Kelly Easter Photography: OMG… how fun is that… I am so glad you shared your photos with us 🙂 8.30.09, 12:29AM
Dan Denney: This looks like it was a blast! Great collection of shots showing some fun sportsmanship… Oh, and the team names rock! 8.18.09, 11:46PM
jen howell: this looks like so much FUN! I am jealous…. 🙂 8.14.09, 11:39AM
Stefan Chirila: Michael Norwood is definitely the one in better form! Awesome celebration! You guys rock! 8.8.09, 2:04AM
Shannon: What an awesome birthday!! You have a great fiance and friends!!! 8.7.09, 8:35AM
amelialyon: PISSSED that I missed out on this!!!! I miss EVERYONE! Can’t wait to see everyone! 8.4.09, 12:13AM
Melissa Jill 🙂: Oh my, this just looks like way too much fun. Love it! 8.3.09, 12:22AM
melissa lee: Oh. My. Goodness! That looks like so much fun. I’m turning 30 on Friday and now I’m bummed because it’s way too late for my husband to organize a kickball party. Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! 7.29.09, 9:49PM
Austin Curtis: so awesome! kind of a trip to see everybody in the same photos… looks like an awesome way to celebrate. happy (late) birthday JC! 7.29.09, 4:31PM
Kayla: Wow! That looks like sooooo much fun! Happy belated birthday! 7.29.09, 3:32PM
Trude: So, so awesome, I can’t even say! Love that our local OC photogs hang out together too – it says so much. 🙂 7.29.09, 11:57AM
Tina: I think Michael had better form…and earned bonus points for flexibility. 🙂 7.29.09, 8:51AM
Astrid Shell: My vote is for Michael. He’s got leg extension going for him. 🙂 Although, I do believe Doug was hindered by his jeans. 7.29.09, 3:01AM
Kristen: sounds like a lot of fun and I love all the documentation! 7.29.09, 1:07AM
terri zollinger: looks like a super fun day !! thanks for sharing your special day !! michael norwood for sure ….. 7.28.09, 5:56PM
Jen May: great idea, looks like it was a ball. hah. anyway, great captures and i vote for norwood. jasmine looks like she agreed that he had a powerful kick 7.28.09, 4:47PM
Bobbie Brown: So fun!!!! Love it! 7.28.09, 9:41AM
Ashley: My cousin (melissa lee) showed me your blog a few months ago when she was telling me about your 80’s prom baby shower. Now this? Seriously, how do you guys come up with this stuff? I LOVE it! 7.28.09, 7:02AM
Vickie Kelley: Absolutely LOVE the team names! Very creative! 7.28.09, 1:38AM
Wendy: This is so hilarious! I love the idea and all the details. What an awesome 30th birthday. As for the "Stephen McGuill" comment above…Whatever dude. Boo, hiss. 7.28.09, 12:23AM
Alexandra: What an amazing idea! Your pictures look beautiful. What a fun way to bring everyone together. Happy Birthday 🙂 7.27.09, 10:51PM
Steph Owens: I needed this today! What a wonderful fun party (and all the best of the best together in one spot no less!) Happy (Happy) Birthday Jessica! Love this and you have inspired us off camera as well! And I have to vote for Doug on form.. Really, he can’t make that great game face again in a million years! 7.27.09, 9:46PM
Braedon: Look at the height of Michael’s kick. He wins for sure. Wish I was there and sorry I stole Mark away from the party too. Looked like fun! 7.27.09, 6:54PM
Bri Stine: Ummm…. RAD! And Norwood FTW! 7.27.09, 6:11PM
Tina : Happy birthday! So fun! You got yourself a keeper for throwing you such a great birthday. Norwood for sure. He has a great angle and flexibility. His back isn’t hunched. AND he is up on releve (his toes)! Great form, man! Happy birthday Jessica =) 7.27.09, 4:41PM
Stephen McGuill: You do realize that not every single photo needs to be taken at f1.2 right? Seriously, half the photos you posted arent even focused on anything because your depth of field is so shallow. Just because Canon gave you a bunch of fancy lenses is no excuse for you to not even try to learn how to use them. Im not even just talking about this post. Look through any of your posts. Its amazing that you havent figured out how to take photos by now. 7.27.09, 4:40PM
imthiaz houseman: norwood hands down! 7.27.09, 2:57PM
Audrey: Norwood, no competition! Look at that perfect 90 degree angle…ha. And I must say, that tournament looked ridiculously fun! 7.27.09, 1:38PM
courtney : vote goes for m. norwood for sure. 7.27.09, 12:12PM
Steven Bridges: No doubt. Doug’s form is so good he could have an action figure. 7.27.09, 11:24AM
Corey Civetta: This has to be the coolest 30th ever! I know you had to have had a blast! I vote for Boutwell – love his expression. lol 7.27.09, 10:48AM
Britt: I’m totally voting for Michael because Jasmine’s reaction is perfect! Looks like such fun! 🙂 7.27.09, 10:26AM
Karen (Mikols) Bonar: Norwood. Best form. Hands down. Oh, and the couples …. I got a scream out of the second row!!! 😉 7.27.09, 8:11AM
jodii: looks and sounds like you had a great 30th party. My vote for the best kicking action in Michael 7.27.09, 3:35AM
Audrey: I vote for the Michael Norwood picture, but ONLY because of Jasmine’s reaction in the background. 🙂 7.27.09, 1:18AM
Carrie Ayn: It looks like to had a great birthday! I am so happy for you! I wish I lived closer to you all….it looks like you have too much fun! =D 7.27.09, 12:33AM
Nicole Glenn: Based on the look on J*’s face I’m going to go with Norwood. Jeff is brilliant for putting this together!! Happy birthday again!! 7.26.09, 11:39PM
Naomi: How funny are the last few photos! Thanks for the lovely pick me up! I really needed that. 7.26.09, 7:21PM
Feuza: Forgot to mention that the couples pictures are the best- I am still laughing… 7.26.09, 7:21PM
Feuza: OMG, this is to die for, what fun fun, norwood gets it by the fist. And the all #30’s is like so creativeeeeeee. Go Jeff, wow, what a guy, you lucky girl… 7.26.09, 7:20PM
Jessica: MICHAEL NORWOOD DEFINITELY! and I love the couples pictures. and your pictures. AWESOME! 7.26.09, 7:09PM
chriselda: i think michael’s form might have been better since it was so intimidating that it scared even Jasmine! 7.26.09, 5:31PM
kate kelly: Wonderful way to celebrate 30, looks like you had a blast! 7.26.09, 4:42PM
Lorrie Prothero: Well, with a name like "Victor", how could you not be "The Victor?" 7.26.09, 4:20PM
zahra o.: boutwell…HANDS DOWN. His form is flawless. 7.26.09, 3:30PM
Julia: It looks like you had a really great birthday party! Just wanted to thank you for many inspiering pics and for a great blog. And I just have to mention that you are so beautiful. Well, thanks again. 🙂 7.26.09, 3:02PM
Karen: Looks like tons of fun! I love how all of you are number 30, haha. Happy Birthday! 7.26.09, 2:17PM
michelle sidles: Happy Birthday!! I love this party! 🙂 7.26.09, 1:53PM
tony Bisson: Good times. 7.26.09, 1:10PM
whitney elizabeth: super cute! happy happy birthday! 🙂 7.26.09, 12:50PM
Tina Harden: I’m voting for Doug if we are going for form… It’s totally RAD. LOL! But honestly, I think it truly has to be Jasmine. Sorry Guys! Girls RULE! Nice Catch J* and Happy Birthday Jessica. 7.26.09, 12:36PM
Melissa: What an awesome party!! Great idea! My vote goes to Michael for his sweet moves. ;o) 7.26.09, 12:28PM
justin + amelia lyon: WOW!!! Looks like so much fun! We’re so sad we missed out. We miss all of you and especially hope you had an amazing and epic birthday. Just know that we have been secretly practicing, so that next time one of these goes down, we’re not even gonna ask, we’re just gonna bring it!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY month to you! 7.26.09, 12:13PM
Deyla Huss Photography: So fun!!! you have fabulous friends Jess! Happy Birthday!! 7.26.09, 11:48AM
Victoria: I definitely think J* has the best form…I mean, Michael is forming a perfect 90 degree angle and everything, but J* is fa sho the best! It looks like it was a blast and I love that Candice played…even though that bump could easily be mistaken for a kickball shoved up her shirt 🙂 7.26.09, 11:45AM
candice brooke: best birthday ever!!! and you know it! 7.26.09, 11:41AM
Catlin Humes: So glad you had a great birthday celebration! Looks like it was a lot of fun. 7.26.09, 11:41AM
Elena: I think this is the most awesome way of celebrating the 30th birthday I have ever seen or heard of! I am turning 30 next May and I might just steal this idea shamelessly. Happy Birthday! And congratulations on the coming wedding and on a wonderful fiancee! I know the excitement, as my own wedding is just a little over a month away. 7.26.09, 11:25AM
Jennifer: OMG … that was awesome! And Michael wins hands down! 7.26.09, 11:20AM
Nutmeg: Wow, the form question is tough. There’s just so much going on in Michael’s picture that adds to it…the socks, Jasmine’s reaction, the tip-toe stance, etc. I like Doug’s face of grim determination though, so I’ll have to vote for him. 7.26.09, 11:13AM
lanne Beattie: Best form? Easy.. Move over Michael and has to be jasmine *.. check out her moves in Doug’s photo..LOL Happy Birthday pleased you celebrated in style! 7.26.09, 10:48AM
Svetlana: Happy Birthday once again, Jess!!!! Looks like it was a wicked game andso much fun! :)) #30 killed me!:)) I can’t belive the other team wouldn’t let you win on your B-day! :)) 7.26.09, 10:48AM
[ b]: tom fouled out to a girl? what a wuss! 7.26.09, 10:47AM
caroline: I’m going to have to give my vote to Michael. He’s clearly got more air, and even went up on the toes to go that extra mile. That’s commitment. 7.26.09, 10:46AM
Rachel: OMgoodness! You guys are seriously awesome, and look like you had an awesome time at your birthday game! I love that all the shirts are number "30"… too cute! 7.26.09, 10:46AM
Notesfromthegrove: Wow, that looks SO FUN! And I don’t even like kickball, lol! You and your friends look so adorable in those pictures–what a great idea! I think Jeff gets my vote for best form. 7.26.09, 10:45AM
Karen: Love the photos. Looks like you all had a ball (pun intended). And then to top of the evening with weiners — awe yeah! I give your 30th kick ball party two thumbs up. 😉 7.26.09, 10:44AM