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Margo: The garter thing? Yeah. I was at a wedding where someone shouted that the groom couldn’t use his hands, so he stuck his head up the bride’s dress and pulled the garter off with his teeth. My 94-year old grandmother was at my wedding – there is no way on earth I was going to allow the possibility of people telling my husband to put his face up my skirt with her there. We also didn’t do the bouquet toss – we didn’t have a lot of single girls and didn’t want to… single them out. We did the anniversary dance instead. 5.4.09, 7:15PM
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Eloquence Strings: I really enjoyed the pictures and story that you shared about choosing your wedding venue. I didn’t know Briana’s family had such a beautiful ranch. When you look for musicians please check out the Eloquence String Quartet, a Napa based ensemble that performs for weddings in the Napa and Sonoma area. www.eloquencestringquartet.com 5.1.09, 12:41AM
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Meghan: OMG I thought I was the only bride who hated the garter tradition! Congrats on setting a date and location! I’m only about an hour away from your location, I went to a wedding in Calistoga last year and it was absolutely gorgeous, you’ll love it! Glad to see things are moving smoothly for you! 4.30.09, 8:10PM
karen (Mikols) Bonar: wedding before daylight savings to maximize sweet sunlight. *slap me on the forehead* …. I would never have even THOUGHT of that!!!! Yeah, date setting is insane. I thought my hubby was gonna call the whole thing off after the first week …. but things DO slow down! πŸ™‚ 4.30.09, 7:56PM
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Melissa: I bought the first dress I tried on too! Plus I have had so many friends who have done the same. Don’t you think its freakish? We wait our whole lives to pick out the wedding dress of our dreams and the first one we see ourselves in its all over. 4.30.09, 7:23PM
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kelly : You couldn’t have found a better location! I love it and congratulations from a random blog stalker! 4.30.09, 4:27PM
Brittany: Ugh. Tradition schmadition. I did away with the bouquet toss (because seriously–most women hate it) and gave my flowers to the longest married couple in attendance at our wedding. My grandmother (married to my Poppo for 47 years) won the bouquet and it was the highlight of her night! 4.30.09, 4:09PM
Dani J: This totally reminds me of my wedding. Except for the vineyard thing. Excellent choice. 4.30.09, 3:56PM
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Petra Hall: Oh, that’s gorgeous! If we hadn’t decided to get married next year, I’d go there too. Looks soo perfect! (Maybe we’ll go to Italy, as some of those images reminds me of Italy somehow). Kind of crazy to plan a wedding, being "informed" about how weddings works, you know all the "I don’t want’s" but it’s hard to find the "I totally want this!" things. 4.30.09, 3:15PM
Susan P: following your wedding planning process is going to be so much fun! thanks for including all of us πŸ™‚ it all sounds like it will be so lovely! 4.30.09, 3:14PM
Tina Harden Photography: OMGosh! this will be even more fabulous in September/October right around harvest. A gorgeous back drop of grape vines and the grapes bursting with juice just before the crush, meadows of wild grasses and rolling hills with oak trees. Wow! This place is going to be fabulous! 4.30.09, 3:14PM
Feuza: wow- awesome- so I am curious, unless you answered this already- who will be your photographer πŸ™‚ 4.30.09, 3:10PM
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Mandi: I just wanna say- Amen on the garter thing. I totally felt the same way. Yuck. Can’t wait to find out what photographer you’re hiring for your own wedding. . . oh wait did you already say who? 4.30.09, 2:58PM
sandie: your personal entries are too cute! You seem like such a fun person and your idea of how to celebrate your wedding day is off to a perfect start. love that you aren’t following any kind of rule. best wishes.. so excited to see more planning. and thanks for sharing 4.30.09, 2:50PM
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janny: awesome! you guys have made some nice progress in a short amount of time and taking it easy too =) I love the ambiance of cocktails under the tree and an outdoor reception. have you decided if it will be a morning or evening affair? 4.30.09, 2:44PM
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scott: Congratulations on STEP one and two!! DONE – Just Relax and Enjoy the process πŸ™‚ 4.30.09, 2:40PM
Mishelle: How incredible, Jessica. I hope your wedding day is nothing short of perfect! 4.30.09, 2:39PM
alisa: If you are getting married in St. Helena, you should try your darndest to get one of Thomas Keller’s restaurants to cater! French Laundry might be out of the question, but Ad Hoc is amazing! Have so much fun planning! You know we’re all dying to hear who’s shooting it! 4.30.09, 2:37PM
jb : sounds amazing! I got chills reading fun fact #4. This gives me hope for love again… =) 4.30.09, 2:36PM
stacy Richardson: unique and stunning! You could just show up and it will be gorgeous…once you add your colors…it will be OUT OF THIS WORLD…thanks for sharing you planning with us! PS we had 50 people at our wedding, it was perfect! 4.30.09, 2:36PM
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