blake slade: My wife wants one of these… she thinks it will make her stylish… we will see! 2.25.09, 11:16AM
Andrea@Tag7: Love the HIPSLIP! I`ve been looking sooooo long for a bag like that, thank you so much, already ordered one! 2.24.09, 4:53PM
Joshua Crigger: Hey, I am loving the Shootsac! The images are creative and have a great sense of style. 🙂 I wish I can one day shoot like you. Commercial Photography Website 2.23.09, 7:17PM
Events by Evonne: The hipslip is sooo cool! 2.23.09, 2:12AM
neorendition: Very interesting work… 2.19.09, 5:59PM
jayzee: perhaps we can team up someday for an awesome idea I have for another sac to add to your already sweet collection. That’s if you want to become a multi-millionaire instead of just being a millionaire…. ; ) 2.18.09, 7:15PM
Jen Slot: I love the green heels in the top right box. To cute. 2.18.09, 12:12AM
abbyrose: don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but do you realize that’s pretty much a keffiyah in the first photo? It’s so odd how hipsters have made this into a fashion statement. 2.16.09, 5:25AM
Alissa: Very fun – great idea! =) 2.14.09, 5:54PM
justin . lyon: THANKS Jess! You’re a doll!! High Fives to you and hipslip/shootsac!!! Oh, and John Waire, yes they are over the top – that’s how I roll amigo!! 2.14.09, 1:42PM
laura novak: ahhh jess you are so smart! this is exactly what i needed. i will be at the booth to buy one ASAP on monday. see you soon! 2.14.09, 7:32AM
Vivian Tran: See you and Becker in Vegas! -Vivian Tran 2.13.09, 1:07PM
john waire: oye justin…those pinkies are OVER the top 🙂 holy moley!!! 2.13.09, 6:46AM
Kenzie Shores: woohoo!!! 2.13.09, 6:20AM
amelialyon: No YOU’RE the raddest friend ever;)!!! We had a blast today Jess! thanks for having us along! 2.13.09, 12:20AM
MniQue: I love your shootsacs! Its the most genius invention for photographers ever! I wish someone would do something like that here is South Africa! If you ever want to open a supplier in Africa, I’m soooo up for it! Thanks for being such an inspiration! 2.13.09, 12:16AM
Kyle: Haha, I recognized Candice’s feet RIGHT away! 2.12.09, 10:07PM
Lacy: You know..I really like the baroque too! In fact… before I found it in the shootsac cover… I bought the fabric and made a headboard for y bed! kinda funny… so my shootsac matches my bed! 😛 2.12.09, 9:46PM
Cherie-Lynn Buchanan: Please ship to Canada. You know I use to work in Logistics I would be willing to help just so those of us North of the border have a chance at the great prices and all things special that you offer. please, please, please. (not sure if you noticed that I said please and I am also making sad eyes) 2.12.09, 9:10PM
Candice Brooke: OMG We are HOT! Well at least my details are! We are so excited to sport a hip slip! 2.12.09, 8:46PM
erica Velasco: OMG that is so awesome you can put on the shootsac covers! 2.12.09, 8:42PM
karen: Can’t wait to order – love the baroque!! 2.12.09, 8:21PM