karl bratby: what a little cutie. 11.19.12, 7:42PM
cloth diaper: this baby is very cute and the reaction of this is really awosome ……. 7.7.10, 10:19AM
Used Bucket Trucks: Hi Jessica, I’ve been checking out your blogsite for over a week now and your work is astonishing!! Looking at the beautiful pictures you take makes me want to renew my vows just so I can hire you! Wanna come to Florida?? lol Seriously, your work is amazing and I can’t get enough of it. I have several photographer friends who I feel like I’m cheating on because of how much I look at your site! Excellent work! 1.28.10, 8:29AM
Rinkie: Hi! I just came across your beautiful blog + website! Your pictures are amazing! They are so so so nice! Which camera/ lenses do you use? 1.26.10, 4:23PM
Jessica: I love your dress! Can you tell me if this dress is avaiable on the vintage website you listed? I could not find it on the site. 1.21.10, 3:32PM
Ginger Murray: HA!! Priceless. What a great goal! I have been wanting to babysit for two of my cousins… but the problem? I’ve never changed a diaper… Um, yeah. Not that I don’t want to…I haven’t had that "pleasure." So, I’m just waiting till they grow out of diapers, and then I’ll babysit. 1.20.10, 1:35AM
shahkasahias: sleep finally… to much action maybe.. hehehe 1.18.10, 7:16AM
Kay English: I love that "get a dog" is on the list yay! Don’t forget to adopt from a shelter!!! You can even get full breeds from shelters bc that’s how we got our little bowser 🙂 1.14.10, 10:31AM
betsy, la vida creations: I think they smell fear. 😉 Congrats on knocking one off the list! 1.12.10, 4:31PM
Michelle Guzman: Awww…what a cutie. And yay for another goal accomplished! 1.8.10, 5:27PM
Ray: Awww, that’s so cute! Adorable photos. ;o) Now I must go check out the rest of your list. =P 1.6.10, 11:56PM
Mary Sandy: What a cute baby! You have such a great sense of humor! 1.6.10, 5:22PM
ajira: Beautifully done!! What a cutie pie!! 1.6.10, 12:19PM
valerie robinson: LMBO…that was cute! 1.6.10, 11:21AM
sarah: i remember when my little guy was that small!!!! i just want to squeeze him! 1.6.10, 8:28AM
Patryk Wolański: sweet 😉 1.6.10, 6:31AM
bethanyfphotography: You are hilarious! Loved the post. What a little cutie Wyatt is. 1.5.10, 11:51PM
Evonne & Darren Photography: What’s next? I guess you and Jeff are ready to start a family soon?!?! 1.5.10, 11:46PM
Kyle: Looks JUST like Mark!!!!!!! 1.5.10, 10:33PM
jen: so funny! He is quite a cutie. 1.5.10, 9:10PM
Jenny: Haha too cute ! Now don’t you want one of your own? 😉 1.5.10, 8:28PM
Jadey: Aww what a cutie. Looks like you got an easy job this time :p 1.5.10, 8:13PM
s h e r r y: Aww, he’s adorable! 🙂 1.5.10, 7:16PM
Tracy Norred: That looks like my day today – except that I babysat for my friends while they worked. Grandma – the normal babysitter – is on vacation! 🙂 1.5.10, 6:35PM
Bobbie Brown: Hahahah! That first picture makes me laugh! He is so adorable… 1.5.10, 3:29PM
jennifer lebron: HAHAHAH. When I babysit, I always get the cutest pictures of the toddlers. ;D ;D 1.5.10, 3:26PM
Brian Calabrese: I was a all a ploy to get some baby shots lol 1.5.10, 3:24PM
rachel: jessica – i love love love your work. i shamelessly admit that i blog stalk you. every time you write a new post i get so excited… you are just such an inspiration. i am in the very very very early stages of my business and i constantly wonder if you ever questioned your talent or decision to pursue photography as a career… your photos certainly don’t hint at such a thing! anyways… even if i one day had half an ounce of your talent, i (and my clients) would surely be thankful. also – you are a great friend to babysit;) 1.5.10, 2:42PM
angie: so cute! Now you need to have a baby so Candice can babysit for you;) 1.5.10, 2:22PM
imthiaz houseman: the first photo is so cute! i’m loving the 101 in 1001…its going to be a great year for you Jessica. 🙂 1.5.10, 2:22PM
Bernie: Jessica I’d love to help you achieve 3 items in one go. In the following order they are 101, 72 and 60! Just let me know the time and place. 🙂 1.5.10, 2:12PM
jenberry: i wanna say something obnoxious like … looks like your clock ticking… but i won’t. (ha). Really, i’m so inspired that you are checking your list off. it’s awesome. 1.5.10, 2:08PM
devonmichelle: love your photos…absolutely inspiring!! 1.5.10, 2:08PM
Jeanette: Love it! you should get that list dwindling in no time, at this rate! 1.5.10, 1:25PM
evie: Oh, how I love the last picture:) Too cute! 1.5.10, 1:11PM
Ayesha: this is so cute and couldnt resist to comment as i am a ‘i read you all the time but dont comment sorta person’ i went through your list and may have some solutions #10 – blog more often #22 – come to birmingham UK its lovely here too #26 – depending on your bible divinde the amount of pages by the amount of days left in the year and read that many pages per day. #33 – i can give you an E.mail cooking class lol tell me what you need to know #39 – we can concour this while we do the above #40 – and while we do all this you can make a new friend ME xx #44 – we can cross this off while doing #33 and #39 I will see what solutions i have for the rest lol xxx 1.5.10, 12:57PM
Teresa: That first photo cracks me up!! I’m working on my very own list thanks to your inspiration! Good job crossing one off already!! 1.5.10, 12:41PM
Heather Disarro: I love how you tell the story with the pictures…what a sweet little boy! LOVE your photography 🙂 1.5.10, 12:39PM
Amelia Thornton: Ahhhh – awesome! Wyatt is super cute. And good job on the babysitting – love the pics! 1.5.10, 12:13PM
Amanda Hernandez: Google couch to 5k. It is great. I just started so I will let you know when I run my 5k! 1.5.10, 12:04PM
MelissaFoscardo: That first picture is hysterical! Wow, 5 days into the 1001 and you’ve already got one done. At this rate, you’ll be done really quickly. I’m not good at math so I won’t even attempt to calculate how quickly 🙂 1.5.10, 12:03PM
cindee bae: well, you can always giveaway a mentor-ship to me which will take care of your #19! lol!!!!! 😉 1.5.10, 11:29AM
Heather Corporan: Awww, he’s a cutie. You are truly a great friend, and it is sooo important to (continue to) date. Friendship like that is priceless. And now you can cross something off : ) 1.5.10, 11:26AM
Jennifer: I was inspired by your list yesterday but also inspired today when you knocked off one already. Best of luck in the next few years in obtaining your goals! 1.5.10, 10:42AM
Keri: looks like you did a great job and are ready to start on one of the other 101 to start your family 🙂 1.5.10, 10:22AM
Mandi: Hey I’ve got some rental property for ya to invest in. . . hehehehe 😉 1.5.10, 10:16AM
Alexandra: Wow the world works in mysterious ways. Cute photos! And congrats on finishing one of your 101 🙂 1.5.10, 10:15AM
rhonda robbins: so sweet… not many things in life better than a baby coming for a visit! 1.5.10, 10:00AM