Tara Stone: The Lights are~ Fantabulous~ I would want them too…., ALL of them….Soo Pretty! And I would sit under them and eat the fresh bowl of those yummy cheeries. Then I would lay back and gaze at the lights!!! Thanks for the stunning light show! U Rock:) 6.26.09, 11:13AM
Leslee Mitchell: I LOVE those little lights, too. They are so awesome. Great shot of them, too. 6.10.09, 1:21AM
Nicole Glenn: The shot of the lights is A-MAZ-ING! How cool would it be to have a backyard lit like that at night. Beautiful pictures! 5.19.09, 9:46PM
robin dini: AMAZING!!!! love the lantern shots!! 5.19.09, 6:04PM
Cristen: Wow! Great images!! I feel like I am there and the colors are amazing! 5.18.09, 6:39PM
Ibrahim: Everybody like the lamps; maybe I should bring and sell some in U.S. ;o) Sixth photo show some hand crafted meerschaum pipes. Meerschaum means white gold in German. There is only two place you can find this mineral in the world: Turkiye and South Africa, but the most precious one come from middle of Turkiye, which is my hometown Eskisehir. Thanks again for nice photos. 5.18.09, 12:40PM
Robert J. Trenske: The details, colors and the lights are perfect. It looks so interesting there, I am officially jealous!! 5.15.09, 1:15AM
Josh Jones: wow, excellent images! 5.14.09, 9:39PM
tang ji fei: very Beautiful, very like. 5.14.09, 2:11AM
Kamee Nuzman: Jess, I don’t know if I ever told you this but we used to live in Turkey when I was 6 and 7. Looking at these pictures, in a strange way, brought back a lot of my childhood memories: eating a lot of chicken with this special turkish red sauce my mom totally digged, going to the Turkish baths with my mom and sister, meadering through the spice markets, throwing Twinkies on our landlord’s roof just to make him mad and listen to him swear vehemently and shake his wrist at us vigorously. I acutally really enjoyed my time there. πŸ˜‰ It was a little bit crazy too…all the men wanted to marry my sister. Not kidding. Some even approached my dad about it. That’s not the crazy part, because she is ultra beautiful with her dark, dark hair and light, light eyes. The crazy, wacky, bizzaro part is that they all wanted to marry her and she was only14. yeah, that’s crazy. Anyways, Mirhobba (that’s all I remember from my Turkish lessons…) Enjoy your journey…miss you, Kam 5.14.09, 1:32AM
Jason : Ha! Check this out… http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2026/2385330442_9e8d96dc49_o.jpg Although, looks like you did a better job of getting it though. 5.12.09, 11:26AM
Derek Frenzel: Those lamps are awesome! BTW, I have a pseudo electrical background- as long as the wire on the lamp is the same as it is here, you can just cut off the plug at the end and reattach the correct "U.S." style plug to it. It takes about 2 minutes. If you really want to buy a few lamps- email me a picture of the wiring and the plug and I’ll see if it can be easily converted. 5.12.09, 10:41AM
Jonathan Brown: I love the shots of the colorful lamps. 5.12.09, 8:08AM
Titti K: Wow what an adventure. I love the lamps, I really hope you bouhgt some home with you. 5.11.09, 12:50PM
Vivienne: Love your work!! Have fun on your trips. Turkey is amazing…. πŸ™‚ 5.11.09, 12:22PM
kellymoore: I lived in Istanbul for a summer…it’s amazing there. The Market was my favorite place to go. So many colors…I even learned to barter in Turkish! 5.11.09, 11:29AM
elizabeth: how awesome.. and I am quite confident you could do that to a room in your house..with the help of a good electrician 5.11.09, 10:14AM
Christiana Childers: Absolutely beautiful! What a treat to look through these photos this morning over my coffee. It’s going to be a good day. 5.11.09, 9:25AM
Sharon: It looks amazing! I can’t wait to see more. 5.11.09, 8:47AM
dlayra: hi Jessica, I’am glad that you had a chance to be in my favourite city from my hometown. I used to live there for 15 years:) But you definitely must see the other regions from Turkey, like Beautiful Capadoci, Balck Sea or west coast. Your shots are amazing, as usal. Happy week:) love, dilara 5.11.09, 2:37AM
dlayra: hi Jessica, I’am glad that you saw my favourite city from my beautiful hometown. I’ve been living since 15 years in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. But I used to live in İstanbul when I was a teenager. You and Becker definitely must see the Capadocia, Black Sea region and the west cost of Turkey. Amazing shots, as usual. Happy week:) dilara from TR. 5.11.09, 2:31AM
Ray: Talk about Istanbul being ridiculously proud of their country. It’s like every step you go they want to remind you that, "YES" you’re β€œINDEED” in Istanbul! Hehe. ;o) Those are really nice lamps. On your sixth photo: those are beautiful treasures. I especially like the bracelets. ^o^ 5.10.09, 10:50PM
Sarah Kobunski: I’m so happy you made it to Istanbul!! I had mixed feelings while there. It was amazing to see all the sales people line the streets and try to get us to stay at their hotel, eat at their restaurant, buy their product. I was amazed because of all the brochures that flipped all the way to the floor! One person gave me a coupon for McDonalds that upon arriving at the restaurant we discovered was expired! I was also shocked to see how much trash lined the streets. Did you see any of that? Did you get to try the apple tea or buy any beautiful silver? Enjoy Stockholm! 5.10.09, 8:50PM
Bobby Earle: Glad you guys are having fun! Rad images πŸ™‚ Bobby 5.10.09, 4:11PM
Caitlin: Awesome shots! I think you can splice the wires in those lamps with a new American-style plug, buuuut if you are not electrician minded or don’t know anyone, I wouldn’t try it! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for letting us vicariously travel to gorgeous locales with you. 5.10.09, 1:44PM
Darla: beautiful photos Jessica! 5.10.09, 11:10AM
Melissa: Wow! What an amazing place! LOVE those lights! 5.10.09, 7:58AM
Angela Gottsch: You’ve probably already left, but you know it is nothing to change out the wiring in a light – cheap too. Hope you figured that out before you left and picked up some of those awesome lights! 5.10.09, 7:29AM
Bobbie Brown: Oh wow! How cool! (I am just catching up on all 3 of your last posts!) awesome that you guys just jumped on the next plane out – love it! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us all, I know it can be hard to find time to blog while you are out of town (or out of the country!) IF you even have internet! Can’t wait to see more!! 5.10.09, 7:22AM
Brigitte Grenfeldt: I am so happy for you that you got a flight to Istanbul! Europe is amazing – so many cultures and just a few hours between them. I absolutely want to go there, now that I’ve seen your images! 5.10.09, 6:58AM
Helen: My god those lights!! I love them! 5.10.09, 6:15AM
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WeddingPhotoShot: Stunning photoweblog You seem to maage to get so much coplour into your work! Love it Regards Adrian http://www.weddingphotoshot.com 5.10.09, 2:32AM
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Jasser Abu-Giemi: Now I really want to go to Turkey. 5.10.09, 1:27AM
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