Wedding Photos: You have a great photo. Nice Jobs. Be sure, I will come again more and more 3.3.09, 3:38AM
Amy Shepherd: Talk about inspiring! Your platform class was great. I truly appreciated how open and transparent you were about your life and business. It become difficult to sit through class after class of speakers telling you how great they are, but you gave a piece of yourself. Thank you! 2.27.09, 2:58PM
lisa: I’m so bummed I didn’t get to go to WPPI and see your talk. I’m sure you killed it. I saw you at DWF and you were wonderful! So happy for your shootsac/hip slip success! 2.27.09, 1:29AM
Renee: Don’t be a stranger… to your own blog! Just kidding, but axiously awaiting a new post! 2.26.09, 8:39PM
Lisa: Can’t wait to see more of your amazing work! Looking forward to a new post soon! 2.26.09, 11:45AM
Lori: I am SO bummed that I did not get to attend WPPI! I am also dying to get your shootsac with the giddy cover! I loved reading about your first time at WPPI….I’ll be a first-timer next year!!! 2.25.09, 12:33AM
clarissa: Hi Jessica, is there a chance you are going to make your WPPI speech available to for those who couldn’t attend? For a fee maybe? Keep up your great work and blog : ). With Aloha from Maui, Clarissa 2.24.09, 7:44PM
Lydia: Congratulations on totally filling up your platform talk! If you speak again next year, you’ll find me there early looking for a seat! 2.24.09, 6:19PM
Foto Matrimonio: I hope to meet you in Vegas… For me it will be the first time. 2.24.09, 7:08AM
michael corsentino: Hey Jess, great seeing you at wppi! Enjoyed your presentation. Many blessings – MC 2.21.09, 1:01PM
Kellan: Jessica, it was good to finally "meet" you, albeit on the fly as I was buying my Shootsac which you should definitely advertise as a killer airplane bag perfect for tickets, cell, wallet, water bottle, makeup and a small book. Wish we could have heard you talk but we were off for the East Coast by then. Maybe next year. Take care, Kelly 2.20.09, 9:47PM
~abi~: your talk was refreshingly honest and helpful! i could definitely relate to your "top 10 mistakes"…i am working on MY "top 10 best things"! thank you! 2.20.09, 2:14PM
neorendition: great stuff you have here… i like it. Perseverance 2.19.09, 5:58PM
imthiaz houseman: Congrats on all your success Jess, its well deserved! I hope that you had/are having an awesome time down there. I know people have been pretty tough on you on this blog, keep your head up and remember YOU spoke at WPPI and they didn’t! I can only imagine the feeling you went through being asked to speak this year. Well done. 2.19.09, 9:47AM
Oleksandr Photography: Can’t wait to meet you! 2.19.09, 2:46AM
Laura : I was one ofthe first people at your booth monday, I FINALLY bought my shootsac and later came back for the strap. I also saw you at the Blu party tonight! (which was amazing)and I just felt stupid to walk u and meet you. your work is amazing and after reading this post I will come back for the hip slip (thank you slot machines) and say hi! PS I look forward to hearing you speak. you are the reason I choose to weddings as my ! Thank you so much! 2.18.09, 3:44AM
Jen May : I so wish I could’ve made it this year, but am planning to make it next year! The hip slip looks great 🙂 2.17.09, 8:29PM
Ray: Congrats on all your success. From just taking classes, to becoming a world famous photographer, that’s just awesome. Have fun at the tradeshow. ;o) 2.17.09, 1:13AM
Melissa Papaj: I won;t be there, but make sure you have a bear claw at the Bellagio for me while you are there! 🙂 2.16.09, 9:19PM
leslistreets: i just bought a shootsac at your booth–so happy to have it! and i spoke with you a bit but i forgot to mention a great place to eat while you are in town. just in case you are checking these comments i wanted to recommend my favorite restaurant ever–BOUCHON in the Venetian. i’m a vegas local and wanted to let you know–bouchon is the best place in town to eat! EVER! just in case you get hungry–go on in. french bistro and totally great! 2.16.09, 6:52PM
Alissa Ferullo: I wish I could meet you – maybe someday! =) Good luck with all your engagements…you deserve great things!! 2.16.09, 5:54PM
Tira J : Hi Jess. I too would have loved to attend your platform presentation to hear exactly what the top ten best and worst things you did for your business. Is there any chance you will eventually do it as a blog post for those of us who could not attend? I think it would really benefit the community. 2.16.09, 5:32PM
Cecilia Grace Mizin: Hi Jess! Just a quick question, will there be a "sweet deal" when you buy a HIP SLIP and SHOOTSAC together? Please let me know. Thanks so much. Just bought Totally RAD, CS3, and a wide lens a month ago… gotta hold off on cool stuff I would really need.. 2.16.09, 5:30PM
jennifer: won’t be there. but i do live there. i’d be happy to come carry your bag for your e-session… haha. oh wait i’m not kidding. 2.16.09, 5:25PM
Bobbie Brown: Good luck with your ‘talks’! I know you will be great and there will be tons of people there – I just wish I was one of them!! But I will not be going – but if I did you can bet I’d say HI!! 2.16.09, 2:52PM
ashley morgan: I so wish I could see your presentation! I couldn’t justify the cost of going to WPPI since I’m still learning the very basics of photography. Maybe next year. Good luck, though. You’ll be great! 2.16.09, 1:58PM
Anne Nunn Photography: Oh how I wish we could go! Our kids are too young to leave right now, but we will be there in a couple of years! And I will be sur to say Hi! 🙂 2.16.09, 11:20AM
Matthew Saville: To be completely honest and candid, Most of the stuff taught at WPPI usually sounds like a waste to me because I’m such a geek / gear-head and can usually run circles around even the pros. And then YOU come along and, right when I can’t go to WPPI because I’m planning my wedding like crazy, ….give the talk that sounds like I would REALLY LOVE TO HEAR… Oh well… Maybe I’ll hear it as a Letterman top-ten list someday? Oh wait I don’t watch Letterman either… 2.16.09, 10:00AM
Kaila: I did buy a hip slip!! I am so excited! 2.16.09, 7:33AM