Kimberly: Hey Jessica, I’m from Singapore and stumbled upon your blog a couple months back, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I wanted to drop this note here to let you know that your work is extremely amazing and you truly are an inspiration. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing!! 🙂 1.10.10, 12:26PM
Michelle S: thank you for vailidating these thoughts for me. I have avoided blogging because it does seem like you will be judged…and I am one of those people who worry about what people think of me. But guess what…time to get over it!!! As I mature in my years and my business I think that what people think is just that…what THEY think. It doesn’t mean it to be fact and I am convicted by your willingness to be so open and honest. I named my business A & O for so many reasons and not being "traditional" and naming it w/my own name has been a struggle for me to defend. But I need to be candid w/my blogging and real w/my friends and clients…so thank you for this state of the blog address…it has given me perspective and inspiration. I will definitely check out those other blogs you mentioned. 12.2.09, 10:15AM
Jason Grubb: Maternity is very hard to pull off… You nailed it. Jason 11.23.09, 8:42AM
kristen holly: Good for you! Looking forward to reading along 🙂 11.22.09, 8:07AM
Amber Katrina: This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been mulling over this exact thought for a while. I realized that the blogs I really connect with are the ones that people share their lives. I feel like I know them already, and thats what keeps me coming back to read them. It think you already do a good job at this. And it has inspired me to try to make by blog more personal as well. Thank you, my friend (even if you don’t know that you already are! haha) 11.18.09, 4:49PM
mary Garvin: these are beautiful! 11.17.09, 6:08PM
mary carroll: Omigosh, these photos are WONDERFUL! 11.17.09, 2:26PM
Liz : Seriously!! These are just beautiful! I can only aspire to maternity photos such as these!! I have a photographer friend that follows your blog, and now I know why. I’ll definitely be coming back! 11.17.09, 10:29AM
Renee Bell: wow – gorgeous shots!!!! 11.17.09, 5:55AM
Diana: I found your beautiful site from my friend Heather at I have a reg. blog and a photo blog but I am a serious amateur. I leave this comment because I think (based on this post) that you would love love love my BFF and published author’s blog…. I dare you to not like it! See you here again! 11.16.09, 6:51PM
simply modern weddings: beautiful photos and true words! 11.16.09, 12:23AM
Elizabeth: Hi Jessica i love your work but i think this photo would have been nicer if the man in the photo had his hand on the womans belly it would have show a more intimate image 11.15.09, 4:19PM
Amber: Love it! Verbiage and all. 11.14.09, 3:12AM
Patricia: These are absolutely beautiful photos! 11.14.09, 1:15AM
jb: I feel the same way. My blog is basically just a photo showcase at this point, but I want it to be more meaningful. Thanks for the reminder. 11.13.09, 8:14PM
chelsey: So cute… kind of makes me wanna get pregnant! 11.13.09, 6:03PM
Miriam: You go girl! There are thousands more people who love your blog.. sometimes the haters just like to shout louder than the lovers.. 11.13.09, 10:10AM
Sarah SB: Oh how stunning!! Love your blog – LOVE your photo’s & yes I am a Stellan (& MckMama) follower too!! 🙂 Sarah in Australia 11.13.09, 4:59AM
melinda: What an adorable pregnant woman! The first shot is just perfect. I love the rim lighting and her amazingly serene pose. Everything about it seems so uplifting and sweet. As usual, I adore your work. 11.13.09, 2:36AM
Alissa Ferullo: What a gorgeous mama, and stunning images! Love the intimacy and the fact that dad is included!! You are a photo goddess no matter what the subject, that’s for sure. 😉 Have a great weekend! 11.13.09, 12:12AM
Lawrence @tofurious: smite! 11.12.09, 11:43PM
Hannah: First of all, gorgeous photos. I just love this shoot! Second, you’re awesome. You totally crystallised some of my feelings about blogging at the moment. I am working long hours at my ‘money’ job and am trying to get my photography business off the ground. I never blog at my old personal blog because I am so busy and sometimes I have nothing to put on my photography blog. I decided to just start blogging a little bit more about my life, the things I love, the people I love as well as my photography. I think it will be good for me to put more of myself out there in a professional capacity. So, anyway, thanks for making me see that it is okay (nay, important) to put ‘me’ out there. I can handle some nasties, if there are any out there. Frankly, it is just another comment and comments are welcome over my way at the moment. I am a longtime reader and fan and new commenter, so I just want to say I love the way you write and would be happy to see more of ‘you’ on this blog. 11.12.09, 10:56PM
Audrey: WOW, she is a gorgeous, pregnant. I wonder how that happens. I think i’d grow 5 asses. 11.12.09, 10:43PM
s h e r r y: Those photos are beautiful; I love the first one… 11.12.09, 7:50PM
Rhonda Gassman: I am a photographer, but I’m also a writer. I have been so consumed by photography for the last few years that I have let my writing slip away. I was recently encouraged by some friends to start a blog where I can just talk…about whatever is on my crazy mind at the moment. So I did and it is the best release for me. I only started it a few days ago, but I’m having so much fun with it. I also love reading your blog. I love your images, of course, but I truly enjoy your writing. This entry "state of the blog address" was a very good one for me to read. I often find myself hitting the backspace key because I’m afraid I’ve offended someone. I’ve been more conservative in my expressions than I’ve wanted to be. You’ve made me think that perhaps I need to stop hitting the backspacer and just keep typing. I’m turning 40 soon and it has sadly taken this long for me to learn that I am who I am and others really have to take me or leave me. This is it. I like me and some will and some won’t. And that’s ok. I like you. You make me smile when I read. Sometimes you make me giggle out loud. And today you really made me think. Thank you. 11.12.09, 5:33PM
Candy Howard: Beautifully written, beautifully shot. Thanks for sharing both! 11.12.09, 4:30PM
Lauren : Go for it girl, can’t wait to hear all about your life!! And promise, no judgment!! 11.12.09, 3:46PM
Jeremiah Colling: Thanks for sharing — and killer maternity shots! Love the lighting and location! 11.12.09, 3:09PM
Rachel Peters: One Word – BEAUTIFUL ! 11.12.09, 2:29PM
Heather: isn’t blogging funny that you can become attached to people you don’t even know? I hardly ever comment but have followed you for several months now and am so excited for your journey thus far. I never got on the computer on your wedding day but do remember sweeping my back porch and thought of you and said a little prayer for your special day. You are one of my cool "friends" and I have always enjoyed reading your posts. It does become wierd when my husband asks me how my day was and I begin to tell him things about the shootsac girl like whether her wedding veil will be a birdcage or a natural flowers…he is like "WHO and WHAT are you talking about?" I guess that is about the time I realize I have turned into a blog junkie. I need help! Congratulations again on your marriage. Marriage rocks, it only gets MUCH better from here on out. I’m 8 years and three kids into my crazy life. Loving every minute of it. 11.12.09, 2:24PM
Lori Boynton: I just love maternity images and these are amazing! What a gorgeous mom to be!!! 11.12.09, 2:11PM
Jen P: Stellan has been discharged and is going HOME tomorrow and he’s perfectly perfect! Got that from her twitter. I can’t wait to read more about your life as well. 🙂 11.12.09, 2:10PM
Amanda Leatherberry: Beautiful maternity session! The light is fab and what a gorgeous couple! 11.12.09, 1:43PM
Jen: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! 11.12.09, 1:33PM
Shannon: That is some seriously beautiful light! I"m loving #1. 11.12.09, 12:58PM
Otto Rascon: Hi Jessica. Thanks for your openness and for sharing your thoughts about life and your blog. I think I connected with your post because I too want to have my blog be a journal of sorts and I really enjoy when people are honest about their lives. There are too many sites/blogs out there that only focus on the busyness of life and not on actual life moments. I don’t always have perfect days and I really enjoy reading when someone else shares their un-perfect days. Thanks and I LOVED your wedding photos. AMAZING and beautiful. Rock on! 11.12.09, 12:41PM
Sinead: Oh. Hell. Yes. Change is good. 11.12.09, 12:03PM
Mandy: I’m a follower of MckMama’s blog myself! 11.12.09, 11:09AM
a little bit of whimsy photography: Who else can go on hiatis, blog a bit here and there and still pull 100 comments on her blog. That would be YOU!! ( hmmmm, i get 0 comments on a good day on my blog). i often check to see if it is possible to leave them….LOL.!! if we did not love you (as a photographer) we would not flock here like hungry birds looking for a worm… per your usual being modest.. you blog it Jessica…..we will come!! 11.12.09, 8:26AM
Ann Gordon: I love you more and more every year!! 11.12.09, 7:26AM
Cathy Crawley: I’ve just spent an hour and a half catching up on "Becoming Sarah" , what a fabulous read it was! I laughed so hard and squirmed just a little in my seat, but I adore her honesty! It’s so refreshing. As for nasty blog commenters, ignore them, they are just jealous idiots with too much time on their hands. It’s a sad side effect if being successful, unfortunately 🙂 11.12.09, 5:58AM
Louise O’Brien: Hi Jessica. I am ditto with Simone Anne all the way. I agree with everything she said up until the part about being a college student and an aspiring wedding photographer. I am long past University, am a retired social worker, stay at home Mum and family Building Company Manager. I have no aspirations of being a photographer, remembering not often enough to take family photos. I do however adore your work and can’t wait to check it out every night when the kids and husband are asleep. Love from Mackay, Queensland, Australia. P.S. I found you from Sheye Rosemeyer Photography more than 2 years ago. Keep on giving us you! P.P.S. I don’t have a blog but LOVE reading others. 11.12.09, 5:03AM
Simone Anne: Hello Jessica! I’ve never left a comment before but this post made me just want to say, I absolutely adore you! I check your blog multiple times a day (not an exaggeration) to see if you’ve updated with new photos (I’ve learned a lot pouring over yours!) and funny, quirky commentary. I think you’re a really interesting person and have always found your blog posts so down to earth and full of character. I must confess, I was surprised that you think you need to be more down to earth online as I’ve always felt that you do a fantastic job with that! Since I didn’t say earlier, congratulations on the wedding! You looked gorgeous and every little detail was absolutely perfect and amazing. Loved it. P.S. I’m a college student and an aspiring wedding photographer… if you ever decide to take on a young woman to mentor or if you’re in the Bay Area and need a second shooter, hit me up. Working with you would be a complete dream come true and so much fun. 😀 Yay! Simone Anne 11.11.09, 9:36PM
Kaycie Burge: Very true about this post! For me, it’s always been easier to share some of that for several reasons.. 1) others find it and can empathize so you don’t feel alone in your thoughts and 2) venting/blogging helps relieve the stress. I stumbled on your blog via CFHusband and haven’t stopped checking this blog. You have true natural talent and are able to really truly capture amazing images! Blog away! I’m now a fan! 11.11.09, 9:10PM
karen (Mikols) Bonar: I’m totally digging the new watermark on the corner of your photos!!!!! I’d totally love to read posts more regularly, Jess! 11.11.09, 8:11PM
Fola: This fetchingly awesome…You are so fabulous…and your work is drool worthy…. 11.11.09, 6:19PM
Alison Yin: What amazing light! I love the way that you have captured the warmth and connection of this couple. I feel like I know them. 11.11.09, 5:43PM
Krissy: Thanks Jessica for keeping everything real! 11.11.09, 4:56PM
Melissa Koehler: I know I don’t need to point out how awesome these images are because that’s obvious, but I just wanted to say that I am trying to be more honesty on my blog too. I feel like I need to filter things but why? Here’s to supporting you on your honesty blog. Haters are retarded, they are just unhappy people that want to make you feel the same 🙂 Hugs 11.11.09, 4:40PM
Lori: Right on! I’m trying to be more like this too. I’m not quite there. But every week I try to post a funny picture I’ve taken of my family, and then try to poke a little fun at my parenting skills. I think I’m the only one who thinks it’s funny. Oh well, It’s a start. 11.11.09, 4:16PM
Brown Girl: I love reading your blog and would love to hear more personal stories from you. Your photos make my day all the time! 11.11.09, 2:39PM
Leslie Vega: wow. such a better outlook on blogs and what they can be. thanks for inspiring me to be interesting, original, and genuine. I’ve followed your blog for several years now and can honestly say, your open book approach leaves me intrigued every time I read your blog. You are truly an inspiration to any wedding industry professional…even when we’re still amateurs! : / 11.11.09, 2:29PM
Corinna Hoffman: Love reading your blog for inspiration, JC 🙂 Keep it up and glad to see you’re back in blogging business 🙂 xoxo 11.11.09, 1:31PM
Kelli Taylor: More power to ya! 🙂 This isn’t high school, we should be able to be ourselves as adults! 11.11.09, 12:33PM
Megan Saul: I myself am more attracted to blogs that have life to them other then just photographs and the every day non sense. Too read someone’s honesty and true life story inspires me with my own work and life. I say, share your true thoughts, feelings and even the ridiculously vulgar things. It’s your life, and this is your blog. No one is required in their life to read your blogs. Delete the haters and share, share, share! 11.11.09, 12:33PM
Lainey: When you are honest and reveal parts of your life and journey, you do open yourself up to critics and people who are just plain haters, but you also open yourself to people who want nothing but to see you succeed, to follow you on your journey. You open yourself up to the love, encouragement and excitement of a community. I think it’s worth the risk. You’re too much of an inspiration to not give it a try. 11.11.09, 11:47AM
lauri: Your journey is wonderful, and worth writing. The good and the bad. And thanks for checking in on my blog in the past. If you remember me, you’ll be happy to know we’re adopting another baby from the same birth mom as before. A real miracle for us. 11.11.09, 11:41AM
Sarah @ Oh wow, I don’t even know where to start! Just, wow, thank you so much for the kind words!! This made my heart swell a bit =) Whatever you choose to do with your blog, sharing candidly or not, I know that it will still be a fantastic read. I say delete the haters. Your life is a journey worth sharing! PS – if you ever do want to meet, I’m in the north Orange County area where it runs up against LA County. So I’m not that far away and I’m always up for meeting new friends. 11.11.09, 10:05AM
johnwaire | photo: great post jessica. it is a journey…isn’t it? …. and the craziest part….for whatever reason…. me (and the 73 or so people that commented before me)…happen to be here….at this place….your blog….at this stage along the path. keep up the great work and inspiration. 11.11.09, 7:23AM
Jess: Welcome back! I LOVE down to earth honest blogging, altho I’m not brave enough to do it myself… yet. Your photography is such an inspiration to me,I bought my 1st SLR based on your recommendations! Thanks so much for your beautiful blog! 11.11.09, 5:51AM
Amy Martin: I know exactly what you mean. One night I was up late editing and feeling overly emoitional and I wrote a blog about my daughter. So many people commented (on FB not my blog for some reason) about how they read it and cried. I have met several people that say they read it and just when I want to hide behind my purse they say how it touched them. I think there is something so awesome about being candid and real about things some people keep hidden behind the walls of thier homes. Especially in todays world of FB and Twitter where most people like to pretend they live on a rainbow and have pet unicorns. Anyway 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you this week at the Mexico workshop! 11.11.09, 2:31AM
alisha: oh gosh. thanks so much for the tears that are now going down my face from reading becoming sarah. i am not the weepy type! she is a fantastic writer, and truly captures the essence of mothering. 11.11.09, 12:50AM
Becky: So excited that we will see more Jessica Claire in the written form here. 🙂 It is much more than your photography that inspires so many of us! 11.11.09, 12:41AM
Kimberly: You. Rock. :- ) 11.10.09, 11:23PM
ajira: So excited that you’re blogging again and completely understand life taking over… your wedding looked amazing from the photos I saw, and most importantly you were beaming. I am so excited for you. Ignore the haters, I find that it is usually more about them than it is about you. Hopefully they’ll find some peace at some point. Looking forward to more of your words and more of your images. This couple is gorgeous. Love their expressions. And oh! The Light! 11.10.09, 11:23PM
Tiffany Brown: I absolutely love your blog. I discovered it about 2 weeks ago and I read the entire thing. Your wedding was so unique and beautiful and just inspiring! Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with the world. 11.10.09, 11:18PM
Deene Souza: Amen sister! I’m all about RAW, not only as a photographer but also as a blogger. No need to JPEG anything! (lol, I crack myself up!) keep up the awesome blog and tell it like it was meant to be told!!!! 11.10.09, 10:42PM
April: ROFL You go girl! I always wonder about that. I think that being personal is what keeps people coming back to your blog…yet I have a hard time doing it. I always think what would my Dad think of me putting myself out on the web like this. I am 31 years old and still check myself against what my dads opinion would be! 11.10.09, 10:39PM
Denise Saucedo: You tell ’em girl!!! I wear my heart on a sleeve. It’s so hard for me NOT to be open. Sometimes I wonder about others judging me or my life and let me tell you… its been a rollercoaster of emotions good times and bad times, almost soap opera-ish, I still have yet to express myself on my blog… its still in the beginning stages. I can not wait until the day it is fully functional and I am able to. I am who I am. Take it or leave it. 🙂 Glad you posted this. Its great. Love the photos by the way. You totally rock my socks off!!! 11.10.09, 10:07PM
meggie: This may be the first comment I’ve ever left, but I love coming to your blog to see what you’re up too. I just recently laid it all out on the line on my blog, just this past Friday actually, and have been overwhelmed with the positive response and support I’ve received from my friends and family as well as people I don’t even know. You and I have only met in passing and there’s no reason you should remember me. However, I’ve followed you for a while and feel invested in your life. I think it can NEVER be a bad thing to show people that you’re human and not some photo machine. We all have our ups and downs and it’s obvious from the number of people who follow your blog that you aren’t going through life alone. I just wanted to write you a note of encouragement and also congratulate you on your marriage. You were a stunning bride and I’m OBSESSED with your details! 11.10.09, 10:05PM
Noelle: Oh blogging. I do love it. And I hate it. It’s a lovely way to meet others, share the same passions, and yet it’s sometimes like highschool all over again. Clicky. Competitive. But you said it best…we can delete those nasty comments ! 🙂 Speaking of blogs…love yours, btw ! 🙂 11.10.09, 9:58PM
Bobbie Brown: Love your words and your pix! 11.10.09, 9:17PM
Cathy G.: It’s a small world!! I have been reading McMama as well and feel the way you do…. and hoping for good news! 11.10.09, 9:13PM
elizabeth Pellette: I have been following your blog for quite some time now.. I really enjoy the journey you have taken me on.. thanks for sharing your life with us.. 11.10.09, 8:28PM
AnnikaDurbinPhotography: Well, Jessica, YOU are inspiring to read about and journey with as well. I hope you keep blogging for a long time, even if that includes breastfeeding stories sometime down the road. 🙂 BEAUTIFUL maternity shoot here! 11.10.09, 7:39PM
vickie kelley: I don’t blog, but love reading yours. I found you through becker, who photographed both my kid’s weddings. I loved your wedding and I know Angel, we go to the same church. 11.10.09, 7:22PM
Kim Kalyn: Wow Jessica I LOVED this post. How refreshing 🙂 Thank you !! 11.10.09, 6:59PM
Embee: I’ve been checking out your photos and blog posts for like, forever* and if I know you the way I ‘think’ I do, I can’t imagine you EVER dealing with haters… You’re just too nice. 🙂 *My kids thought I got far too wrapped up in the details of your wedding. ‘Cause I love me some wedding details. 11.10.09, 6:34PM
Jenny: LOVE the maternity photos ! Are you readying the blog so you can be prepared for it when it’s your turn *wink* Can’t wait to see little Jessica and little Jeff !! 11.10.09, 5:58PM
Ray: Maternity shoots outside are just so beautiful. Especially yours. On another note: I can’t wait to read what you have to write. I also read ;o) 11.10.09, 5:42PM
Melanie: I do the same thing with my blog. My motto is "100% real life, not from concentrate." It really works! 11.10.09, 5:28PM
imthiaz houseman: thank you for you honesty and thank you for turning me onto some good blogs! 11.10.09, 5:25PM
Jess: You read MckMama, too? I just started reading her blog about 2 months ago. Now I’m addicted! 11.10.09, 4:40PM
Adri: Jessica, I seriously needed this post today. I actually got a nasty comment on my blog and wasn’t sure how to act. Thank you. Your attitude is amazing, let alone your photos. 11.10.09, 4:28PM
Zinchuk Studios: Beautiful post. I also have many, many blogs in my reader that I follow and love and whose authors have never met. As a writer, photgrapher, student, and teacher I’m running into issues with authenticity but also approrpriateness as I publicly write about the different facets of my life. You bring up thoughts that inspire me to maybe talk about more on my photo blog. 11.10.09, 4:23PM
Braedon Flynn: So fun to see these up Jess! What a surprise. You’re still our favorite person to shoot our photos! XOXO. Lindsay says "come visit the fam!" 11.10.09, 4:04PM
Tira J : Oh Jessica! You had me at "state of the blog address" because I knew you were going to say something BIG, out of the ordinary, or share something even more personal. I was right! More power to you and your blogging. What my hubby says, that if people become "haters" for the real things we blog about in OUR lives, then they are just jealous and have nothing better to do. Even though we still have not met in person, I feel that I do know you through your blog and your images. I can’t wait to meet you, hopefully in December so I can give you a huge hug to thank you for not only the Shootsac, but for being so inspiring. Here’s to having amazing blogs to blog on! 🙂 11.10.09, 3:29PM
meg: Lovely post thanks! and a reminder to continue to write for ourselves… 11.10.09, 3:26PM
Alexandra: 🙂 Reading this made me smile I have no idea why. Loving the photos – your work is stunning! 11.10.09, 2:58PM
Liz: You go girl! I’m looking forward to it! 11.10.09, 2:56PM
Amanda: So I’ve been reading your blog now for…4 years? Laura Novak was my wedding photographer and I remember her mentioning you were a friend. This is my first comment and after reading your post, I felt like I should! I also have a blog and I know how important comments are and I can’t believe I held out this long! Anyway, your blog is one of my long long time favorites. 11.10.09, 2:37PM
Kyle: You attract clients with a fab style! 11.10.09, 2:36PM
spring smith: LOVE IT!!!!! and the photos are stunning as well 🙂 I envy those who can write and tell the story with such grace. I’ve never been a writer. I have just started my blog today actually and hope i can bring that same raw flavor to mine. Thanks for the inspiration and the beautiful images to boot! 11.10.09, 2:24PM
Lauren: I love your blog and my husband and I adore your pictures. He is an aspiring photographer and you are one of his idols. Thank you for doing what you do! 11.10.09, 2:23PM
Alicia: I’m very eager to hear more! I too say throw your inhibitions to the wind!!! 11.10.09, 2:11PM
Stephanie Stewart: Bring it! Love the attitude! And a great inspiration to me…I need to up my blogging game as well, and maybe this will give me the push! GORGEOUS maternity shots…you do have the backlight gift goin’ on! I’ve tried several times and failed miserably…any pointers? I’m not asking you to give away your secrets, but maybe a few hints. 😉 11.10.09, 1:57PM
ellie: beautiful location in cali…i think its behind my parents place, is it RSM area? 11.10.09, 1:47PM
yan palmer: good show jessica, good show! i’m so excited for this change in blogging direction. in fact i recently have made a commitment to blog every day and show more of me, make more of a connection. and who could ignore these gorgeous maternity photos. kind of larger than life beautiful. 11.10.09, 1:44PM
gwendolyn waite: These are just amazing. Beautiful light, gorgeous photos. Thank you. 11.10.09, 1:40PM
amanda b. young: I’m right there with you. I so admire people who can do that. We’ll look forward to going on this journey with you! And, I highly doubt you have anything to be judged about… 😉 11.10.09, 1:35PM
Marissa Rodriguez: The last photo is BEAUTIFUL! I love your blog so I’m happy to hear you’re back! 🙂 11.10.09, 1:20PM
Mollie Tobias: I 100% applaud you for being so brave! I am working on the same dilemma myself and it is inspiring to see someone else doing so well. I also really love the first image. It looks like she is just enjoying soaking in the sun. Great work! 11.10.09, 1:12PM
deb: Yes, we love reading about you and seeing the amazing images. I admire people who can merge the business and the personal –I don’t feel comfortable doing it but love it when people do. 11.10.09, 1:09PM
Kelly: Gorgeous color treatments on these. I love reading your blog so much. Glad to have you back. I just got married too, and it makes life so frantic. 11.10.09, 1:05PM
patti m: So very true. Something I really needed to thinkabout/hear. stuff em if they don’t like it!! I’m so all over this! 11.10.09, 1:02PM
Stefan Chirila: Welcome back to the blogging world Jessica! We’ve missed you. First of all greetings from Southern Ontario. It is getting colder here and each day I envy you for your geographical location more and more haha. Now to the blog entry. I completely agree with you! As strange of a phenomenon as Web 2.0 may be, and as much as today’s teens may be wasting time on facebook instead of breathing in the occasionally-clean air while going for bikerides, at least it increases our sales and gave birth to things like The Blog, which is just insanely amazing of a thing. When Blogs first came out I couldn’t understand what the hype was all about for the life of me, but it is blogs like the ones you mentioned above that make the hype justice. And let me tell you that I am not the only photographer and online blog reader out here who find that your blog is among those awe inspiring ones. Your blog is always a good source for inspiration and recalibration of mind whenever I have a photo session and am wondering that way to edit my photos. Now before I get too cheesy I’m gonna end this comment, but not before mentioning about them crazy spammers who make sure I don’t have too much free time on my hands having to delete countless of advertisement comments every day. Ugh… Anyway thanks again for posting again! 11.10.09, 12:53PM
Nadine: Go Jess! Love your work. Looking forward to more blog goodness. 11.10.09, 12:51PM
Catharine: I love your beautiful, prairie, sunset shots. So yummy! I am just jealous because here, we have about a month of great weather to shoot in! I’ll keep reading, even if I disagree! 11.10.09, 12:50PM
Abra Michelle: Thanks for the recommendations. I think I have just spent 3o minutes looking at and laughing at the Daily Chuck photos. 😀 Can we say "timewaster"? Oh, and I fully support your decision to let it all hang out. 😉 Damn the man. 11.10.09, 12:48PM
Bachelor Girl: Screw the haters, Jess! 😉 I love your blog! 11.10.09, 12:45PM
brianna: Beautiful photos. 11.10.09, 12:35PM
Bianca Valentim: Can’t wait for upcoming posts! 🙂 11.10.09, 12:34PM
Amanda McMahon: The photos are gorgeous! She has a beautiful belly. I think it is sooo important to allow others to really grasp who you are on your blog. I often write honestly too and sometimes my mom wonders why I am so open on there, but I usually just say "why not"? It’s my blog and people should know who I am….so I usually let it all out (ok, not ALL…but most of it ) haha. 11.10.09, 12:32PM
angel swanson: looove these, jess! stunning. 🙂 the flynns are utterly gorgeous, including the newest flynn! 11.10.09, 12:31PM
Jennifer Grigg: I won’t say anything mean. Smart alec, sometimes, but not outwardly mean. 11.10.09, 12:31PM
caroline: I talked to my mom about this, when I started doing a blog. But if I write this, I said, what if people don’t like me? "Well, then… they won’t. So?" Are these negative people your friends? family? people that care about you, or that you’re actually going to be eating lunch with? No? So why care what they think? I figure if people aren’t going to like me for who I am, well, they may as well find that out sooner rather than later. And I’m willing to bet the people that keep coming back here, not just for beautiful photos, but to keep up with your life, those people will like regular old you just as much as they like edited you. 11.10.09, 12:29PM
Yolie Ramirez: I love these photos, beautiful glow!! 11.10.09, 12:24PM
Sergio Buss: First: Your pictures are still the BOOOOMB. You manage to keep a unique style and that is the ultimate goal for all kinds of artists. Second: So funny reading a post like this a few minutes after I published my very first post on my brand new blog. Feel free to stop by for a quick visit. Greetings from Brazil 11.10.09, 12:23PM
trish: I have you to thank for introducing me to Dooce (probably about 2 years ago), so I’ll definitely be checking out the other bloggers you mentioned! 11.10.09, 12:18PM
Serendipity Photography: I totally understand where you’re coming from. Blogging is so much fun yet it’s high maintenance. I love to blog but it takes up so much time that we are way behind. We’re still blogging weddings from March this year 😛 And btw, gorgeous pictures– such great looking couple! 11.10.09, 12:16PM
Connie: I needed to hear this, especially today… I often do not say what I want to say because of fear of judgement or because then I would be vulnerable to the world. It is good to know that others feel that too and we are standing together to face the world and have the power to DELETE! Hee hee 11.10.09, 12:13PM
tony Bisson: "I say to you nasty, cave dwelling, internet hacking smiters, BRING IT!" Ha! 11.10.09, 12:13PM
Leo Galvez: I think you are lucky to have such beautiful sites to go shoot at such as the one up above in the preggo shoot. Even though it is Texas, believe it or not, it’s hard to find a place secluded from the world and without interruption. My wife and I have been following your blog almost since you started: you have become an inspiration. Congratulations on your marriage (we are going on 8yrs). Hopefully when we are not so busy we’ll come see you at a workshop. Next time you are in San Antonio, let us know. Take care. Leo 11.10.09, 12:12PM
michele: so true. i’ve had my mom on me, my husband on me, my mother-in-law on me, etc. for things i’ve written, and to each i said, "then don’t read it!" i refuse to censor myself on my thoughts written in my space. THEY can choose to not read. or to accept me and my thoughts for who i am and what they are. phooey on stalinist censors who just put me in a bad mood. be you and be bold and be proud. amen. 11.10.09, 12:11PM
cindy: i’m a guard-up kind of girl, so it is so admirable to see people put it all out there… these maternity photos are absolutely gorgeous. 11.10.09, 12:09PM
Diandra: I don’t comment often, but this struck a chord with me. I feel like there are people out there who are just so gifted at portraying who they are in just a few words. Don’t be afraid of being judged…. it’s likely that the people who would judge you for being real, have already made judgments. 11.10.09, 12:09PM
Heather Sisemore: Am I really the first to post a comment?? Wow! Way to go for "jumping off that cliff". I will admit I am too afraid. If folks really knew what I thought … I have followed you for sometime. Can’t wait to see what is to come! Blessings from a newbie photog in Nashville Tennessee. 11.10.09, 12:03PM
Jordan Smith: wow. Excellent maternity shots. Love the tube top idea. Congratulations on all the wonderful things that have happened to you this year, I’m a pretty regular follower of your blog and work, although I rarely comment. Hope you all have an excellent holiday season, and I always look forward to new photos. 11.10.09, 12:03PM
Amanda Patrice: Good, you do what you want! This is your blog and anyone who doesn’t like shouldn’t read it! I could actually use a blog overhaul myself… Thanks for the inspiration! 11.10.09, 12:03PM
Jen Bebb: Hey Jess!! I hear ya, sistah! I started a personal blog this year ( and have had such great, supportive feedback that I’m thinking about bringing it into my regular Bebb Studios blog. Smite down the haters – they are pervasive, nasty, and have nothing better to do than share their nastiness with the world. I’ve stopped hating on them and started feeling sorry, and even a little amused, for them. Miss you tons and can’t wait to hear (read) what comes next! Jen 11.10.09, 12:02PM
Harmony : Truly amazing pictures. Just when I think you can’t get any better, you do! I love when people are honest and funny on their blogs. Love it! 🙂 11.10.09, 12:02PM
Liana: oh it’s been BROUGHT!!!! oh wait… I only have nice things to say…dammit. 😉 This is one of my fav things about blogging. It connects me with ppl I have never met before. People who become as vested in my life through what I write as I have in theirs. They’re like the best friends you never met and you just KNOW that you’ll have that same connection if and when you finally meet. As much as I love watching your skill with the camera? I love your stories even more. Stay fantastic. Oh and btw? The puppehs in the last post? ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! 11.10.09, 12:01PM
tanyaking: what a gorgeous mama! i absolutely adore when ladies show off their tummies! beautiful dreamy photos, jessica. 11.10.09, 12:01PM
Megan Beth: *SHINGLES* And to all those mean mean people who have nothing better to do then leave you negativity, two words: lame. 🙂 11.10.09, 12:01PM
Emilie: You’re right, I admire so much the persons who are able to speak about them with so much freedom. Good for them! I’d like to be able to do that! 🙂 Great pics by the way! I always come to your blog for the photos AND the writing/talking. 😉 11.10.09, 11:59AM
Lauren Crider: Ok…could they seriously be any more attractive? It should be illegal to have so much hottness in one relationship. Anyhow- great philosophy for blogging Jess- thanks to you I have been reading Dooce for, like, 2 years now and am totally addicted and inspired. Keep blogging…I need more avenues for procrastination! 🙂 11.10.09, 11:58AM