kaos couple: You are a GREAT Photographer! i like ur photos and the concepts. so naturally. Why your clients wear couple tees. i think it’s very Great & Unique for Wedding’s Photos you may see at: http://www.ayobelanjabaju.com by the way, nice to meet you ^ ^ 5.7.10, 2:06PM
Sarah: Gorgeous photos! I think i’m in love with that dress!! 4.30.10, 7:44AM
cherie: that dress is adorable! 3.11.10, 4:27PM
DH: what lens do you shoot with? 3.10.10, 3:37PM
Jessica Monnich: gorgeous and fun! 2.19.10, 12:53PM
Andrinique: OMG ! Love this….amazin creative…perfect 2.11.10, 4:00PM
Becky: Gorgeous, so gorgeous. I’ve been married since 1996 but I daresay, if I could go back and recreate my wedding, I’d do something like what you show here. Inspiring! 2.9.10, 2:07AM
David Jenkins: Such a cool couple!! I love it when the clients are quite rock n roll themselves!! 2.8.10, 5:21PM
krista: i keep looking at this post and love love love it!! i’m partnering with a wedding planner near me to put together a shoot for fun…thanks for inspiring me! 🙂 2.5.10, 5:43PM
Mirelis Sanchez: What a STUNNING job. Every single photo is amazing! 2.4.10, 10:09AM
Michelle Stone: wow! what a completely gorgeous shoot!!! 2.2.10, 12:23AM
Nina: what a lovely shoot. both dresses are so pretty and suit the bride perfectly! 2.1.10, 9:04PM
HARRISON STUDIO: gorgeous!!! love the addition of film to your repertoire … it compliments your style so well!! 1.31.10, 7:34PM
Photography Course: wonderful memorabilia.. 1.28.10, 8:22PM
Tim May: Absolutely love some of the closeups of the bride. Her hair is great, it creates some great whispy shapes. That first bunch of flowers is great too. Even without the colour they pop. Great stuff. 1.28.10, 9:24AM
Taru: breathtaking. 1.23.10, 6:06AM
Amna Hakim: WOW…everything about this shoot was just AMAZING!!!!! I devoured each picture!!! just phenomenal!!! love it jesss 1.22.10, 2:26AM
Brandi: Did the second dress also come from Unique Vintage? 1.20.10, 7:15PM
brian: SUPER COOL! nice work 1.20.10, 1:22PM
Ginger Murray: FREAKING AMAZING DRESS. Love, love, love. Fabulous photos as always! 🙂 1.20.10, 1:33AM
Koozie Questions: So romantic and standout wedding ! I wish tobe you ! 1.19.10, 8:31PM
Vibrant Photography: These photos are to die for!! Fantastic work! 1.19.10, 7:47PM
Stacey Malleck: That’s it! You are obviously crowned the queen of details. Love the table shots. You always ace them! 1.19.10, 4:22PM
Jonathan Brown: Great stuff as always. I like your new processing technique as well. 1.19.10, 12:01PM
Sylwia: I LOOOOVE the feel in this picture. Very magical, and fairy-tale like… 1.19.10, 8:30AM
A Mattter of Wedding Photography Edinburgh: Absolutely gorgeous. Just fabulous. 1.19.10, 4:15AM
brooke bowland: wow. wow. wow. i am blown away. 1.18.10, 1:53AM
cindy: This is my favorite weddings of yours…EVER! 1.18.10, 12:19AM
cara: Such.Gorgeousness. Also, I know you don’t do these things, but I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award for being one of the ten bloggers who brightens my day 🙂 — just wanted to say thanks! 1.17.10, 10:11AM
Sandy: Wow, this bride has AWESOME style. I love all the colors to this wedding and the DRESS, OMG that first dress is soooo cool!! Your shots captured the moment beautifully!!! 1.16.10, 7:56PM
meggie velasco: Very nice! I have a 645 that has been in storage for years and I’m inspired to bust it out again. What film and lens/lenses did you use? 1.14.10, 3:44PM
Mike Prasad: Jessica, these are amazing and good for you for jumping in with film. I’m sure the couple was crazy about these. Great work. 1.14.10, 10:42AM
Gena @ thinking aloud: Hi Jessica, WOW is all I can say!! what an excellent shoot – such great detail. I’m always on the lookout for great inspiration and sure have found some here! found you thru Kellie at Ada & Darcy. I do a Sunday’s Table post on Vintage Rose Studio (http://vintagerosestudio.blogspot.com) and would love to use a few of the pics, all credits and links are done. Gena @ thinking aloud a photoblog 1.14.10, 1:32AM
Mindy B : Just feel in love with the first dress. I love your work! 1.13.10, 5:06PM
Chelsey: Love these photos so much. You took amazing pictures, love all the details. 1.13.10, 12:55PM
Patti Wallington: All I can say is "WoW" what a wonderful set of pictures; you have captured this couple beautifully, so many great pictures – I love them all!! 1.13.10, 10:20AM
Tyrone: I really enjoy your work, it has an incredible freshness about it! Absolutley Wonderful!! 1.12.10, 9:29AM
Denise Saucedo: Sooooo dreamy!!! I may not be getting married anytime soon, but this sure has inspired me to have a cute little dinner party for my birthday!! I’m in love with these delicious details!!! How fun!!! 1.11.10, 8:44PM
Niagara Falls Wedding Planner – Patti Wallington: What a lovely photo shoot. This couple looks darling in all of the shots. Very well done! 1.11.10, 3:20PM
Is: Gorgeous shoot! Quick question–I am in love with bride’s engagement ring. Do you know where it is from?? Thanks! 1.11.10, 11:00AM
pernilla: I have to say this is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen! I wish my wedding will be like that one day. 1.11.10, 6:05AM
LoLo: This is so spectacular! I want my wedding to be identical! Wonderful wedding pictures. You captured the moment with a breath of fresh air. 1.11.10, 3:46AM
Laura Deane: That is one of the most beautiful wedding shoots I have ever seen! It is such a fine line between wedding photos being tacky and too posed and you have achieved it perfectly. This is what I will look too for my wedding day. Thank you 1.11.10, 12:24AM
jessica quadra: wow! what a beautiful shoot, jessica! and those wedding gowns are incredible. 1.10.10, 9:52PM
sue at Rue Mouffetard: I so enjoyed myself looking at these beautiful pictures…such a cute "petite" looking couple.. loved the sofa shots…. 1.10.10, 9:17PM
Chris: What a gorgeous couple. You did a great job capturing this photos! 🙂 1.10.10, 4:45PM
steve: Hello Lovely images. As someone who is only semi pro here in the UK…its amazing how many wedding photographers are now turning to the 645… and in styles seem to be emulating Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina and Tanya Lippert… with people like Leo Patrone and Jonathan Canalas also using the 645. The UK market is different than america, and so being a film shooter here is unique and im hoping that will stand me in good stead. But in america, i follow over 100 photographers..and so many have the same styles..and now are starting to use the same format of camera. Your work is excellent, but I do hope I dont see you doing the same as so many. Best of luck in your work. Steve 1.10.10, 3:45PM
Suffolk Wedding Photographers: Wow I love these bride and groom portraits Jessica, especially dancing in the grounds. It looks like that had a real ball! Pat PatB Wedding Photography 1.10.10, 2:36PM
HeatherAn: These photos have ruined any other wedding photographs for me! They are so amazing! 1.10.10, 12:06PM
Geralyn Camarillo: Beautiful, Jessica! I miss my entire Contax 645 system…sigh…good times!!! You did an amazing job with the old skool style of photography. Now that’s in the raw right there! Mahalo for sharing! 🙂 1.10.10, 9:10AM
Stephanie: LOVE the dress and the location! Is the home available for weddings or was it just for the photo shoot? I still havent found my venue and would prefer homes over a hotel! Thanks 1.10.10, 9:07AM
jenny: This shoot is off the hook ! You amaze me time and time again ! 1.10.10, 1:09AM
Quinn: Oh, my loveliness! It’s completely breathtaking! I’m in awe at just how gorgeous, perfect and classic it is. Thank you for sharing! Just lovely! 1.9.10, 10:16PM
lynnette . abiding image: love love love it all! you did an amazing job photographing them. i love the vintage feel. 1.9.10, 5:39PM
oneshotbeyond: lots of great things going on in these shots! Gotta love how there is no detail missed. 1.9.10, 4:35PM
Stacy: your work is gorgeous. it helps to have the gorgeous stuff to shoot, though, right? i love your style. do you know where they got the chairs and the carved settee? any chance you could tell me who owns them (name of the place, even) so i could call them? love them, want them for my backyard….need to make a garden oasis and this would be perfect. and i just adore the settee. thanks again! 1.9.10, 11:36AM
Helen K: Your website really is a feast for the eyes! 1.9.10, 11:09AM
Stephanie Stewart: LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! What a fab location, the light, the colors, the whimsy, love it all, what fun! You’ve outdone yourself! Gorgeous work, as always! 1.9.10, 11:06AM
Marsanne: These photos are absolutely awesome! There are just too many to list for the ones I like the most 🙂 1.9.10, 10:52AM
ocean lotus: i love this shoot, the dress and the flowers and setting are just beautiful…has a very lovely feel to it… 1.9.10, 10:06AM
Katie @ Haute Apple Pie: This wedding is stunning. I can’t believe it’s all real and not staged for a magazine shoot! Great work to everyone involved…what a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! 1.9.10, 8:48AM
Cathy Crawley: OMG, you have to be kidding me! I bought this exact dress weeks ago on that website for the J* workshop in Sydney. I may have to change my plans. I am stunned. Well, goes to show that you and I have great taste 😉 Kind of have to rethink what to do now! Eeek. 1.9.10, 7:46AM
Sherry Sidner: Incredible! It’s like looking into a dream! Exquisite bride & groom and genius photography in the perfect setting. Stop by & visit me @ Edie Marie’s Attic blog. Sherry 1.9.10, 5:43AM
Alicia Swedenborg: l.o.v.e. the style of the shoot -her dress, the flowers and your film photos. you should definatly shoot more film, I think it really shows what an true artist you are! 1.9.10, 5:32AM
Temecula Wedding Photographer: Nice! Thanks for the tip on the wedding gowns 🙂 1.9.10, 12:46AM
Miss B: Just breathtaking! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! 1.8.10, 7:32PM
Michelle Guzman: Just gorgeous. I might have already commented – not sure – but wow. 1.8.10, 5:27PM
yvette: gorgeous shots, but boy is he going to regret that haircut in ten years time. 1.8.10, 1:20PM
style court: Just beautiful Jessica Claire! So packed with inspiration. 1.8.10, 12:50PM
JewishBride: I am completely drooling over this wedding and photo shoot – absolutely unique and stunning! You captured it beautifully. 1.8.10, 12:14PM
Tonya Peterson: I know I commented already yesterday but I really love this shoot. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while! 1.8.10, 9:44AM
Mary: the flowers are to die for! you captured them beautifully 1.8.10, 9:31AM
Patti Mustain: Truly beautiful. You are sure right that there is something wonderful about film. How fun that you put on your own party to photograph! All the others involved must LOVE the photos that you made! 1.8.10, 1:57AM
KeriAnn: This post is altogether whimsical. Love all the dreamy pictures. Job well done, Jessica. 1.7.10, 9:13PM
SilberStudios: Great shots Jessica. Wait to step out of your comfort zone and shoot film. Shooting film always helps keep the skills sharp…something about not being able to see the image immediately makes you think 3x before pressing the shutter. Kudos! 1.7.10, 6:07PM
Federer Photography: After being digital for so long, I can’t imagine moving back to film…. but you certainly provide the inspiration for doing so, at least in part, for this upcoming season. Keep up the awesome work. 1.7.10, 6:03PM
Nutmeg: Did she borrow your engagement ring for the shoot?? It looks really similar! And I don’t know if I would have been that generous with such a gorgeous ring. 😉 1.7.10, 5:44PM
Deyla Huss Photography: I am speachless JEssica! the whole production of this blows me away, Every detail is stunning! Beautiful work! 1.7.10, 5:08PM
Tracy jane: O M GOSH – STUNNING !!! 1.7.10, 4:18PM
Bobbie Brown: Okay Seriously, this shoot is over-the-top-awesome-gorgeous-stunning-beautiful-incredible-amazing! I LOVE IT! Everything about it! 1.7.10, 2:30PM
Angie: Stunning! 1.7.10, 1:41PM
Jen: This shoot is screaming to be published! It is simply, stunning! 1.7.10, 1:02PM
sebastienboudot: Wow ! Hard to believe that it’s film ! Crongratulations for your great work 1.7.10, 11:09AM
hayley: Travis and I LOVE this photo shoot. It is one our favorites of all our posts! 1.7.10, 10:40AM
Gretchen: simply beautiful as always!!! I want to be you when I grow up 😉 1.7.10, 7:19AM
Jayne Wayne: Jessica, I am a fan of your beautiful, inspirational work. It is full of the expressions of love, and all of life’s gifts. What charisma you have to go along with your gift. Thank you. 1.7.10, 2:02AM
s h e r r y: LOVE these. Omigosh. They are so dreamy and ethereal. And they look AMAZING w/o retouching! Ah, film. Hard to pick any favourites, both dresses were amazing. But I love the twirling ones of Anneka in the second dress. 🙂 It’s so fun, and I just love it! 1.7.10, 1:08AM
Ray: Jessica you did a gorgeous job shooting film. Wow! Such awesome photos. My favorites would have to be the ones titled, "Life is but a dream", "Cross between Eve and Alice In Wonderland" and the paper hearts photos. You should consider taking your film camera to weddings as well. ;o) 1.7.10, 12:38AM
jenberry: so proud of you for shooting film. that’s incredible. i love the natural colors and chemical reactions … only film looks this way. you rock 1.6.10, 11:45PM
amanda heer: Love her dress. and the little heart details so natural and wonderful you truly captured the moments 1.6.10, 11:10PM
joannelydia: there’s no wy i could even begin to pick out a fave!!! GORGEOUS! every one of them!! 1.6.10, 10:51PM
Diana Lupu: OK seriously? Can you be any more talented?! WOW! I literally whipped the drool off my sweater. Amazing. 1.6.10, 10:48PM
Karen (Mikols) Bonar: The next thing you know, you’ll be developing your own BW film!!!! 😉 1.6.10, 9:13PM
Nicole: Love this post. These photos are very dreamy. All of your images are beautiful, but your film ones capture my eye right away. Makes me want to get my film camera out again. You are so inspiring. And cheery. 🙂 1.6.10, 9:09PM
Katie: Hi there! this shoot is absolutly beautiful!!!! Is that dress (by chance) still out there available for purchase? I am getting married in June and still w.out a dress….and am left breathless by this one!!!! Please feel free to email me or drop by my blog and leave me a comment with any info you may have. Again…the shoot (everything) and that DRESS….are SO SO beautiful! 1.6.10, 8:58PM
Tonya Peterson: These are truly lovely. Film has such a dreamy quality to it. Some days I miss shooting my film camera (espically after seeing posts like this, or after going to Jose Villa’s blog!) 1.6.10, 7:40PM
jewels: Growing up I was never the little girl playing with my barbie dolls planning my mock wedding through them. I’ve never been into anything that is considered convention for women. But these photographs make me want to fall in love for the sole purpose of having a wedding with portraits to capture moments as beautiful as these have turned out. These photographs are stunning! 1.6.10, 7:03PM
Louise: These are absolutely breathtaking! I love the door in the first shot, and love all of the shots of the bride and groom. Your detail shots are amazing! Thanks for keeping me inspired. You do absolutely amazing work! 1.6.10, 6:31PM
Amy: I just *LOVE* the b/w shots with her sitting on the arm rests of the chair…Wow! 1.6.10, 6:28PM
samantha: your work is so inspirational. each and every one of your captures took my breath away….loved them all!!! 1.6.10, 6:21PM
Kate / Magnolia Rouge: drop. dead. gorgeous!!! The photos, the setting, the models, the flowers….oh those flowers!! Love it, well done to all of you! 1.6.10, 5:51PM
Amy Martin: Jessica these are AWESOME!! I guess I need to go get me a contax! Will you be at Imaging USA? 1.6.10, 5:49PM
Jessica: Thank you for your never-ending inspiration, this shoot is drop dead GORGEOUS!! I have been lusting after this camera for a very long time and you just solidified the fact that I.need.it. Now just to find one…. 1.6.10, 5:43PM
J’Lynn: Everything looks AMAZING, and omg those flowers! 1.6.10, 5:27PM
kate holt: Thanks for rocking this one Jessica! It turned out even more lovely than I envisioned. Film magic. xo 1.6.10, 5:24PM
Alice: Kudos to all of you! Beautiful photographs, flowers, design, and models 🙂 1.6.10, 4:55PM
ajira: Breathtaking images that just pull you right into the moment!! The detail in this wedding is incredibly thoughtful and stunning. Job well done all around! 1.6.10, 4:54PM
Tira J : I can’t believe this. I don’t like any of the images! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of the images! Are you kidding me? I think Jose had some sort of influence on you with that film camera of his! Great work Jessica! 1.6.10, 4:26PM
Stacey: W.O.W. Amazing… amazing dresses, flowers, settings, desserts and PHOTOGRAPHY! Simply gorgeous and emotional. 1.6.10, 4:10PM
Nori: O.my.gawd! What a perfect wedding, dress, couple, photo shoot, etc… Seriously, your photography style captured the feel of this wedding, completely. Photography at it’s best. 1.6.10, 3:49PM
Rachel Perry: Freakin’ gorgeous. I might have to steal the idea for the hearts for my upcoming wedding! 1.6.10, 3:46PM
AmyPunky Photography (Emilie): This is absolutely lovely and gorgeous!!! I love, love, love the colors, the flowers, the location… 1.6.10, 3:33PM
Heather Disarro: those dresses are to die for…and i love the pomegranate details on the tables! absolutely breathtaking! 1.6.10, 3:08PM
Sam@Shuttersnap: I really love those pink and red floral arrangements on the table. Beautiful colour combination! Photos are fantastic as usual – really interested to see more of your images with film.. 1.6.10, 2:43PM
Thomas Fitzgerald: Wow, those shots are really amazing. They’re so vivid and clear that they jump right off the screen at you. Stunningly beautiful. 1.6.10, 2:34PM
Rebecca: So so so so gorgeous. Love the dress, and love the details even more. Awesome shoot! 1.6.10, 2:33PM
MelissaFoscardo: Wow! I love everything about this shoot and I think it’s so cool it was shot with a film camera. 1.6.10, 2:31PM
imthiaz houseman: wow, these are crazy beautiful. i LOVE them… 1.6.10, 2:23PM
Lauren Roberts: This is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. It seems almost magical. The pictures are gorgeous! 1.6.10, 2:21PM
Charlie: Okay, this makes me want to RUN and start shooting with my Hasselblad again!! I have too many questions to even start! First, and you many have mentioned this before, but what lens are you using on the 645? Also, are the black and white images shot in BW film or edited in post? These images are so awesome! Now….gotta find room for my film stuff when I come to your workshop next week! 1.6.10, 2:13PM
Jason Grubb: Fantastic images… Great details – I love how much time (and how many images) incorporate the details the bride invested in for her wedding. 1.6.10, 2:12PM
Jackie L.: these are just absolutely beautiful! I have a Rollei and love to shoot with it! Film has this magic about it…hope to see more of your film in the future! 1.6.10, 2:03PM
Jeanette: My word, these are awesome!! Love the table settings, and the flowers and the couch… 1.6.10, 2:01PM
Magan: HOLY MOLY, Jessica. Are you kidding me?! These are insanely perfect. L.O.V.E them. You are awesome. 1.6.10, 1:54PM
Jessica Smith: love love LOVE all the florals!! and those dresses! amazing! 1.6.10, 1:52PM
Marge: Jess/Mrs Norwood (love calling you that) Do you scan them in and add some photoshop to them or is this whimsical vintage look done within the camera? love love love it btw! 1.6.10, 1:49PM
Jasmin: Great stuff Jessica! Love the details and the fun that both you and the clients have conveyed! Also, have to say that I’m so THRILLED to see images on film again! Just gorgeous! 1.6.10, 1:46PM
Luis Murillo: Jessica, I really love these photos and they are so amazing. I’m also a fan of film, despite only shooting on digital nowadays, and really like how the images come out. Two questions arise, how did you make digital copies of the images? I know scanning, but did you have the lab scan them or did you scan the negatives or the printed photos? Also was there any retouching done to the digital versions? as in converting them to B&W…just curious 🙂 1.6.10, 1:43PM
kristi Montague: These are beautiful! What film(s) did you use? Did you have the lab scan the negatives for you? I’d love to hear more about the processing–I shoot medium format for fun, but I’ve stuck with BW that I self-develop because all the local labs have closed. 🙁 1.6.10, 1:40PM
cyndi smithure.com: AWESOME!!!! 1.6.10, 1:28PM
Otto Rascon: Jessica, these images are pretty darn rad. I really dig the portraits on the couch. Those are classic and beautiful. I also love your blog. Thanks and Rock On! 1.6.10, 1:20PM
Lucy: these photos are AMAZING! something about film photos that make the shots so much more artistic and authentic. great great photo shoot, everything was perfect. i definitely think these were the best photos i’ve seen on your site. great great job 🙂 1.6.10, 1:20PM
Morgan Trinker: So gorgeous. So whimsical. Love the tea party/Alice in Wonderland feel. Love the dreamy colors and yummy depth of field. Love your models. Love the styling. Just too darn much to love! Thanks for sharing! 1.6.10, 1:18PM
Jenifer Simpson: I LOVE this shoot! AMAZING pics as ususal;)…such beautiful styling and attention to detail, and I love Unique Vintage …I had a wedding last year whith 9 bridesmaids, and most of the dresses were purchased there. Great post…I am now headed to Green Wedding Shoes:) 1.6.10, 1:17PM
Lindsey Joy: STUNNING!!! Everything about this shoot is lovely, whimsical, and perfect! So excited for next Wednesday 🙂 1.6.10, 1:11PM
Mandie: LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole thing. Beautiful styling, gorgeous images! So fun. 1.6.10, 1:03PM
Pinky: They’re so beautiful! And these shots are amazing! You’re amazing girl! 1.6.10, 12:57PM
Bryan: OMG!! I LOVE the DOF, very nice.. I will look at this post over, and over, and over, and over….. 1.6.10, 12:52PM
jessica lorren: my dream is to get detail shots like these! INCREDIBLE. How do you do it? 1.6.10, 12:52PM
Katie Neal Photo: Ok, this post made me want to get married allll over again. I would SO use a bunch of these ideas if I was getting married! What sweet pictures for Anneka and Patrick to have! And, Kate and Rebeca have some pretty incredible ideas! 1.6.10, 12:51PM
katie j: These are fantastic. I love all the details and the whimsical mood. 1.6.10, 12:51PM
MegRuth Photography: So beautiful! 1.6.10, 12:47PM
shannon: where do you find such fabulous clients?! WOW what an event, that dress, the details, the bouquet!! what a dream. well done you 🙂 1.6.10, 12:47PM
Mandy: okay…i am married. is it wrong if i just want to buy that dress to wear around the house? gorgeous Jessica! 1.6.10, 12:47PM
John Sharpe: Gorgeous Photos. Love the lighting. The film photos made me smile! 1.6.10, 12:46PM
Alexandra: JESSICA CLAIRE! You are a a superstar photographer and such an inspiration! I’m loving the quantity of blog posts lately 🙂 🙂 🙂 Everytime I see you’ve posted I get excited 🙂 I LOVE your work! Keep it up 🙂 1.6.10, 12:43PM
I’m Kristen: Woooow. Wow wow wow. 1.6.10, 12:43PM