Memoria: Since you document weddings all the time, I doubt you will have trouble planning your own wedding. I look forward to the process!! Congrats! 4.28.09, 7:26PM
bash: Would love to hear about your planning progress! (And of course help you where possible!) 4.22.09, 5:02PM
Margo: If you started a wedding planning blog, I’d just go read that one, too. πŸ™‚ My advice, btw: Just take it one step at a time, and don’t worry too much. 4.20.09, 6:34PM
Jb aka "elevator girl": I would love to see your wedding planning process…I was so excited for you reading your engagement story. however a separate blog might be a decent idea since your blogsite is your only business site… 4.20.09, 2:21PM
Megan Zeller Photography: But there’s no GREEN in that bouquet! What about starting a separate blog for your planning? Like a Inspirations and Creations – Elizabeth Anne Design type thing? 4.20.09, 9:30AM
weddingchicks: we would love, love, lOVE to see all of your planning ideas!! (: xoxo wedding chicks 4.19.09, 1:40PM
Katrina: Ohhh, honey you are in for a rollercoaster. I’ve been lurking on you blogs for over a year, as an aspiring photog, wife & mom myself. I wonder how you have the time to do it all. Being single with no kids sure helps! Things are going to change, baby! But it’s a good thing. 4.19.09, 9:36AM
Ashley Brockinton: Wow. Those Red and yellow flowers are insane! Beautiful. 4.18.09, 8:06PM
Matthew Saville: Considering I myself JUST got married, and yes I did blog about it, …what’s going to be interesting for me is to see how YOU use your own wedding planning process to associate with your clients, grow closer to them, and gain more business. I know it sounds heartless but yeah, I’m curious to see how you turn your personal wedding experience into business… Cuz I don’t think I did a very good job at all… Take care, congrats, and good luck! =Matt= 4.18.09, 2:41PM
Janine Stone Photography: Jessica…It’s your turn to shine! Live it up, enjoy and share! 4.17.09, 5:29PM
Rita Baumann: ENJOY your wedding plans. Have fun. We pros think we are "all that" until we have to plan our own wedding – then God lets us know in a big way who is in charge! Congratulations!! 4.17.09, 5:01PM
Brian Calabrese Photography: Jessica, It would be great to blog about the preparations,esp for us blog stalkers out there.. BTW need a photographer ? LOL 4.16.09, 3:10PM
jenna Simpson: of course you should blog it πŸ˜€ 4.16.09, 2:05PM
Rachel Jacobus: Im shocked people are actually voting NO! Losers… 4.16.09, 8:19AM
Simply Modern Weddings: oooh yeah, I remember feeling that way when I planned my wedding. I thought, "so this is how my brides feel?" I am so excited to read more about your experience as a bride! 4.16.09, 4:36AM
Christin: Congratulations! Yes, bring on the wedding planning blog posts! And, I think a celebratory Shootsac sale is in order!!! πŸ™‚ 4.16.09, 12:43AM
maureen: OMGAWD, I would lurve to see your planning blogged! I’m anticipating my first-born marrying within a year or two and need tips upon tips upon tips. I’m seriously counting on you and greylikesweddings! 4.16.09, 12:41AM
denise karis: I can’t believe people actually voted for ‘no, just keep posting pretty pictures" – of course you should blog your wedding planning process! I’m sure everyone is dying to see who you choose as your photographer. 4.15.09, 6:38PM
imthiaz houseman: that’s really funny that people actually voted for you not to post anything about you planning your wedding…guess they need to move right along because I’m all about seeing what you decide for your wedding! Planning weddings are so much fun and watching people plan is even better. 4.15.09, 2:47PM
april: Hey Jessica, I am a caterer and let me just first say congrats on the engagement I love your pics and blog, now let me give you one piece of advice WEDDING PLANNER, will make your life and your vendor’s lives much easier! 4.15.09, 1:38PM
Solveig: Congratulations,Jes! Of course we want to know about every intricate detail of your planningΒ΄s procedure. Looking forward to the workshop in Gothenburg in May. Btw, IΒ΄ll shoot your for free if you pay for my airline ticket… ;-D / Solveig 4.15.09, 1:33PM
crystal: would love to see the flip side of things.. after all your exposure to beautiful weddings, it’d be cool to see what you would pick for your own! 4.15.09, 1:13PM
scott westerman: Hi Jessica, I think it would be awesome for us all to see how it feels to be on the other side of things, I cant wait to start reading about it but please keep posting the pretty pictures and giving out loads of advice and know how. Pretty please. Congrats on the engagement too ! sorry its late ! scott. 4.15.09, 12:33PM
Liz Wang: Whether you blog here or blog there, I’ll be reading!! I agree with Ashley… regarding planning, how about plan to have a paparazzi area chained off where 500 photogs can all flash away at you after your ceremony. πŸ˜‰ let the paparazzi in! 4.15.09, 12:32PM
Rachel Lindley: It’s your website, I’ll read it no matter what. So will the rest of them! We can’t wait to hear about all your wedding planning! 4.15.09, 12:21PM
miriam: What Im most excited about who is gonna be your photographer!!! πŸ™‚ The most lucky guy in the world! 4.15.09, 10:25AM
Miz Booshay: Someone is thinking fall wedding…. 4.15.09, 10:13AM
joey seawell: I think you should blog about your wedding process. It will be nice for prospective clients to see that you go through the same thoughts and stages they do. I think it will be a nice common ground between you and other newly weds out there. 4.15.09, 10:04AM
Brittany Dawsonyou : Planning is exciting and consumes you with decisions…we, your loyal blog readers, could help make decisions on the things that you are torn between!! And I’m surprised there is not GREEN in those flowers!!! 4.15.09, 9:44AM
Susan P: just in case the poll results don’t portray it enough, YES…please do journal your wedding planning process via your blog. It will be SO neat to see it through a professional photog’s eyes πŸ™‚ have fun and no stressing!! 4.15.09, 9:13AM
Anna: That’ll be great to see you blog from that side! I don’t really care if it’s here or another blog, either way I’ll read. πŸ™‚ 4.15.09, 7:35AM
Darla: woohoo! Looks like we will be in on your plans! 😎 Love the flowers! 4.15.09, 1:53AM
Sarah Castor: I totally love that bouquet and colors as well! 4.15.09, 12:29AM
Ray: I’d ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see you blogging about your wedding plans!! =D I was hoping you’d blog about it. A new site would be nice as well; strictly dedicated to it. But whatever you want is fine (if you want to keep the planning on this blog than so be it). On the sneak peek: That’s a great flower bouquet with the gold and dark purple. I’ve never seen a bouquet with those colors. 4.14.09, 10:55PM
Ashley: Hey Jessica, I know what you should do… let me come and take pictures!!! πŸ™‚ I think you should blog all about the planning process, how fun and inspirational would that be?? Seriously though.. I know you know 500 amazingly, talented like best-in-the-biz photogs…but I think you should host a contest of some sort and choose a winner (me) πŸ™‚ and let them second, third, or 500th shoot your wedding. How cool does that sound??? 4.14.09, 10:06PM
Mandy Sroka: Does this mean there’s a date set? 4.14.09, 8:58PM
The Professional Bridesmaid: Yes, blog! It would be great to get the view from both sides! 4.14.09, 8:43PM
Cortnie Purdy: You know my thoughts on this subject! Plan & blog away! 4.14.09, 8:16PM
Lauren: You once told me you’d have a destination wedding? Is that still true? πŸ™‚ 4.14.09, 7:32PM
Melissa Papaj: I just have to say that one of my favorite parts of your blog is that you also post personal stuff. I feel like I know you just through your blog. I want to see all of the fun crazy details because I can only imagine your wedding will be as awesome as your clients! 4.14.09, 7:30PM
Jenifer Simpson: Yes! you should post here!…we would all be missing out if you didn’t…I would love to help you plan your wedding…as would I think every event designer in the country ;)…at least if you are blogging we can all see the fabulousness unfold… The question is …what kind of shoes will you wear?… 4.14.09, 7:22PM
Jonathan: Sound great but I am sure we are all most interested in who you choose to photograph your wedding so that should get more time than anything else:):):) 4.14.09, 7:15PM
hannah: a fall wedding? CONGRATS JESSICA! from your last post seems like he is a great guy. πŸ™‚ 4.14.09, 6:21PM
Crystal: Boooo to the 4% that expect you to only post pictures! Planning a wedding is such an amazing experience, you should definitely take pride in sharing it with everyone. No one appreciates the little details as much as a wedding photographer. Rock on Mizz Claire, I can’t wait to hear more! πŸ™‚ 4.14.09, 6:07PM
Goddess Leonie | oh my goodness! I can’t wait to read about your plans πŸ™‚ This will be so fabulous! πŸ™‚ 4.14.09, 6:01PM
Kyle: Do it! I am definitely excited to see your wedding plans coming together! 4.14.09, 5:48PM
Seanny Ma: Please blog all about your wedding plans!! It will be so much fun to read all about it!! And if you need any advice on invites or other details…you can ask me anytime! 4.14.09, 5:27PM
Elaine: I voted YES!! But would love to see you have a separate wedding blog just for that reason! That would be fantastic!!!!!! (Can you tell I’m a blog junkie????) 4.14.09, 5:06PM
Heather Kincaid: I think this will be so interesting to see the wedding planning process from someone who’s completely immersed in the industry like you! Also, to have a photographer’s perspective– Yes. Definitely blog about it! 4.14.09, 4:21PM
Melissa: An Overwhelming YES!! 4.14.09, 4:17PM
diane @ What a wonderful time in your lives and to finally be on the receiving end of it. Take it all in, enjoy every minute of it and most importantly….HAVE FUN! Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Congrats. 4.14.09, 3:55PM
francie: I would highly recommend a meeting planner – I don’t have one to recommend but I recomend having one… will make your day much much much less stressful 4.14.09, 3:33PM
Karen (Mikols) Bonar: Welcome to the wedding photographer/bride club! πŸ™‚ DO post your stuff here! But above all KEEP POSTING! I feel lame when I come and look at the same thing. πŸ˜‰ 4.14.09, 3:17PM
Danielle: I would love to see you plan your wedding and if you need some help let me know! Also, if you want to get married in Colorado, I would love to plan your wedding! πŸ™‚ Cheers! 4.14.09, 3:17PM
m@revertphoto: YES. For sure I would love to see it all. What a great idea. I love the flowers too. Oh, are you going to have polls for all of your decisions. haha. πŸ™‚ wedding planned by blog readers. ha. what a concept. congrats on the engagment. looking forward to seeing all the details. 4.14.09, 3:11PM
Katie Jo: Do I want to see your wedding planning ideas? Pssh…HOLLLLLAAAA!!! It’s not even a good question, because duh, if someone says no, it’s clearly the wrong answer πŸ˜‰ Plan away!!!! I can’t wait to see your ideas! And I can’t wait to see your choice for a photographer! 4.14.09, 2:57PM
laura: Please plan here!!!! I’m already checking your blog way to often, I would love to see how you plan your wedding! 4.14.09, 2:51PM
Rich and Alyssa: We think it would be a huge disservice to all of us who have read your blog zealously for a long while to NOT post your planning "stuff." You’ll do it tastefully and beautifully. 4.14.09, 2:42PM
Tiffany: PLEASE post…you have all the good insider tip..and your fab!!! 4.14.09, 2:39PM
Allie Love: I am so happy for you and Jeff! Please keep us up to date on your plans, you definitely know the best vendors and have seen enough weddings to plan a spectacular one for yourself! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! 4.14.09, 2:38PM
Heidi: I voted no only because I was afraid that you’d be selective as to what you’d post if it went on this blog. I think you should go all out and post EVERYTHING on a separate blog. It would be totally awesome, I’d read it, and I know a ton of others would too. Just ‘splainin’ my vote. But, in the end, do what you want… it is your blog, afterall. And a mighty beautiful one, I might add. Congratulations! 4.14.09, 2:34PM
Nadine: Do whatever you like – it’s YOUR site. We don’t have to read the wedding-planning entries if we don’t want to. 4.14.09, 2:26PM
Raquita: Aw yeah we want to go on the ride with you – blogs are naturally more personal than newletters and the like, people typically are here cause they like you, what little they know about you anyway.. I know I am. and I agree those colors would be beautiful… 4.14.09, 2:20PM
katie: Gorgeous!!! No doubt you’ll have one of the most amazing weddings ever! Enjoy the planning! 4.14.09, 2:20PM
Nicole Mc: I second Kate!! Oh, and for the record that bouquet would be insanely gorgeous in photos with your hair!! πŸ™‚ 4.14.09, 2:16PM
* M E T T E *: Of course – and the Big Question we are all wondering about is who you’ll pick to be your photographer πŸ˜‰ since you are friends with all of the greatest! 4.14.09, 2:15PM
~abi~: looove the flowers!!! returning to your pink and orange roots, i see… πŸ˜‰ 4.14.09, 2:14PM
Jen Ulasiewicz: Yes I absolutely would love to read the planning from your perspective! πŸ™‚ Have fun!!! 4.14.09, 2:14PM
Bobbie Brown : I’d love to hear all about your planning! Have you set a date yet? 4.14.09, 2:07PM
Kate Mefford: Hell to the Yes. 4.14.09, 2:06PM