ellie: hi jessica, this looks great! i usually don’t comment coz i’m shy, but i have a question i hope you can answer for me: after processing my actions in photoshop, i go to "save my file for the web" window, but the original picture i’ve put actions in and the saved image are completely different. Are you doing something different with these actions and saving them? Thanks! 4.9.09, 6:40AM
Jeff BAll: I really like this photograph. The lighting is great. 4.5.09, 1:23PM
Toronto Wedding Photographer: A+ light, awesome! 3.29.09, 9:03AM
Professional photographer: Hi, Amazing shot. Nice natural beauty. Thanks for sharing. 3.27.09, 6:58AM
digital photography: fantastic light! 3.24.09, 3:44PM
mrozaidi: i want but it…with that price..but how.. 3.24.09, 1:55AM
Cecilia Grace Mizin: I joined the contest! I just really want to win a shootsac! 3.23.09, 3:17PM
Sarina: awesome photo! Thanks for the reminder! I just applied for the contest too! =) 3.21.09, 10:33PM
Erica velasco: Love the colors of Chenin’s image. 3.20.09, 4:20PM
Karen (Mikols) Bonar: Is this 3 posts in a week???? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the info. 🙂 3.20.09, 1:34PM
Sheila Lory: woosh, you are on a blogging roll! great contest! 3.20.09, 1:13PM
Shannon: Jessica, I follow your blog and you on Twitter and notice you talk about TRA a lot. I use ALL of Kubota’s actions, do you think it’s worth investing in TRA’s too? 3.20.09, 12:51PM
Tracy: This is awesome! What lens did you shoot with and where was this taken? I’d love to check it out! 3.20.09, 10:35AM
Jessica Shepard: What an incredible maternity shot! 3.19.09, 11:11PM
Sally: Beautiful image – would be great to see the rest of the shoot. I am preggars – I wish I was in the US to book a session with you! 3.19.09, 3:35PM
lucy: Hot! She looked so good. 3.19.09, 1:55PM
Eden: This picture is awesome!! Can we see the SOOC shot? 3.19.09, 1:31PM