jamie: your phtography is breathtaking! what beautiful moments you captured between a mother & her daughters. now i am going to look at shots of your wedding because i just loved your wedding and all of it’s vintage touches! 1.5.10, 3:58PM
robin: those made me a little weepy 12.30.09, 8:31AM
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Alissa Ferullo: You. Are. Incredible. I am in love with everything about these images – the glam, the light, the processing – just gorgeous. And every single one of these girls/ladies is beyond beautiful! =) 12.13.09, 4:18PM
Scarlett Lillian: WHAT A CUTE IDEA JESSICA!! I wish I had pictures like that with my mom when I was younger. So unique! 12.13.09, 12:08AM
Ashley Sellers: Mom looks like Billie Piper 😉 12.12.09, 12:35PM
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heather at her black dress: great idea. something i want to do with my girls when they get a little older. 12.8.09, 10:47AM
Claire Reynolds: I hope to remain as ageless and beautiful as Stacy (and hopefully have 2 daughters after this rough & tumble boy of mine). Gorgeous shoot! 12.8.09, 9:15AM
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Angel Canary: Beautiful! It looks like you are trying new things – it’s your style but something is different about it. I really like the tones and of course they are fabulous girls! 12.7.09, 11:47AM
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Paul: These are great, Jessica. I love the shots that you took of Avalon-12 can be an awkward age to get photographed at, but these are just beautiful. I’d never heard the name Savvy before, but I love it. 12.6.09, 2:05PM
Ann Christine: Jessica, Love you’re photos, & What a treasure you have given to this family.. Always be true to who you are, Loveyaalot’s 12.6.09, 7:24AM
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Ray: Jessica, you did such an awesome job! I think this is one of my favorite photo shoots from you to date. Awesome mother-daugher(s) shoot. So awesome how you captured three (well two of them soon-to-be) women in different stages of life. I know they’ll look back on this photos with lots of fondness. And what a cool mom Avalon & Savvy have. A make-up artist?! Killer! ;D 12.4.09, 8:44PM
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Carrie: Love the pics of Stacey and her girls. I’m a close friend of hers and she is as sweet on the inside as she is on the outside. Can’t wait to make an appt. with you for my girls and myself. I can only hope you can capture my young adult gals personalities as beautiful as you did with Stacey’s young ladies. 12.4.09, 9:18AM
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Trude: Geez, Jessica, could these be ANY MORE AMAZING?? That light is to die for. Such a sweet session. 12.3.09, 6:22PM
natalie : WOW! These photos are so stunning…you truly have an amazing skill and eye for all things pretty and glamourous. I wish the light shone so lovely where I live (ON, Canada) as it does in Cali. If you ever want to shoot in the winter snow, I would love to have you! 🙂 12.3.09, 4:48PM
Tina dela Rosa: Absolutely stunning! 12.3.09, 4:34PM
rachel castillero: I LOVE these and I LOVE them! What an adorable family and such good style! Awesome pictures as always and love the editing you did. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 12.3.09, 4:25PM
mindi monroe: I have been friends with Stacey since I was 11. you have nailed these girls personalities dead on! Aren’t they wonderful? GREAT GREAT photos. Stacey and I are excited about thinking up something so cute /stylish to have you do of my son and I if you would one day! 12.3.09, 4:11PM
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lizelle Lotter: I keep coming back to your blog for more!!! Do you ever plan on coming to South Africa? I’ll give you a place to stay! What about a real SA farm experience! Just come. Please! 🙂 THis is an official invite. *** 12.3.09, 8:33AM
lizelle Lotter: Jessica, I look at a lot of photographers work and there are awesome ones out there. But your blog I follow with eagle eyes. Ever planning a trip to SOuth Africa?! You can come stay with me for free! 🙂 On the farm. This is an official invite. ***L 12.3.09, 8:28AM
Chris Aram: I am a longtime fan of your work but this quite possibly is my favorite shoot you’ve ever posted! Beautifully shot and the photos tell an incredible story that really stands out, even moreso than many of the weddings you shoot (which are also great.) Very nicely done and thanks for sharing! 12.3.09, 8:24AM
Karen (Mikols) Bonar: Totally ultra-fab, Jessica! Keep up this regular blogging; I love it! 🙂 12.3.09, 8:10AM
Mary: Great job! Beautiful family for sure, I really love the photos 12.3.09, 7:55AM
Rob: Your portrait work is phenomenal. Can i ask what brand camera you use? And what type of lens to get them to pop off the background so well? 12.3.09, 1:50AM
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erika: That’s a gorgeous group of photos of a gorgeous group of women! 12.2.09, 10:26PM
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jp elario: jess, i just had to comment on this one. these images are so awesome. really how can you choose a favorite. these girls have such great images to cherish of them and mom, just awesome. really! moms pretty hot too! 12.2.09, 2:50PM
Kristina: I’m lost for words…this is my favourite shoot of yours, hands down! You did completely achieve the fantasy look you set out for. They are all beautiful but the shots of Avalon have such magic to them…beyond words. 12.2.09, 2:20PM
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canvas photos: Awesome. These photographs are crystal clear. You are a great photographer. 12.2.09, 1:30PM
Amanda Waltman: these photos are gorgeous! they are the type of pics i wish i would have had with my mom and sisters when we were younger. beautiful job as always 🙂 12.2.09, 1:21PM
shanna: hi, jessica! i’m a long-time follower, but this is my first time to leave an actual comment. i seriously cannot stop looking at these photos and how you captured the beauty of these girlies! maybe it hit a soft spot since i’m the oldest of three girls and my mom is my best friend…but all i can say is "WOW"! You have outdone yourself. Again! 12.2.09, 1:00PM
i and m photography: This is such a fun set. I love the outfits and those ladies really know how to work-it in front of the camera! 12.2.09, 12:49PM
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Tara: Wow. these are spectacular! 12.2.09, 12:34PM
Monica Hodges: OH.MY.WORD. The next time you come to Texas, please, please, please email me!!! My kids and I need a shoot like this!! I have followed your blog for a year or two now and this has to be in my top five of your work. Simply amazing. I know Stacey will treasure these for years!! 12.2.09, 12:29PM
Candace Prokopets: I’m. In. Love. 12.2.09, 12:26PM
Jennifer O.: Wow, they are so freakin gorgeous! Great shots! 12.2.09, 12:23PM
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sRadelle: I am a huge fan already, but this, JESSICA this, shoot is probably the nicest thing I have ever seen. EVER!!! It is so breathtaking!!! my very fave (although I LOVE LOVE them all) is the one where the 3 of them are holding hands in the "rustic landscape". Totally lovely. Amazing girl!!!!!! 12.2.09, 11:31AM
Tisha: I am already IN LOVE with your work…But this seesion just put it TOTALLY over the top for me!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING about these pictures!!! Oh and im totally jealous of the mom, she is super gorgeous!!! 12.2.09, 11:23AM
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Cathy Empey: Oh my goodness! I love these so much. My fave has to be the very bottom image. Love the way she is looking at her daughter. 12.2.09, 11:18AM
Ricki Ford: they are all beautiful! I wanted to let you know the link to Staceys site is broken. 12.2.09, 10:59AM
jenberry: ok seriously. this has to be one of my favorite sessions. this photos are PRICELESS for stacey. love all of them. full of love, energy, motion, style, pretty light… WOW. And, your words are so true. the moment of childhood before they are adults. The thoughts of marrying younger and having kids young. All these cross my mind. Thanks for sharing!!! 12.2.09, 10:59AM
Erinn Austin: These are fabulous! Love the lighting, and the way you captured each family member! Gorgeous! 12.2.09, 10:57AM
J’Lynn: These are STUNNING!! Love them all!! 12.2.09, 10:54AM
Molly: Wow! when I was twelve I just can’t express how AWKWARD I was. Braces/buckteeth combo, jeans that were always too short. Large t-shirts from various "festivals".. Avalon has more grace and beauty at 12 than I do now!! You did a beautiful job capturing that. 12.2.09, 10:54AM
s h e r r y: LOVE these. I can’t even pick a favourite; there are too many. The light is so glorious. And I love their fancy outfits in the field. 12.2.09, 10:53AM
angel swanson: SOOO gorgeous!! what a beautiful family, captured in a unique way. loving it. (this totally makes me want girls, btw. lol) 12.2.09, 10:47AM
sarah: wonderful! wonderful!! 12.2.09, 10:46AM