeous pictures! You make photography look so easy! 2.17.10, 2:10PM
Jackie Lamas: just beautiful! I loved this whole theme/design! 2.17.10, 1:49PM
Elisabeth Carol: Oh my heck! Cutest shoot ever! I’m in love!! Way to rock it! 2.17.10, 1:44PM
jamie roberts: I love it!! Looks like a blast. I have a "wintery" wedding this weekend and this is great insperation. 2.17.10, 1:33PM
Beth: Love love LOVE this shoot! So much fun!!! 2.17.10, 12:11PM
KrisD Mauga: Love it!!!!! 2.17.10, 12:04PM
Molly W.: W.O.W. I’m kinda dying over here from beauty overload. 2.17.10, 11:52AM
kelly beane: Everything is absolutely beautiful! I’m so inspired by it all! By the way, I too trespassed recently to an awesome location. Unfortunately it ended in two tickets (one for me and one for my clients) and a threat of towing our cars. It’s a fun story for my client and I to share forever and well worth the trouble. 🙂 I can’t wait to meet you at WPPI! 2.17.10, 11:42AM
Amanda Rae: I am so in LOVE with the sweaters everywhere! Especially as a napkin on the tablescape. And I cannot believe her dress was supposed to be a prom dress…best find of the century! 2.17.10, 11:33AM
crystal: So perfect Jessica! Beautiful as always. 2.17.10, 11:29AM
Marissa Rodriguez: In LOVE with this shoot! 2.17.10, 11:21AM
Alice Hu: Perfection! 2.17.10, 11:06AM
shannon Cunningham: so cute! loving the colors!! 2.17.10, 11:02AM
Tim May: Wow, she has amazing eyes. Brilliant little shoot. Well done. 2.17.10, 10:57AM
Nori: Omy… What wonderful pictures! And what great models =o) 2.17.10, 10:56AM
diyphotographystuff.info: Great job as allway. Here in Israel there where today about 30c… 2.17.10, 10:42AM
Anda: I LOVE her dress to death. And the details — wowowow. Beautiful work! 2.17.10, 10:33AM
I’m Kristen: Oh my wow, so beautiful. I hate snow, but you all made it look awesome. Completely beautiful! 2.17.10, 10:32AM
Leeann Marie: Wow! You got them to do snow angels! You CAN get them to do anything when a camera’s in your hands! 2.17.10, 10:28AM
Vitaliy: Wow, Alex and Darren definitely made this happen. Beautiful location and great photos too. I love the one with the touch of red the most. 2.17.10, 10:23AM