Fashion photographer: Hi, It is really nice collection. all the photograph are loking very beautiful 4.9.09, 3:17PM
cherron: I love the simple flowers in cool bottles. Such great details. I think it would be fun to learn how to do a bouquet sometime! 4.7.09, 4:01PM
michelle s: Hee-Hee!! Am I the first at your blog to know?! Congratulations!! It seems as if you will be holding a bouquet of your own soon! 🙂 The shots at Michael Norwood’s blog are FANTASTIC!!! 🙂 4.6.09, 9:52PM
lindsay: congratulations on your engagement!!!!!! 4.5.09, 2:47PM
Three Words by James Day: I wish I could do that! My girlfriend is a florist and does the most amazing arrangements. I look at them and marvel. Glad to see you’re enjoying life Jess! JD 4.2.09, 10:10PM
Vancouver photographer: Hey, you have a new talent. Cool! So when are we gonna see a shootsac for florists? 🙂 4.2.09, 6:26PM
erica velasco: You two did a great job! 4.2.09, 11:05AM
Tarah Cranford: Not only did you make a beautiful arrangement BUT I hope you passed on some of your gorgeous photos to the flower shop – they’re perfect! – Tarah Cranford San Francisco Photographer 4.1.09, 11:56PM
laura im: beautiful & fun, a good combo! 4.1.09, 3:28PM
jayzee: nice way to get your head out of the photography sand for the day and expand your horizons… awesome!!! 4.1.09, 12:09PM
april ingram: Sooo beautiful! Glad you got to take part in this, and it’s good to see your face on your own blog, You look so beautiful in that last photo of you! 3.31.09, 4:10PM
Amy: Girl, you’ll make a lovely bride. Were you really trying to decide over which bouquet you want for your wedding? Hee, Hee. 3.31.09, 3:10PM
tunji sarumi: Too funny! 3.31.09, 8:33AM
atpanda: Lovely! Those bouquets are totally funky. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. 3.30.09, 10:30PM
Rick @ TinyPrints: Love the unstructured look of those arrangements. Funny, it’s harder than it seems to make them look that way. Also dig that shout of the photos in the bucket, particularly because I could tell there were all kinds of distractions cut-out by the shallow DOF. 3.30.09, 4:53PM
Anna Carson: I adore flowers and this was just lovely! The colors are so pretty! I know it was a so much fun! Now you can add this to your long list of talents!! 3.30.09, 2:23PM
Ray: I love how they put the milk in with the rest of the champagne in a bucket of ice. Very creative. And the cookie & strawberry arrangement looked great as well. It must be nice to be surrounded by so many creative/talented people. ;o) 3.30.09, 1:10PM
Jenifer Simpson: Looks like a blast. Y’all made some beautiful arrangements. 3.30.09, 12:37PM
haley lamb: how fun!! 3.30.09, 12:36PM
Jasmine*: i CANNOT believe you posted the last photo!! i thought we had an AGREEMENT that those photos wouldn’t grace the world wide web?!?! 😉 3.30.09, 11:58AM
Abigail Smith: Looks like you had a lot of fun! 3.30.09, 11:33AM