Ian Johnson Photo: really nice love them … … there is a perfection about the inperfection of film 2.15.10, 1:00AM
Once Upon: love the photos of the children around the couple. one of the most gorgeous wedding photos I’ve seen. 1.16.10, 12:03PM
Colorado Photos: Wow! Marvellous photos.. love the shots with the couple and the kids! Lovely, such a pretty bride. You deserve the recognition. You have a great site. 1.2.10, 6:21AM
Natalie Popkin: These are incredible. You make me want to break out my own 645 pentax film. Though it really is the emotion, light and LOVE that make this photo amazing. Great job capturing the perfect moment! 1.1.10, 9:33PM
Carol Lundeen: Love, love, love the kids, Jessica, nice work! 12.30.09, 9:19PM
Adam Cavanagh: Wow wow wow 12.29.09, 8:45AM
maria Johns: Im dying over the wedding, the location, the bride’s gorgeousness, and those kids do you have more shots of this wedding, Id love to see more! 12.27.09, 7:22PM
Jerry: Great shots with the kids!! 12.23.09, 2:59PM
Alan: Very nice, I would love one too. What lens did u end up using with the contax? 12.22.09, 10:41PM
Paul: I love the shots with the couple and the kids! They are just awesome. I don’t think that I have the patience to wait for the film to get back to me… 12.22.09, 1:14AM
Gina Leigh: Beautiful shots! I’m a film shooter, and my main camera is a Contax 645. Love it. šŸ™‚ 12.21.09, 10:57PM
Barb Cameron: you make me want to break out my film camera right now and kick it ol’ school 12.21.09, 1:05PM
mary Garvin: i loved this post! i want to know where that dress came from in the first few photos šŸ™‚ it’s beautiful. i love your work. 12.19.09, 10:05PM
Elmer: Really nice! Inspiring. How do you convert it to digital? Do you have it done for you or do you use a negative film scanner? 12.18.09, 3:54PM
Tonya Peterson: The ones of them in the street in mexico are to DIE FOR! And what makes it are all of the adorable Mexican children around them! I love them so much. That workshop looked freaken awesome! 12.17.09, 11:55PM
Charlie: Love your photos! One of my fondest memories as a kid was developing old black and white photos with with my grandfather in his basement…. I can still remember the smell. I’ve got several film cameras sitting around that I haven’t touched in years and you’ve inspired me to pick them up again and see what I can do. Thanks! 12.17.09, 12:53PM
Liz: It’s beautiful and inspiring. I think it’d be fun to let go and let the lab like in the old days. These have the look of more natural film which I do adore as much as your usual look. If you don’t mind a question, did you still photoshop these film photos? I’m curious b/c the end result was still a different look. Were you just happy with how they came out from the lab and just didn’t bother or want to mess with them further? Did you ask for prints or just the digital files? So fun. 12.17.09, 9:37AM
Akil Bennett: lovin’ the film shots…the contax is a great camera! let’s see more šŸ˜‰ 12.17.09, 9:08AM
Karine Ardault: I seriously started back photography five years ago with a digital slr but soon there after i bought old cameras there were totally manual: an old view finder camera with 30’s technology, a 6×6 Mamiya, a professionnal polaroid camera and finally a 4×5 view camera. I am learning so much with film and manual cameras … and I love it. 12.17.09, 7:39AM
Alison: I started shooting with an old Canon SLR my father gave me and only switched to digital two years ago. I miss something about film. I am so excited to teach my daughter to shoot on film with the same old Canon. Look forward to seeing more! 12.16.09, 12:06PM
Karen (Mikols) Bonar: 1. Looks like you have a LOT of blogging to show us šŸ™‚ 2) Looks like you’re getting interested in an area called "street photography" …. if so, you simply MUST check out one of the best: http://visualdiaries.com/ 12.16.09, 9:25AM
Cat Thrasher: Jessica, your shots of the kids and couple in Mexico are my favorite kids shots. The bottom two, in particular. Very well-done: the perfect emotional moment. 12.16.09, 6:35AM
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Olivia: These are all fantastic! Film cameras are so much fun- but I’m with ya on the being impatient. Digital cameras seriously spoil people with the whole instant gratification! 12.15.09, 8:17PM
maalaea w/ i and m photography: Yesterday I was informed that my best friend of 10 years passed away in her sleep. She was only 28. Why am I sharing this as a blog post some of you may be wondering, I just feel like I needed to share it with the world. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day act of life, especially during the holidays. Everyone please just take the the time to stop and appreciate those around you during this busy holiday season. Treasure every minute you have with those around and don’t go to sleep with harsh feelings. Being a photographer brings me so much joy, because not only do I have fond memories roaming through my head I also have so many photos to help me relive every story and every memory the two of us shared together. My heart is heavy today but I wish you all the warmest and happiest holidays! 12.15.09, 5:28PM
Greer Rivera : One word comes to mind… PERFECTION!! I LOVE every single image! You are awesome! 12.15.09, 4:40PM
Andreanna: Beautiful work, love the light! I’m a film shooter, I hope I never have to give it up! 12.15.09, 2:34PM
Alyse: Hi Jessica! Iā€™m a long-time follower, but first-time commenter! Your little film project turned out stunning!! I am SO excited to see the shoot with the VW bus!!! šŸ™‚ 12.15.09, 2:22PM
Harmony Loves: Gorgeous! I am starting to shoot with film as well. I am doing black and white film. Great job! 12.15.09, 1:21PM
Rhonda Mankin: You may want to try Fuji Neopan for your b+w..those are a bit grainy/loss of true blacks, possibly because the water in processing was too warm..My Neopan 100 pics are as sharp as a tac and can stand up to digital no problem. 12.15.09, 9:45AM
Caroline : The image with the kids up close is the epitomy of happy. Love!! 12.15.09, 3:59AM
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Ray: That photo that you titled, "Love, love, love, love" is just: "Awesome, awesome, awesome, AWESOME!" And the last three photos with the kids is the sweetest. Made me laugh. ;D Whether it be digital you shot with, or film; you do a hellavue job!! 12.14.09, 5:53PM
Curtis Moore: Amazing! Love the colors and the idea is so much fun! Going to Italy in Feb so perhaps I will be bringing some film!!! Thank! 12.14.09, 5:53PM
Wendy: Holy Cow. I am nearly speechless. I was raised on film and once had my own darkroom. Your photos, especially the ones of the couple with the children just gave me a feeling I can’t describe. Something like part thrill, part joy, part swoon. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank you for the eye candy! Much needed on this grayest of Portland days. 12.14.09, 3:27PM
Danny: Awesome shots! What type of film were you using? I recently just purchased a Hassleblad and I’m amazed how "perfect" pictures are with film. 12.14.09, 3:01PM
KrisD Mauga: WOW- these came out amazing- i love them!!!! Very real, pure and inviting! 12.14.09, 2:59PM
elizabeth Pellette: Hmm I started out as a film shooter.. Loved it.. but then got into digital and well sold my film camera it was getting too hard to find places to develop it that didnt cost a small fortune. there is something very unique to film.. these shots are all amazing I especially love the one of the children dancing around the couple.. just brilliant. 12.14.09, 2:47PM
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MariaB: What film did you use?! Every picture looks great… i wanna buy a film camera too…but i guess you have to be professional …because you cant see how all your settings on a camera turned out.. 12.14.09, 2:36PM
Maximilian Motel: Awesome shots! Especially the black and white ones look awesome. I just got my hands on an old Nikon FM2 which I used on a friends birthday. When I finally got the film back I couldn’t believe the colors were not manipulated. I’m still stunned when I look at those pictures šŸ˜€ And I’d really love to buy a Hasselblad 501C… But still a bit expensive for a student… 12.14.09, 1:16PM
s h e r r y: šŸ™‚ Looks like fun. I’ve been on the fence about getting a film camera just to have and experiment. Pretty sure this pushed me over the edge a wee bit more…The colours look very distinct. 12.14.09, 1:16PM
Krissy: I love to shoot film! I just made the switch to Digital in July- I like it, but there really is something about film! I went from the EOS 3 to the 5D Mark II. Can’t wait to talk to you about it in January! Beautiful Pictures… 12.14.09, 1:13PM
Miz Booshay: They are softer, aren’t they? I have a roll in my Minolta SRT201 that is waiting to be developed. It has a broken light meter and I just can’t imagine what I have on there…. You have inspired me to send it in!!! Yours are just gorgeous! 12.14.09, 1:04PM
Lydia: Oh, those last three pictures! Love them!! I’ve been experimenting with film as well. I hope my pictures turn out half as good! 12.14.09, 1:01PM
Melanie: I recently have started shooting film as well- it’s kind of scary right now, but I know I won’t regret it in the end! 12.14.09, 1:01PM
vicki: Ahhh! Film! I remember that. When I was 16 my parents bought me a Canon AE-1 film camera. It was my best friend for years and years and years. Great shots! Love LOVE LOVE the kids circling the wedding couple. 12.14.09, 12:48PM
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Kristina: I love these! The colors are gorgeous! I like the birdcage and the first couple shot the best out of these. Can’t wait to see the VW shoot!! I’ve done all my more ‘serious’ photographing with digital cameras as well, but seeing what Jose Villa does on film (and what you do now) really inspires to go back there and try it out. My dad still has a whole set of old Olympus SRLs which he’ll lend me for the experiment šŸ™‚ 12.14.09, 12:38PM
Rachel Durik: Love it! Are these how they turned out after being developed or did you tweak them in photoshop? 12.14.09, 12:31PM
Tina: wowzers! The couple with the kids dancing and playing around them is awesome! So sweet and romantic. I would not know the first thing to do with a camera like that. 12.14.09, 12:24PM
Fola Adewole: This totally inspired me, I recently started shooting film again and I can’t wait to get my exposures back, there is something so elegant and natural about this pictures…love them 12.14.09, 12:05PM
stephanie . o: omg! where on earth is that amazing chapel??!! I NEED TO KNOW!! it’s beyond compare! i must get married there! (i just got engaged! šŸ™‚ 12.14.09, 11:54AM
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Chrsitina: the last series with the children are AMAZING! Ooh, Lover! 12.14.09, 11:32AM
ian andrew: great looking shots, looks like it was a lot of fun. Great to see the kids joining in for some fun too. 12.14.09, 11:30AM
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marco: switch, switch, switch! your work is even better filmed! 12.14.09, 11:29AM
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Rebecca: So fun! Those last shots with the little kids are some of my favourite wedding shots ever. Ever. So different, so fun… it makes me smile just looking at them! šŸ™‚ 12.14.09, 11:20AM
Hayden: cool photos. For some reason film always looks cool to me personally. The couple photos looks like the Jose Villa and your workshop in Mex? 12.14.09, 11:20AM