Georgios: Hi Jessica! thank you so much for sharing your ideas, tricks and experience with us! It was a pleasure to meet you in Stockholm! Such a pity that i could not attend the whole day workshop and i was with just for a couple of hours… 5.10.09, 11:30AM
Rick Bucich: If I’m not mistaken, there was a mention of winning the last time gambling was mentioned on your site. Card shark?:) 5.7.09, 10:52PM
Ursula Graham: I may be wrong, but that looks like a shootsac strap! 🙂 The first photo makes me really want to visit there. Jealous!! 5.7.09, 10:43PM
Meg: FUN! 5.7.09, 4:52PM
Åsa Deleau Wiklund: I just have to add: the Trista and Doug-session: WOW WOW WOW! Love’em! and he is just o beautifiul 5.7.09, 3:49PM
Åsa Deleau Wiklund: Hi! Just wanted to drop in and give you a great big THANKS for your seminar and workshop in Stockholm, great meeting you, it’s truely inspirational to see someone your own age that’s gotten so far! And once again congrats on your engagment! 5.7.09, 3:45PM
Sarah @ I hope you enjoy your disconnect time! Part of me hates being separated from society like that, but it can really be such a wonderful thing =) Have fun! 5.7.09, 11:08AM
daniel lateulade: Love the ice cream cone image! 5.7.09, 6:48AM
Petra Hall: Love those two shots of you. And you just *have* to visit Gränna when you’re on the west coast, before leaving Sweden. They make those candy canes and they are delish! Hope you’ll have fun on your mystery trip! 🙂 5.7.09, 6:23AM
Lollipop Events & Designs: Ummmmm, Ahhh-mazing lollipops!!!! 5.7.09, 1:14AM
Erica Velasco: Awesome job in winning! I know how it is when you have no service! It’s so frustrating when you can’t contact the ones you love! 5.7.09, 12:25AM
Garrett Davis Photography: It looks like you guys are having so much fun on your trip! I can’t wait to see more photos…. 5.6.09, 3:57PM
Memoria: Congrats on winning!! I hope you to continue to have fun in Sweden! Beautiful photos, btw. 5.6.09, 3:29PM
Ray: Wow, being a winner out of 70 players (?!), that is just too cool! Congrats on that. I haven’t been reading you for years but: I take it that you have a real love of poker. I think that’s really great. I love that photo of you with the candy. I wish I was in Sweden!! ;o( Anyhow: have a great time!! =o) 5.6.09, 3:26PM
Helen: Haha i know what you mean! When i’m cut off its almost like being locked in a cupboard or something! Enjoy Sweden! 5.6.09, 2:44PM
Titti K: Thank you so much for everything. It was so nice to meet you and hear everything you that shared with us. I’m amazed over the fact that you and Becker are so down to earth. Have a nice trip to what ever place it might be! 5.6.09, 1:58PM
Brigitte Grenfeldt: What a great workshop! I already was a a fan of yours but now that I have met you it’s even worse (better?) Hope I did a good job in promoting the "shootsac" 😉 5.6.09, 1:25PM
april ingram: I hate being without the internet. Seriously, right here, at my computer….it’s my happy place. Have fun and be safe! Can’t wait to see more photo’s from the trip! 5.6.09, 1:15PM
Jonathan Brown: Congrats on the win. That is so cool. 5.6.09, 1:04PM
Omar Tan: finally, an update! Ah, now we know why it has been awhile since the update, its a pity your iPhone has no service there. And yup, Facebook gets real addicting to use, never tried Twitter though. 5.6.09, 12:36PM
Becka @ Studio222 Photography: You need to come to FLA and teach me to play poker! Have a great trip! 🙂 5.6.09, 12:04PM
Lucy: I have been dying to see a shot of your ring! Would have been lovely in the ice cream photo…. 5.6.09, 11:25AM
Jenny Hammar: Jessica, it was so great to meet you and I want ot hank you for a terrific seminar and workshop yesterday! Thank you for coming such a long way to meet with us and enduring the limited internet/phone access 🙂 Hope your trip coming up is a good one! Many hugs, Jenny (the other one) 5.6.09, 9:47AM
Christa: Congrats on the poker win 🙂 I’m with you, I’d give up all tv, radio, everything as long as I could have a computer to be "connected" 5.6.09, 9:07AM
monika: Hello !!! It was so great meeting you and follow your work!!! My best wishes from stockholm / Monika 5.6.09, 8:43AM
Erika Gerdemark: Thanks Jessica for sharing your experience with us here in Sweden! You are such a nice person! I think I will start stalking your blog even more now since I have met you (but I don’t think that it’s impossible). I hope your shopping in SoFo was good! Maybe you find some cute green things 🙂 /erika 5.6.09, 6:38AM
Dave Shilling: Life should always include deciding where to fly to AFTER getting to the airport. Ill add that to my bucket list! Congrats on the tourney, I hope their egos weren’t too bruised! 5.6.09, 2:53AM
Tiffany Rebecca: enjoy your time away from technology. last summer I spent two weeks in Italy without a phone AT ALL. it was nice to just relax and realize that I was in EUROPE! i’m so jealous of you! 5.6.09, 2:40AM
Anne Mette Toft: If you want some tips for Copenhagen, I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. 🙂 5.6.09, 1:21AM