Citra Indah: hey…it is a great posting. cheers, Citra indah 3.15.09, 5:03AM
charge controller: Lots of great info. Thanks for all. 3.11.09, 11:59AM
Danny Kash: This was great! Excellent! Thank ou JC! 🙂 3.5.09, 8:53PM
Jenifer Simpson: Wow, she is so talented! BTW I have been following your work since 2004…amazing, absolutely amazing!-Thanks for posting this. I can now add yet another blog to the long list of blogs I "have" to check every day!-Jen:) 3.3.09, 10:42PM
Jess: awesome! if she were to come to NYC, i’d totally sign up 🙂 3.3.09, 2:51PM
erica velasco: great post…I might just repost about this workshop! 3.3.09, 1:13PM
KrisD Mauga: Jessica…FYI Saturday is March 28th on my calender.. thought you might want to clarify if it’s Saturday the 28 or Sunday the 29th… 3.3.09, 12:29PM
Jackie L.: I checked out the blog and the posts are so beautiful! thanks for sharing! 3.3.09, 11:37AM
julie k: wow! can they come do a workshop in michigan!? 3.3.09, 7:42AM
Ray: Wow, that’s some great do-it yourself-work. I think motivation is very important when delving into any project. The more you want it the better you’ll do at it. Sounds like a fun workshop. Have fun. ;o) 3.2.09, 11:06PM
Sagephoto: Your work is truly amazing! 3.2.09, 7:22PM
Diane @ Jessica, I’m a loyal blog follower of yours and just wanted to tell you how great I think your work is. You have a great style and look to your work and it’s simple amazing. Keep it up…love reading and seeing new photos of your work. 3.2.09, 7:01PM
Jamie Delaine: AH! Love that first board, but I may be partial because those are exactly my brand colours. Love it. 3.2.09, 1:30PM