elliot richardson (jameson): Hey girl! CONGRATS are in order! I’m so happy you found your prince. I peruse your blog whenever I have a chance. Your pictures are amazing and I am so happy for the success you’ve had. Cary, NC could not handle your creativity and talent!! I wish you and Jeff the best. I just got married on 10/17 so I feel you on all the emotions you described! Take Care! Elliot 11.5.09, 11:22AM
lorenz: Stunning photos! 10.24.09, 8:51AM
debbie: congratulations. I can’t stop looking at the photos. They are excellent! 10.23.09, 7:32PM
Michelle Guzman: The second photo is just amazing. I have seen it several times now and am just loving it still. 10.21.09, 7:51PM
Thao Tran: Congratulations to the both of you! 10.21.09, 2:53PM
Mandy Oliver: Congratulations! I am fainting looking at the picture on left! You look Stunning and I cant handle it… 10.20.09, 3:12PM
Kayla Renckly: You are such a gorgeous bride! 10.19.09, 12:55PM
Natascha: Congratulation. You look absolutely stunning. I am happy for you. 10.19.09, 9:02AM
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Genoveva: Congratulations!!! my photography website 10.19.09, 12:40AM
Andrea: Hi Jessica, i’ve been lurking but i had to encourage myself to comment because of your wedding pictures, omg gorgeous! im in love with your work and you are such a lovely person. thank you for this blog 🙂 10.18.09, 5:30PM
glauce: You are so happy!!! 10.18.09, 3:46PM
kristen holly: Yay! Congratulations! You look ah-mazing!! 🙂 10.15.09, 11:18PM
elaina: true beauty…. 10.15.09, 4:27PM
Kelly: Congratulations! You look beautiful! Can’t wait to see all the amazing photos! 10.15.09, 11:22AM
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Liqun: Congratulations Jess!!!Those photos are fabulous! I can’t wait to see your wedding photos : ). 10.14.09, 9:03PM
Mary-Beth: if this is just a sneak peak, I can’t imagine how beautiful the rest must be! so excited for you, and you were such a gorgeous bride!:) 10.14.09, 3:50PM
Rina: That’s lovely!! Congratulations!! Good luck on your honeymoon!! 10.14.09, 8:54AM
subhi karim: Congratulations! Wish you happiness, life full of glitters & sunshine, and lots of kids too! 10.14.09, 6:46AM
Grace Tan: Congratulations Jessica! You look absolutely stunning. Have a great time on your honeymoon! 10.14.09, 5:36AM
Ben: so pleased for you, never met you but feel like I know you from all your blogging. 10.13.09, 7:50PM
patrick love: What an amazing bride. You are so luck to have such great clients! 10.13.09, 4:56PM
Bo Insogna: WOW ! A Big Congrats to you! Beautiful Images! Cheers! 10.13.09, 2:50PM
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Roger Morales: WOW….. 10.13.09, 12:57PM
paola: Today, I just fell in love with this blog…I’m so happy to have found it!It is loaded with the uniqueness of the person you seem to be!I feel happy that I discovered this! Congratulations for your wedding! you looked absoutlly stunning! 10.13.09, 6:12AM
Irene Frankhouse: I knew you would look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day…..can’t wait to see more!! 10.13.09, 1:00AM
romain lhuissier: greetings from france, have all the happiness possible for you two ! 10.12.09, 5:31PM
Kara Layne: Stunning. End of story. 10.12.09, 5:10PM
anna: Congratulations, Jessica! I can’t wait to see more photos from your special day! 10.12.09, 2:50PM
Jay: Sweet !! Sweet !!Sweet !! Congrats 🙂 10.12.09, 1:44AM
christina: congratulations… I hope all your dreams come true… 10.12.09, 1:28AM
sandie: Hi Jessica, congratulations! Came across your blog while surfing . You take beautiful pictures! 🙂 10.11.09, 10:33PM
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs: congrats jess! xox 10.11.09, 12:31PM
denise karis: ohgodthatsgorgeous!!!!! and congratulations on the celebration of your marriage! 10.11.09, 9:11AM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512): You’ve been congratulated to death, but I be remiss not to send my love your way. Wishing you guys many fantastic years together! -E 10.11.09, 4:34AM
Hayley Johnson : You are amazingly beautiful! Congratulations!!! Jose has done a most wonderful job on your images, can’t wait to see more!!! 10.10.09, 6:32PM
KrisD Mauga: Love it- Congrats to you both! It’;s been so great getting a peak here and there! 10.10.09, 4:41PM
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Corinna J Hoffman: You look absolutely AMAZING!! Yep, I agree with everyone else.. LOVE the hair 🙂 Beautiful and can’t wait to hear more about your wedding and see the pictures.. kudos to the photographer… must be a lot of pressure to have when shooting a high-profile wedding photographer 😉 Blessings and CONGRATS!! 10.10.09, 12:09AM
Justine: Jess, you are breathtaking really…can’t wait to see everything and hear all about it!!! Lunch or cocktails when you get back? xo 10.9.09, 11:23PM
Tina Vega: beyond gorgeous. congratulations! 10.9.09, 11:16PM
javi: congratulations girlie!! BEAUTIFUL 🙂 10.9.09, 6:36PM
Nikki McLeod – Scotland: Stunning images of a truely beautiful woman, I loved what you did with the braiding in your hair; like a million others, I am so looking forward to seeing the full results of the day. 10.9.09, 5:49PM
Abigail Smith: Stunning, just stunning! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see MORE! 😉 Best wishes and congratulations to you and Jeff! 10.9.09, 4:34PM
Ingrid: You look stunning. Congratulations on your big day. 🙂 10.9.09, 3:52PM
kristen swanson: Beautiful! 10.9.09, 3:14PM
Lynn Castillo: Congratulations Jessica! 10.9.09, 2:05PM
tracy: congrats – you are beautiful…marriage is the BEST!!! love the picture on the right – aslo love your dress and hair! 10.9.09, 11:54AM
Kellan: Stunning. Your hair is ridiculously gorgeous! Congrats 10.9.09, 11:21AM
Nichole : Congratulations!!!!!!! 10.9.09, 11:04AM
~Sheryl: I hope your big day was everything you dreamed it would be. Congrats!! Enjoy your honeymoon! ~S 10.9.09, 9:42AM
Jadey : Congrats honey – You look gorgeous. Love your photos on Beckers blog. Can’t wait to see more. 10.9.09, 8:19AM
Howard: this is Howard from China,i’m a stable blog stalker of yours and learned a lot from it,I also learned that you’ll be the luckiest and the most beautiful bride today.congratulations!!! 10.9.09, 6:05AM
MelissaF: You look beautiful. Congratulations and have a great honeymoon! 10.9.09, 5:59AM
Adi: I’ve been following you blog for almost a year and it’s my first time to comment… Congrats on your wedding Jessica! I am so happy for you! 10.9.09, 3:19AM
Pinky: You’re so beautiful! Congratulations!! 10.9.09, 1:50AM
Ally: How much does a shoot like that cost? 10.9.09, 12:54AM
victor: gratulations!! 🙂 10.9.09, 12:47AM
Karina: You look absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!! 10.8.09, 11:58PM
Prash Ravindran: First Time Post, longer time reader! So what better way to start by saying CONGRATULATIONS on you wedding! all the best from Australia, Melbourne. 10.8.09, 10:34PM
Cathy Empey: Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations to you both! Many happy years ahead. 10.8.09, 8:34PM
elizabeth: Whoot Whoot.. Congrats to you and Jeff. Love your dress. enjoy your honeymoon cant wait to see more 10.8.09, 5:30PM
danielle: Jessica congrats on your recent wedding and have fun on the honeymoon. I am so happy for you and wish you guys all the best! 10.8.09, 5:08PM
Britt: I can’t wait to see more! You’re gorgeous!!! 10.8.09, 5:02PM
claire: you look wonderful! congrats and the best for you and jeff! enjoy the honeymoon! 10.8.09, 4:27PM
Petra Hall: Talk about walking on clouds in that lefthand image. LOVE IT! It’s a beautiful dress… and the bride is even more beautiful. Congrats Jessica and Jeff! 10.8.09, 4:22PM
Heidi@TrulyEngaging: Congratulations!!! You look as happy as you do beautiful! 10.8.09, 4:05PM
Henrik Kreilisheim: SUPERB!! 1000 times congratulations to you both!!! 🙂 10.8.09, 3:38PM
Lauren and Adam: CONGRATS Jessica! We’re so happy for you! 10.8.09, 1:58PM
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Kristin Partin: I’m sure this will get lost in the sea of congratulations but I just wanted to say way to go on getting married–your photos are absolutely beautiful! 10.8.09, 8:14AM
Jasmin: WOW!!! You look amazing and congratulations. These seem to be SO your style! 10.8.09, 7:40AM
Tim May: Congrats, can’t wait to see what Jose comes out with. 10.8.09, 7:40AM
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Rafidah Yunos: hi Jessica, I’ve been following your blog all this time and this is the very first time i drop a comment here. Congratulations for your wedding. You look so beautiful and i really can’t wait for your upcoming photos. Have a nice day! 10.7.09, 9:55PM
Greer Rivera: Congratulations Jessica!!! I remember talking to you in NYC at the Xtreme seminar.. I think you said you weren’t the lovey dovey sweet type. Well I think you proved yourself wrong! 🙂 10.7.09, 8:35PM
stefany kueive: OMG Jess you look stunning!! Im literally crying here, i hope you had a amazing day!! Enjoy every little second of your honey moon!! 10.7.09, 7:58PM
Cecile: AAAAAA!! So beautiful! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! 10.7.09, 7:44PM
Elena: Congratulations! The bridals are beautiful. 🙂 Have an amazing honeymoon. –Long-time reader 10.7.09, 6:33PM
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Memoria: CONGRATULATIONS! 10.7.09, 6:26PM
evie: congratulations!!! These are beautiful photos and I have no doubt that you were just as beautiful on your actual wedding day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!! 10.7.09, 5:35PM
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Erin T: Congratulations!!!!!!! 10.7.09, 4:12PM
Goddess Leonie: congratulations, sweet jessica! that is just SO beautiful… i hope you are having a divine honeymoon with your love 🙂 10.7.09, 4:11PM
Nae: You looked absolutely breathtaking! Congrats to you and your new hubby. 10.7.09, 3:46PM
crystal goss: Jess, you look amazing!! Absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy for you, girl! And I cannot wait to see all of the incredible photos from your amazing day! Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon, Mrs. Norwood! 🙂 10.7.09, 3:06PM
Magda : Congratulations Jessica! Fab pics….Have a wonderful LIFE! 10.7.09, 2:51PM
Ning (Black Cat White Cat Photoraphy): Congratulations Jessica! It’s so much fun following you planning *your* wedding. Really can’t wait to see your wedding pictures! 10.7.09, 2:36PM
Emily@1314: Congrats! I love the left photo with the high-fashion flare 🙂 10.7.09, 2:30PM
Katherine Klegin: You are absolutely stunning. Congrats to you and Jeff! 🙂 10.7.09, 2:11PM
Philippe: Toutes mes felicitations. Best RegardsPhilippe 10.7.09, 2:11PM
Ray: Wow, Jessica! Those are killer photos. Love them both, but that first one is SO, "Model Status!" That photo should be in a magazine. I can’t wait to read about your wedding and see the rest of the photos. Have a FABULOUS honeymoon!! ^o^ 10.7.09, 2:03PM
Karen (Mikols) Bonar: SUCH a tease! But such fabulous images!!!!!! 🙂 10.7.09, 2:02PM
Kat Hale: LOVE your veil! You look stunning! 10.7.09, 1:50PM
Jo-Anne Kyle: Congratulations! Wishing you and Jeff many joys, large and small, in your life together. 10.7.09, 1:10PM
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Liz Kausteklis: These are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see more pictures! Have a fun honeymoon 🙂 10.7.09, 1:00PM
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Bernie: Wow. I envy this Jeff character. 10.7.09, 12:40PM
Todd Scott Ballje: those are so cool! It has been very cool to see your joy through out your engagement to Jeff. Your wedding was SOOOOO YOU! Amazing. Wish you guys the best! Congrats!! 10.7.09, 12:35PM
Claudia: wooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Gorgeous. Congartulations, I am so happy for you! 10.7.09, 12:22PM
Lauren: Congrats!!! Have a blast on your honeymoon!!! May you have a blessed marriage! 10.7.09, 12:19PM
Barbara Piotrowska: Wow!!! Congratulations Jessica!!!! 10.7.09, 12:17PM
Anna Lyndon: WOW. The photo on the right is classically, enduringly, beautiful. I think that’s the definition of "wedding glow." I’ve learned lots from your photos, and got hooked on the photos of Turkey, which will soon be my new home. Thanks for sharing the great moments of your life. Wishing you all God’s best as you start your new life together! 10.7.09, 12:12PM
Lauren: Fabulous, dear. Simply fabulous 🙂 Congratulations! 10.7.09, 12:00PM
Serendipity Photography: WOW, stunning!! You look so beautiful Jessica! 🙂 10.7.09, 11:58AM
Michelle: Just beautiful!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see the awesome pictures. Enjoy the honeymoon!! 10.7.09, 11:50AM
kim: love that you went with both hairpieces. can honestly say ive never seen a floral hair thingy like that and it was my favorite. beautiful beautiful bride. 10.7.09, 11:49AM
Rachel: Congrats!! im so excited to see that post..these pictures look awesome! 10.7.09, 11:48AM
Sonia Mascaro: Congratulations! Gorgeous photos! 10.7.09, 11:46AM
Deyla Huss: WOW!! Congrats!! I cannot wait to see the rest! I bet your day was absolutely beautiful Jessica! 10.7.09, 11:42AM
Jennifer Erickson: Much Love & Many Blessings! 10.7.09, 11:41AM
Heidi Leigh: Congrats Jessica and Jeff on your wedding! Can’t wait to see more images from the day. PS These bridals are AMAZING! 10.7.09, 11:39AM
Sabina: I hope you hade a wonderful day! You look stunning! 10.7.09, 11:36AM
Mark: Hi Jessica A big CONGRATULATIONS. These images look great – can’t wait to see your wedding pictures. 10.7.09, 11:27AM
Amanda Hernandez: I love you! Seeing you as a bride actually brought tears to my eyes. Felicitaciones! 10.7.09, 11:16AM
Samantha Cover: Congrats! You look positively stunning! Cannot wait to see the rest 🙂 10.7.09, 11:14AM
jcogliandro: I love JVS’s work. I am glad you had a chance to do this with him. What a nice gift by him. Cheers you look great. 10.7.09, 11:10AM
janelle: congratulations! you look absolutely beautiful!!! 10.7.09, 11:09AM
Jena: simply gorgeous, Jess. Congratulations to the both of you – marriage is a wonderful blessing and journey – enjoy every moment 🙂 10.7.09, 10:54AM
paula leme : you look amazing!!!!!!! congratulations! 10.7.09, 10:53AM
Joanna Meyer: Congratulations! 10.7.09, 10:47AM
Lyndsay: Can’t wait to see more! You’re absolutely stunning! Have a fabulous honeymoon! 10.7.09, 10:45AM
jenberry: pretty lil girl. i mean MARRIED woman. Gorgeous! 10.7.09, 10:32AM
Stephanie Stewart: Congratulations, Jessica! You are an exquisitely beautiful bride! Can’t wait to see more photos! Enjoy your lune de miel!!! 10.7.09, 10:31AM
Ivana: congratulation!!! you look absolutely gorgeous and stunning! 10.7.09, 10:22AM
annabella: omg. these are beautiful . you are beautiful. congrats on the wedding 10.7.09, 10:20AM
Michelle Guzman: Congrats on the wedding. These images are beautiful. I especially love the right one. Gorgeous! 10.7.09, 10:11AM
Fabiano: supercool!!! i loved all the preparations for your wedding, the invitations and all, cant wait to see the pictures from the wedding!!! 10.7.09, 10:09AM
Michelle sidles: So beautiful!! Can’t wait to see a full recap. Congratulations Mrs. Norwood!!! 🙂 10.7.09, 10:08AM
Emma Wahlström: Congratulations!!!! You are such a beautiful bride, and the dress is adorable! 10.7.09, 9:40AM
Dorie: congratuations! Beautiful shots. 10.7.09, 9:34AM
cfhusband: Beautiful! 10.7.09, 9:28AM
Dawn Regan: Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations, Jessica! 10.7.09, 9:22AM
JJ: beautiful! cant wait to see more! 10.7.09, 9:07AM
Patty Luna: Congratulations!!! Wow You look Beautiful.. I wish you the best in your Marriage!! Can’t wait for more Pictures!! 10.7.09, 9:07AM
Katie Johnson: Congratulations!! These sneak peak pictures are AWESOME! 10.7.09, 9:07AM
laura im: wow, congrats! you make a beautiful bride! 10.7.09, 9:06AM
Melissa: Congrats Jessica. I follow your blog daily and can’t wait to see your wedding pictures. Have a great honeymoon! 10.7.09, 8:58AM
Camilla Sundberg: How rad is that!? Congratulations! 10.7.09, 8:45AM
Catharine: Love the one on the right. I don’t know you, but it appears to really capture you! Can’t wait to read more about your day! 10.7.09, 8:40AM
Fiona F.: Congratulations! 10.7.09, 8:30AM
Katie Jo: GORGEOUS!!! & CONGRATS!!! 10.7.09, 8:22AM
Lotje: Aw you look so beautiful! Congratulations! 10.7.09, 8:15AM
Gabby G: Congradulation Jessica and Jeff! you look beatiful!!! 10.7.09, 8:15AM
Shaina: Absolutely beautiful! Congrats, Jessica – cannot wait to see more photos!!! 10.7.09, 8:10AM
Monica F: Congratulations JESSICA!!!!!! 10.7.09, 8:08AM
Amy Koh: WOOHOO!!!…Congrats you two!!!….have a fantabulous honeymoon!!…:D *hugssssss* 10.7.09, 8:07AM
Marie-Anne Ventoura: Superbe! Can’t wait to see the rest. Have a lovely time! 10.7.09, 8:06AM
Karen Pfeiffer: Oh my goodness I’ve been waiting for some kind of news, yay! Congratulations!!!!!! Can’t wait to see/hear all about it. 10.7.09, 8:04AM
ajira: This is gorgeous. I am so, so happy for you! Cannot WAIT to see more… 10.7.09, 7:58AM
Regina White: Your such a beautiful bride. But like we didn’t know that would be. Congrats and much love to you and your HUSBAND! Yay! you have a husband. Wishin you the best. 10.7.09, 7:56AM
Chasity FUrse: Breathtaking! Can’t wait to see the rest! Enjoy your honeymoon and CONGRATS!!!! 10.7.09, 7:51AM
eva: jessica, u can’t leave us with only 2 pics until u come back!!this was the lonest waited wedding!!! c’mon, c’mon 10.7.09, 7:43AM
Becky: oh my gosh!! Stunning! Love your bright smile in the second picture! Can’t wait to see shots of those shoes close up!! CONGRATS!!! 10.7.09, 7:34AM
Ben Dodds Photography: absolutely STUNNING!!! Be blessed for ALL your married days to come!!! Can’t wait to see more. 10.7.09, 7:31AM
a little bit of whimsy photography: let me be one of the first to say congrats!! you look just beautiful.. can not wait to see the rest.. enjoy the honeymoon!! 10.7.09, 7:22AM
Lee Cuculich: You look stunning! I can’t wait to see your wedding pictures and hear all about it! Hope you have a fabulous time on your honeymoon – Love you! 10.7.09, 7:11AM
Debbie: Congratulations – gorgeous images 10.7.09, 7:09AM
Events by Evonne: Congrats, Jess (and Jeff). Enjoy your honeymoon! 🙂 10.7.09, 7:04AM
Resi: Congratulations Jessica and Jeff! Enjoy your honeymoon and all the memories from these past excting days! I’m really looking forward to see more photos of your very own fabulous wedding… it has been such an excting time for all us blog-readers too, you know? Lots of love from the other side of the Atlantic, Resi 10.7.09, 6:59AM
Linda: Congratulations Jessica!! You look so beautiful and happy 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, so you’ve got fans in Finland as well, hih! 10.7.09, 6:57AM
Gina Meola: Gorgeous!!! Cannot WAIT to see the images from your day! 10.7.09, 6:47AM
Jessica Lynn: congratulations, jessica! cannot wait to see all the pictures! 🙂 enjoy your honeymoon! 10.7.09, 6:42AM
Southern Gal: Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. 10.7.09, 6:41AM
Corneli: Congratulations! Love from Holland. 10.7.09, 6:32AM
Fallon: OMG! You look stunning Jess! CONGRATULATIONS to you both! Have a wonderful honeymoon! Can’t wait to see the other images when you get back! 10.7.09, 6:11AM
Lissette : You look radiant. Congratulations Mrs. Claire-Norwood!!! 10.7.09, 6:09AM
Nicole Haley: Congratulations, Jessica! I hope you had the most wonderful day. These images are gorgeous – I’m sure the wedding day will be even better. Happy honeymooning! 10.7.09, 6:09AM
Breanna: Congratulations, JC! You. look. stunning. I am positive your groom was floored. 10.7.09, 5:52AM
Alette: Congratulations on your weddingday. You look stunning and the photos are awesome. Alette 10.7.09, 5:50AM
Charity: Congratulations! 10.7.09, 5:50AM
Scott: Hi Jessica, congrats to both of you ! you look stunning as always, cannot wait to see the wedding pics! All the best for the future. scott. 10.7.09, 5:42AM
Glenda Conner: Congratulations Jeff and Jessica – you look absolutely stunning Jess! 10.7.09, 5:41AM
Geoffrey Sinclair: Congratulations Jessica, well done, all the best on your honeymoon. 10.7.09, 5:19AM
Jacob Bergmeier / NoDo Photography: Congratulations to you both! Marriage has been the greatest journey of my life and I am sure it will be the same for the both of you. Both photos posted are stunning… more soon, please!!! 10.7.09, 5:04AM
jennifer: Can’t wait to see all the beautiful details when you return. I hope you had a lovely day! 10.7.09, 4:33AM
stef: congratulations! 10.7.09, 4:03AM
Mandy: Congratulation!!!!!!!Happy Honeymoon!!!!XDD…Beautiful~ 10.7.09, 3:57AM
Olga: Jessica, you’re amazing. Congratulations on your wedding! Wish you a perfectly happy life with Jeff! 10.7.09, 3:57AM
Emilie: CONGRATS!!!!!!! You are a gorgeous bride!!!! Have a wonderful honeymoon!!!!! Emi 10.7.09, 3:55AM
maria hedengren: yey Jess! 10.7.09, 3:42AM
Micaela: CONGRATULATIONS! 10.7.09, 3:34AM
Kenny Cohen: Congratulations to you and Jeff! I have been a huge follower for a long time now, and am so happy that you have found such happiness in your life. I wish you and Jeff a long and happy Marriage. 10.7.09, 3:24AM
Christine: Aww congrats! Hope you have fun on your honeymoon. 10.7.09, 3:12AM
Alexandra: Wow! Congratulations! You make suuuch a beautiful bride! You look soooo happy in this stage of your life 🙂 I wish you all the happiness in the world! 10.7.09, 3:01AM
don chu: congratulations!!! 🙂 10.7.09, 2:45AM
Joseph Yarrow Bristol Wedding Photgrapher: Jessica, those pictures are incredible, that man is a genius! I saw some sneeky iphone pics from your wedding, and you and kevin looked so happy! Enjoy your marriage together! 10.7.09, 2:42AM
Linda Broström Cabrera: You are soooo beautiful :-)! 10.7.09, 2:36AM
jenniferL: love your hair in both pictures. congratulations on the wedding! enjoy the honeymoon. 10.7.09, 2:35AM
Magnus Bogucki: Big Congrats!! Or as we say in sweden "Gratulerar!!!" 10.7.09, 2:27AM
Jeanette: HUGE congratulations! May all your married days be as special as your honeymoon days. The photos look amazing, can’t wait to see more. 10.7.09, 2:06AM
Sandrino : Congratulations !!!! You look GREAT in those pics….now hurry home from your honeymoon and put the rest of them up for all of us to see. 🙂 10.7.09, 2:05AM
Lydia: Congratulations!! Enjoy your honeymoon! I can’t wait to see all the pictures!! 10.7.09, 2:02AM
JennP: Congratulations Jessica. May God bless you, your new hubby and this exciting journey called happily ever after. 10.7.09, 2:01AM
Deanna: Congratulations! Have a wonderful honeymoon!! 10.7.09, 1:54AM
Molly: What a beautiful fun loving bride! I hope your day was awesome and the that the two of you are very happy together. I have been stealthily admiring your photos and blog for some time now but it is time to come out of the closet and wish you much happiness! 10.7.09, 1:50AM
Nickole Drake: Yay…congrats to you both! 10.7.09, 1:49AM
Cami: Congratulations! You are a stunning bride. 10.7.09, 1:45AM
soupy : i’ve really enjoyed watching your life unfold through your blog when i first discovered it almost 2 years ago! congratulations! :o) 10.7.09, 1:42AM