Randall Munson : I suggest that you make Creativity Month an annual event – in January because that is International Creativity Month. http://www.creativelyspeaking.com/creativity_month.html 12.28.09, 5:16PM
Michelle Guzman: OMGoodness. The details are amazing at this bridal shower! 9.11.09, 4:26PM
Alissa Ferullo: Looks like a blast – congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! =) 9.1.09, 10:39PM
joel eckman maus: so anthro! love the look and feel of all the details- great work. and great photos as always from Chenin! 9.1.09, 5:58PM
Victor Saidov: Very beautiful! Wish you happiness! 8.30.09, 8:34PM
Bobbie Brown: Oohhhh, looks like so much fun! Love the decor! And you look gorgeous – your hair is amazing!! 🙂 8.30.09, 8:32PM
Images by JaNae: i love the theme…the decor is so cute and fun…what a great shower! 8.28.09, 11:02AM
Pat Bloomfield: Congratulations the decorations look fabulous. However I’m a little confused as to what a bridal shower is? Is this like the English equivalent of a hen party, where you party with all your girl friends before tying the knot? 8.27.09, 8:44AM
Bella Taylor: Wow Jess what an amazing bridal shower. I love the cup cakes, what a fabulous idea. Looks like you had such a great time. Wishing you all the best! not long to go now… 8.26.09, 9:46PM
Karen (Mikols) Bonar: Congrats! It’s so stunning!!!! 8.26.09, 6:43PM
Miz Booshay: Couldn’t happen to a sweeter girl :o) Love the details!!! 8.26.09, 9:51AM
Lissette Q: Congratulations! 8.26.09, 8:33AM
denise karis: lucky girl! you have some awesome friends 🙂 8.26.09, 12:02AM
mas: Wow Gorgeous! Congratulations Jess 8.25.09, 11:34PM
Carl Reid: Sweet…congrats again!! Regards, Carl 8.25.09, 9:27PM
Keats Elliott: I need to send handcrafted thank you notes to the hostesses — it was so amazing to be included in this special day. And you guys are right Jess and all the details were to die for. I know that no one ever really "has time to make things" perfect like this — but I love and appreciate these guys for doing this just this "perfect" way for Jess for her shower. I had an ah ha moment while I was there — actually while I was wrapping my gift… getting married is a fun way for everyone who loves you to have the opportunity to express themselves and be creative. OH MY GOSH — you should have seen the BOWS at this party — and the resulting rehearsal dinner bouquet that Laura Novak created on the spot. HOLY COW — Jess is the luckiest bride on the planet 🙂 8.25.09, 9:11PM
Shaun Photography: What a great palette of colors! I cannot believe how bright and rocking the color choices were and love the way the camera soaked them all up! Great shower and great photos – 8.25.09, 6:41PM
Tammy B Photography : OMG, I have been waiting for your hipslips to roll out to the public. September 1st, ok I’ll be one of your first orders. 🙂 8.25.09, 12:34PM
jesi haack weddings: oh good job to your girls! It looks so amazing! congrats! 8.25.09, 12:10PM
Joanna McNeil: The cupcake station is my favorite. I’m always so jealous at an event when decorating cupcakes is a kids’-only activity 🙂 8.25.09, 11:59AM
KrisD Mauga: WOW- amazing details- they thought of everything- lucky girl! 8.25.09, 10:51AM
Michelle: This is just beautiful and I thank you so much for posting it. I finally have the inspiration for my daughters birthday party. Just beautiful! 8.25.09, 10:34AM
rhoda: i seriously LOVE your shower!!! stinking cute! i wish i could redo my showers, and i just had them a year ago! 8.25.09, 9:06AM
Jennifer: Your bridal shower was gorgeous! You have some wonderful friends!! I’ve been checking again and again for a peek of your wedding invite – I’ve seen a bazillion twitters about how incredible it is! 8.25.09, 8:18AM
Kay: Soooooo adorable!!! I heart anthropologie and you look so pretty! I can’t wait to see pics from your wedding 🙂 8.25.09, 8:11AM
ajira: Wonderful! I love crafty stuff… and it is beautiful to have friends who will spend the time and make the effort to create something unique to celebrate you! 8.25.09, 1:12AM
jennifer lebron: how amazing!!!!!!! congrats jessica. what a beautiful shower. and YAY free gifts!!!! 8.25.09, 12:40AM
Cass: This looks so awesome and those cupcakes….hmmm. It almost makes an upcoming West Coast move exciting rather then scary as hell. ps – my laptop is perched on the fantastic pillow you sent me and I love it – my lap is also much cooler 🙂 8.24.09, 8:22PM
andychin: wow! Those are lovely stuff! You look fabulous, so as other girls 🙂 Congratulation. Have fun! 😀 8.24.09, 7:30PM
Tanya Perez: Beautiful and you looked stunning! 8.24.09, 6:46PM
LibbyJames: WOW – your friends rock. what a great shower! congrats and good luck. 8.24.09, 6:40PM
Char Baiz: oh my, that looks like it was an awesome shower!! I love those little sarcastic housewife signs. I have a few of those in my kitchen. If I could, I’d decorate my whole house with them 🙂 8.24.09, 4:37PM
Joanna: I love Anthropologie and the whole look of your shower. Great idea with the pimp your cupcake set up. I absolutely loved all the pictures! 8.24.09, 4:18PM
Jeanette: That cupcake idea is awesome!! What a special shower! 8.24.09, 3:48PM
Megan: Jess, you look HOTT in these photos!! Like REALLY hott! 8.24.09, 3:22PM
sarah: Wow! Seriously gorgeous! 8.24.09, 3:19PM
Holly: Your hair is absolutely gorgeous in these pictures! I vote this style for the wedding 🙂 8.24.09, 3:01PM
Ray: Wow, your friends are kick-ass party planners. Love the decor. I also loved the cupcake station. ;o) 8.24.09, 2:58PM
jess@studio3z: WOW! You have some amazing friends! {lucky girl} That was one of the most beautiful and unique showers I’ve seen. 8.24.09, 2:45PM
Tracy : Lovethe red and blue colors!!very cute 8.24.09, 2:28PM
Jennifer Lankford: What a GREAT shower! So much fun! Makes me want to have a party. 8.24.09, 2:24PM
Jenny Liu: Congrats Jessica ! Good friends are hard to come by, and you have a lot of them ! 🙂 Nothing beats hanging out with your girls and having a great time ! Have a wonderful wedding ! and best wishes to you ! 8.24.09, 2:21PM
Nadine: Wow, Jess, you look terrific! Lovin’ those bags, since I start with ‘N’ (obviously). 8.24.09, 1:54PM
Greer Rivera: Gorgeous! You do have the best friends! Can’t wait to see photos from the amazing wedding your planning! 8.24.09, 1:52PM
Mapuana : Congratulations. I just saw that there are 42 more days left :). Looks like you girls had a great time. 8.24.09, 1:34PM
Marissa Rodriguez: The decor is AWESOME!!! They did an amazing job! Congratulations! 8.24.09, 1:23PM