karen: The last photo…"I am a crooked woman and I live in a crooked house, I have a crooked cat who catches a crooked mouse…" 🙂 7.18.09, 2:12PM
Jen May: Great work! What was your main lens used here? Please tell! 🙂 6.7.09, 2:49AM
Jonathan Brown: I love these images you really captured a taste of the country. i get a good FEEL for it through your images. 5.30.09, 7:58AM
Johnny Tran: excellent series of photos of the people of Turkey. You make me wanna go there! 5.23.09, 2:01PM
jess: I’m pretty sure the "locals" buying corn are, in fact, NOT locals… just fyi. 5.22.09, 7:11PM
Kevin Le Vu : I love these images, nice to know that you enjoyed your trip! Keep up the good work! 5.21.09, 11:09AM
Eliza Lewis: I absolutely love looking at your photography! I found your website through a friend on the East Coast. I especially love the colorful lanterns you photographed. Keep the pics coming! 5.20.09, 3:32PM
chris: did you ask these folks if you could take their pictures? 5.19.09, 4:40PM
Katelyn: Love these!! I’m so jealous!! 5.19.09, 1:43AM
Ibrahim: Very nice photos but I am agree with Gokce; I hope you have other pictures from modern side of Istanbul. If I were you I would shoot many photos in the seaside, probably you did too. As many people said here fruit is pomegranate. In the second photo women making "gozleme" ; there is no similar food in U.S. I can compare, maybe we can say thin bread but not pancake. Thanks for sharing. 5.18.09, 10:36AM
Steve Gerrard Photography: Amazing photos as always. This is why I check your blog every week. Always inspiring. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Greetings from the UK 🙂 Steve 5.18.09, 5:46AM
Joyce: These are probably the most wonderful photos I have seen today. It speaks volume. WOW! And technically, they are so well-composed and sharp at that. 🙂 5.15.09, 6:00PM
Rick @ Wedding Paper Divas: I’d like to go to Turkey for the same reason I’d like to shoot Cuba. Hungary is the same way, a certain colorful grittiness that translates well to journalistic shots. 5.15.09, 5:26PM
Robert J. Trenske: That first comment is absolutely beautiful!! I love how you captured this. The last one also really moved me, I love thinking about what people’s journey must be like. Thank you for sharing these! 5.15.09, 1:14AM
Paul: Amazing shots. I see so many photographers that have no clue how to frame shot, but these are perfect. Rock On! DC Wedding Photographer 5.14.09, 10:45PM
Josh Jones: Wow I just love these images, very powerful! 5.14.09, 9:38PM
Alice Hu: I love pictures of food. These are great! 5.14.09, 2:21PM
Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com: I love all the pictures of people you took. If there’s anything I love, it’s looking at a picture of a person and wondering what that picture tells me about who they are =) 5.14.09, 11:20AM
denise karis: I love it when you travel – your photos are the best! 5.14.09, 1:37AM
Beth Morgan: I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I LOVE Turkey. I spent 2 summers there and it is one of my most favorite places in the whole world. Enjoy the yummy food and the people. Aren’t they lovely. Have so much fun! Merhaba! 5.13.09, 11:28PM
Erica Velasco: Love your work here! 5.13.09, 11:25PM
Peej: I would love to know what lens as well. I’m getting ready to buy a Nikon 85mm 1.4. Curious if this was what you used? Great shots. 5.13.09, 4:56PM
Kollene Carlsson: Hey Jessica! we’re actually on vacation in Sweden until next week… if you’re in the south a little while contact us… we’ll show you around and have a coffee! fun!!! 5.13.09, 4:08PM
Emily: Wow, I love all the shots, especially with the people in them. It’s one reason I’ve always loved to thumb thru my Dad’s National Geographic magazines. Something about seeing the people who live in an area of the world is fascinating to me. 5.13.09, 2:53PM
Fredrik Setterberg: Hi Jessica! Thanks for a very inspiring seminar yesterday! I really love these photos. / Fredrik 5.13.09, 1:51PM
Christine (Artemis Clover Photo): nice work! looks like you are really opening your eyes over there and ours we well with your striking images. 5.13.09, 11:40AM
Helen: I love the turkish pancake ladies, they do look jolly! 5.13.09, 10:52AM
Cecilia Grace Mizin: Jessica, I love how you can shoot anything and make it look interesting and enjoyable to look at. I appreciate your art. 5.12.09, 5:18PM
Peter Miranda: When you coming to London? 5.12.09, 4:49PM
Heather: Stunning Jessica. What a great way to capture your wonderful adventure. And to think- you’re nervous about shooting strangers in the english speaking world. Instead, you break out of your comfort zone in a completely foreign land! 5.12.09, 3:42PM
ben + laura harrison: awesomeness … love these shots … especially the guy selling fish with the cig … love the repeating reds and the composition! 5.12.09, 10:56AM
Alice: Love these! The fruit are pomegranates. The last is my favorite – I want to know her story too! 5.12.09, 8:21AM
Susan: I am in the market for a new lens and would love to know which you used also. 5.12.09, 6:30AM
Sebla: Hi Jessica:) İstanbul is a really beautiful city. There are lots of places to visit. You should come again:) 5.12.09, 5:31AM
Marina: Lovely photos! I traveled to Turkey in the fall and absolutely loved it. Istanbul is one of my favorite places ever. Your pictures make me want to go back! Talking to locals (and taking their picture) is one of my favorite aspects of travel. Hope you enjoyed some of the delicious street pomegranate juice — I couldn’t get enough of the stuff when I was there. Thanks for brightening my day! 5.12.09, 5:22AM
Gokce: Hi Jessica, although these are great pictures, I would have wished that you also pictured the other face of the city as well.. Istanbul is a great cosmopolite city which you find all the opposites within. Balat is the spot where all the first or second year photography class students go to shoot as the place is famous for its textures and characters for being a poor, dilapidated place.. I hope your pictures are not limited to these places and that you had a chance to get around much more interesting spots. As you have a wide range of readers, I would have liked to see in you pictures the wide variety of society and places what the Istanbul offers.. 5.12.09, 1:14AM
Kasper: Hi Jessica – what lens are you using there? There is the nice shallow DOF as usual – curious to what you’re using! Thanks 5.11.09, 11:52PM
Christin: I love the street shots of everyday people and activities. Those are the things that I try to capture when I travel, too. What lens did you use for these shots around the city? 5.11.09, 11:33PM
Renee: Jessica! The fruit you mentioned, that’s a pomegranate! It’s delicious. It’s got little seeds that are succulent when bitten into. 🙂 5.11.09, 11:09PM
vanessa m: so beautiful! i love the last one. any insight into the processing of it? is sooo awesome! 5.11.09, 11:03PM
Memoria: These photos almost made me shed a tear or two, especially the shot with the owner of the store. I love how he is in motion, and you can try to predict what he is going to do next. Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing. 5.11.09, 8:12PM
Jessica Fike: Thank you so much for sharing your pictures from Instanbul and your other travels. I love culture and am fascinated by other countries. I want to travel to as many continents and countries as I can before I die. Hopefully I’ll be able to take great shots like yours when I do travel. AWESOME! 5.11.09, 5:11PM
jamie: in a lot of the images, i noticed beads around the hands of the people. is this something that was seen widespread? do you know what they are by any chance? just a very fine detail that i was drawn too! thanks for sharing your life with us! 5.11.09, 5:09PM
Tina Arutyunyan: Armenia is right next to Turkey and I wish you guys stopped there. So much history in Armenia. I love your work. Keep up the good work. 5.11.09, 5:07PM
Krista Photography: I wish I could be there for that class! I’d love to hear what you guys have to say on Missions Photography. 5.11.09, 4:18PM
Susan: Yes, that fruit is a pomegranate and is very delicious! Fantastic photos. I was wondering if you could share with us what type of lens you used to shoot these photos? The color and detail is amazing! 5.11.09, 4:06PM
rhonda: these are amazing!!! and that fruit is pomegranates! a very healthy fruit! 🙂 5.11.09, 3:57PM
Liz P: Beautiful pictures, the first one is absoluty fantastic. You have to shoot more people like this. The pictures are lovley. The fruit, is pomegranate, or in spanis Granada. If you trys, in a salad is very delicious. 5.11.09, 3:50PM
Ruben Hestholm: Beautiful photos! I really like the colours and clarity in your photos. 5.11.09, 3:49PM
Jeanette: I LOVE the last one too. As for the corn… it’s probably a different variety than what you’re used to. 5.11.09, 3:30PM
tina: this is what CORN is supposed to be…you guys have GM corn in the states; this one is the original kind 5.11.09, 3:26PM
eva: the friut is POMEGRANATE jessica and is super healthy (vitamin C rich)..im sure u have it in the states too 5.11.09, 3:24PM
Ray: It’s nice when you’re traveling and people let you take photos of them. It allows you to really see people in their element. To see how people who are so far, FAR AWAY from you, live. I couldn’t help but laugh at the, "Spongebob" sticker attached to the food vendor! =D It’s crazy to realize that a cartoon character is known WORLDWIDE! Thanks for the photos (they’re all great and pop with color) and for taking us on this journey with you. ^o^ 5.11.09, 3:08PM
Katrina: Beautiful pictures, and yeah, that mystery fruit looks like pomegranates to me too! =) 5.11.09, 3:03PM
Addie : The fruit looks like pomegranites…. excellent pictures! 5.11.09, 2:55PM
Allison (Dog Mom): Those fruits look like pomegranates…and now I see that others have commented the same. Aah well. 5.11.09, 2:53PM
Amanda: Yup, Pomegranates 🙂 5.11.09, 2:46PM
wrecklessgirl: mmmm, the mystery fruit is fresh pomegranate + juice. i love the look on the lil old ladies’ faces. but my favorite: the cigarette-holding, fish-selling man in the gorgeous gray vest. 5.11.09, 2:38PM
Shar: Those are definitely pomegranates …. 5.11.09, 2:37PM
Jennifer: I was going to say, "Pomegranate Juice," but appears someone else beat me to it. :o) 5.11.09, 2:35PM
Heather Kincaid: So amazing! I can’t imagine how fun it was to walk around this place and shoot… what a great experience. 5.11.09, 2:33PM
Raquita : I think the fruit is pom juice..(Pomegranates) the same stuff we pay 6-8 dollars a bottle for.. 5.11.09, 2:30PM
Amanda: !!! I’m SO excited to hear that you’ll be teaching the Missional Photography course again at ROCKHARBOR!! I missed it the first time around and I had been really hoping it would be offered again! … SO looking forward to it! 5.11.09, 2:18PM
Martin Bartnicki: They are all beautiful as always but last one rock. Congts Jessica 5.11.09, 2:08PM
Mandy: Very cool photojounalistic style. 5.11.09, 2:02PM
Lisa : LOL! My husband grew up in the Ukraine, and thinks chewy corn is delicious. Seems like that’s just what corn is supposed to be over in that corner of our world! These posts are wonderful – thanks to you and Becker, I’ve added another travel destination to my already long, LONG list of places I need to see… 🙂 5.11.09, 1:57PM
Captured by Jess: My guess is pomegranates. Awesome pics from an awesome adventure! 5.11.09, 1:53PM
crystal: these are soo beautiful! and yes, i’d love to learn more about the class youre teaching, because i’m going to china for six months to work in the earthquake-hit villages, and trying to learn about the best way to capture their stories. you inspire me jessica! 🙂 5.11.09, 1:42PM
andrea d.: Beautiful photos. I love the last one… and the fruit in the 3rd one looks like pomegranate to me and is oh so yummy! 5.11.09, 1:37PM
haley lamb: wow! last one…my favorite! you are great at this….I’d love to know more about the class you are teaching on mission photography (it’s one of my passions!) 5.11.09, 1:32PM
Vanessa Myers: Beautiful!! I love it! Are you teaching over there? Or just touring? 5.11.09, 1:32PM
Laura E: I think those mystery fruits are pomegranates Jessica! 🙂 5.11.09, 1:30PM
Stevie: Those look like Pomegranates! YUM! 5.11.09, 1:30PM
jamie delaine: Wow these are beautiful Jess. 5.11.09, 1:29PM
rochelleax: oh my goodness, that last one is to die for… I soo wish I could learn their language and listen to these old people talk for hours about what they’ve been thru.. .I’m sure it’s a lot! 🙂 Hope you’re still having fun! 5.11.09, 1:27PM