Jacek Radunc: lovely photos ! all of them 🙂 wonderful colors and postprocess 5.19.09, 4:15AM
Megan Sampsel: Wow- These are so amazing Jessica. Love all the pictures that show the street life…. 5.15.09, 10:47AM
Erica Velasco: Loving the lights shots! 5.13.09, 11:25PM
Jen: Oh my gosh, now that song is STUCK in my head. Cool pic. 5.11.09, 12:27AM
Helen: Hahaha! Istanbul was Constantinople Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople Been a long time gone, Constantinople Now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night!! 5.10.09, 6:17AM
Ray: Nice photo. It looks like a great little market place. And I can’t wait for the slew of photos in Istanbul! "BRING EM!" ;o) 5.9.09, 10:42PM
Regina White: Can’t wait for more! Take Care be safe and continue to enjoy. 5.9.09, 6:32PM
Jackie L.: that’s so amazing!!! can’t wait to see more of your travels 🙂 5.9.09, 4:24PM
Christa Meola: Ooooooo! Cool! Can’t wait for more. Thank you for posting and good luck with the internet search. ps. congrats on the poker win 🙂 5.9.09, 12:26PM
Greer Rivera : Your not coming back are you?! haha Looks like you guys are having tons of fun! 5.9.09, 10:56AM
Tor: Great trip! waiting to see more : ) 5.9.09, 10:30AM
sarah: loving the TMBG reference! that and "birdcage…" are two of my faves! 5.9.09, 9:24AM
The Professional Bridesmaid: wow. so colourful! 5.9.09, 9:02AM
Adonis: Make sure you go to Ara Kafe in Galatasaray. It belongs to Ara Güler, Turkey’s most celebrated photographer. There is a great chance you meet him there in person. http://www.timeoutistanbul.com/english/240/ara_kafe 5.9.09, 7:36AM
Ahmet Ze: I’m looking forward to see the images. I’m excited to see you were in my hometown 5.9.09, 7:30AM
Ash McSorley: I’m sure you are getting quite an experience! Can’t wait to see more! 5.9.09, 7:24AM
evren: you are amazing too… Thank you for this message: istanbul (not constantinople) and Türkiye not Turkey… If you have time come to Bursa 🙂 Kissis 🙂 5.9.09, 4:55AM