JT Images: What a beautiful wedding! 3.2.09, 1:54PM
Jodie: i just wanted to come in i kno wyou already have soo many comment but I just wanted to say how much i appreciate you sharing with us all about yuour methods and how you use totally rad.. its really helped me to step out side my sqare and try new things i think i have now found a retro style i really love ;-)) Thank you~! 2.27.09, 7:45AM
Cathy: I just love that twisted shot where they look like they are going seperate directions and you are focusing on the grooms back. It’s wonderful. 2.19.09, 10:25PM
Tony: What a beautiful wedding! Fantastic photography! 2.18.09, 10:08PM
Rick @ Wedding Paper Divas: The photos are all great but I especially like the third from the last. Love how the leaves you shot through softened the photo. 2.13.09, 10:17PM
karoline Kirchhof: so beautiful , i love your photography 2.12.09, 1:13PM
Larry Reeves: Beautiful 2.11.09, 11:35AM
Amy: Wow! Your photography has such an organic feel. 2.11.09, 6:14AM
Betsy, La Vida: Can’t believe you were getting grief!! (although I do admit I missed your updates! πŸ˜‰ Fabulous set of photos. LOVE ’em! And thanks for including all the details for us shooters! 2.10.09, 7:32PM
kristin: Thanks for your time in posting these amazing photos and giving the "details" behind them. I think that is what people are forgetting…the time it takes to do this blog. So, I will say thank you again and will continue to "check back" and appreciate when you do post. LOVE to see new photo…ALWAYS amazing! 2.10.09, 2:40PM
Susan: I am relatively new to photographer and got Totally Rad Actions for Christmas. Both sets! I just got around to installing them and found your blog as I was trying to figure out how to use them. THANK YOU for you going over what you did to make your pics looks so amazing. I love your blog and will follow it religiously now! 2.10.09, 2:33PM
Jennifer : Great pics! Thanks for the info. I’m glad you’re back! 2.10.09, 12:38PM
Laurel Housden: Thank you for sharing Jessica…I so look forward to your posts and appreciate all the effort you put into sharing your PP! Cheers, Laurel 2.10.09, 6:46AM
Elisabeth Coelfen: So lovely and thank you for sharing. I am yust getting started with my wedding photography business here in Germany and your blog is very inspiring and beautiful. 2.10.09, 5:19AM
Belle: Hi Jessica, I just wanted to let you know that I think your blogsite and your work really rocks. I am a relative newby to the industry from Rockhampton in Queensland,Australia!! I thought that you might like to know that there is a photographer here who is a big fan of yours and does EVERYTHING that you do – he has even just purchased a 5D markII simply because you are trialling one at the present moment. You have not placed a blog up for a week or two – so neither does he – you get the drift (it can get quite tiresome to be honest) Anyway, he has upset every professional photographer in town by publicly stating that ‘there are no good photographers in the area’. Anyway, I just wanted to find out if maybe you could give us all some relief – and say something about professionalism and proper conduct. After all, every photographer needs other photographers they can call on for the unexpected. The Rockhampton photography community would be sooooo grateful!! He is right when it comes one of his statements though – you and Becker are ‘awesome’ photographers!! 2.10.09, 1:50AM
Mary K: I just love your photos! I very much appreciate you putting the camera settings for each photo. I am an aspiring photographer and like to know how others create their magic! 2.9.09, 11:01PM
Dominoe Imus: 1-Her skin was like buttah, for real. 2-I can’t believe that people were so rude as to tell you when or when you shouldn’t be working. If they have a problem with the way you do your blog they should start their own, become a world famous photographer, give up most of their free time to make the world more beautiful and see how much blogging they get done!! You are so talented Jessica, you don’t deserve that kind of snarkiness! 2.9.09, 7:57PM
Onsite Minnesota, Minneapolis: I love the picture of the couple leaving the hotel. It looks so classic! 2.9.09, 7:56PM
Wesley: People being selfishly mean is exactly what’s wrong these days. Instead of being rude, maybe they should bribe you with gift cards to get what they want right? πŸ™‚ Blog posts are very time consuming to busy photogs people! Be nice to JCS. 2.9.09, 4:47PM
Colin Cole: Love your pictures. I will check out the actions they look great 2.9.09, 4:29PM
Lesslie: I just wanted to say I really love you work and you’re such an inspiration. I can’t believe anyone would get upset about you not posting updates. I’m still fairley new at all this photography stuff and I’m hopin one day I can be this good!! 2.9.09, 3:07PM
therese : Hi Jessica, these are fabulous. Thanks for posting the info! 2.9.09, 2:27PM
linda good-hart: beautiful images. Thank you for the extra time you put in to share about the settings and processing info for each image. You are very generous! 2.9.09, 12:41PM
Audrey: i’m a blog stalker that decided to come out of the woodwork to say I love these pictures (i used to work in the proscenium bldg in atlanta that’s in these shots!) and the info on how you shot them! budding photographers like myself really appreciate the help. and don’t listen to the negative comments… your posts are great to read, no matter how frequent they come! 2.9.09, 12:01PM
Mary: I have missed your posts a great deal, but can’t believe people wrote ugly comments to you, just childish if you ask me. your site is great, it would be missed, keep up the great work. I have to say I was getting worried about you. 2.9.09, 11:29AM
Heather Ahrens: YAY! Beautiful photos… your blogging was missed. 2.9.09, 11:26AM
Kerry: Hi Jessica, great set! Thanks so much for including the camera settings! Seeing that and the into-the-sun shots makes me wonder, do you use the camera’s meter as a guide as you’re setting up the shot, and then follow your instincts thereafter? Thx, Kerry 2.9.09, 8:28AM
Janine: Lovely set as always! Just take the negative to mean that you’re just SO good people can’t LIVE without your inspiration! They can’t bare to shoot without their daily shot of your perfection to aspire to πŸ™‚ 2.9.09, 8:14AM
AnnCP: Sorry people have left ugly comments. I for one have enjoyed your posts when they have come. I enjoy your eye candy and gorgeous photos and links to others. Don’t remember how I learned about your blog – but it is one I check on a regular basis! I appreciate all the learning that is going on here. 2.9.09, 12:49AM
Sarah Kobunski: sorry to hear about the discouraging comments. You are such a blessing. Don’t feel guilty for not posting. Your posts are so good that they last. Stop feeling the pressure and just enjoy it when you do. 2.8.09, 10:25PM
Kris Evans: Great images, Jessica and I’m sorry to hear there are folks out there being childish and nasty about your blog. Personally, I love my 5d mark ii and am unloading my 1d mark iii as we never quite bonded. I’d love to hear what’s stopping you from committing. 2.8.09, 9:39PM
christine Hall: thanks for sharing your processing, it is so helpful. 2.8.09, 9:01PM
Lisa: These are great!! Can’t wait to see the next installment soon! 2.8.09, 7:43PM
Jose: Hi Jess! Good work as always! Keep the good work coming! Would like to know more about wha your opinion on the new 5d, to be honest I dont see much difference from these pics than your old ones, but it may have some other good features (other than video). Thanks for the descriptions! 2.8.09, 3:01PM
Rachel: Jessica… Absolutely stunning images as always, and thank you for the extra information – it is SO much appreciated. The bit I don’t get is that people were complaining about you not blogging? I mean, it’s your blog, your images and your clients… I think that gives you every right to do what YOU want, doesn’t it? Or have I missed something? From all of us who truly appreciate you, your work and your blog – THANK YOU! 2.8.09, 1:34PM
smitten photography: love these photos and can’t wait to see more of the details from this one! 2.8.09, 12:04PM
Eric: Wowsa! I think the curtain shot is my fav of the day. Is that all natural light or did you go a little strobist on this one? Great job! 2.8.09, 11:25AM
gbone: wow jessica! really glad to look your new update pixs!!miss u! 2.8.09, 6:22AM
christina LeMarr: I ADORE the next to the last image!!! How stunningly beautiful! 2.7.09, 10:06PM
Amanda: These photos are breathtaking as usual. I was wondering how you decide what actions to use on each photo. Do you play around to see what looks best, or do you know the actions so well now that you know just what the photo needs? Thanks for sharing, and don’t let the negative nancy’s get you down. Post when you want, and let them be grateful when you do πŸ™‚ 2.7.09, 9:02PM
kate: amazing job! I love the shot of the bride with her blue eyes πŸ™‚ 2.7.09, 8:09PM
allie: Wow, the blue in that one image is beautiful, awesome sun flare and I’m a total sucker for the puppy… gorgeous! 2.7.09, 6:50PM
Cindy Dekker: Great job! You just get a nice feeling from this wedding. Thanks for sharing. 2.7.09, 6:18PM
Stacee Lianna: <— thats my real name. and i think its ok that you don’t update every 5 seconds because everyone has a life, and you should be living it instead of catering to rude blog commenters. your pictures are *truely* amazing. 2.7.09, 6:02PM
Pascal: Great update, it’s really nice to have information about post processing. Thanks a lot for that! Don’t worry about rude people just concentrate on good vibes. 2.7.09, 5:18PM
Erica Velasco: Love the photos of her getting ready and I love the sun flair photos! 2.7.09, 5:03PM
liga mullins: I’m sad to hear you receive mean comments for not blogging. They are just jealous! I was so excited to see a new post. Your work is beautiful and inspirational as usual. Thank you! 2.7.09, 4:17PM
Leah: Hi Jessica, I just wanted to say thanks and tell you how helpful this post has been for me. I always love seeing your latest work but I really appreciate getting a peek into the camera settings you used as well as the processing process, lol. Whilst I am literally ‘just’ starting out in photography I adore your work. It is inspired and helps give me some direction for the future I would like to take. I also think the shootsac is a truly awesome idea. I might have to reward myself with one after I finish my first paying job, whenever that may be. It might take a while but it WILL happen. Thanks again Jessica. Leah xx 2.7.09, 4:05PM
Mary Sandy: Hi Jessica, I am one of your blog stalkers and I must say this last post is some great work. You inspire me to be better even though I have been shooting for about 20 years now. I am going to WPPI this year just because you will be speaking. I hope to get a chance to talk to you and tell you in person what a great talent you are and how this industrie is lucky to have you. I love checking in on your blog! This is my first comment but I felt I should try to balance the no fun comments. I look forward to seeing part two of Ami and Scott. 2.7.09, 10:52AM
Tracy Vogel: Wow, thanks for sharing the "Tech Specs", it’s fun to see what/how you use your actions. The pics are great and I too LOVE the Totally Rad Sets! 2.7.09, 9:58AM
Michael Bennati: Dear Jessica. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous work. The fact that you add the actions/opacity settings makes your wonderful blog a ture help and inspiration. I sincerely hope you’ll keep the pp info in your future postings. Thanks so much. Love ya. 2.7.09, 5:24AM
Lieselot: Hi Jessica, I just thought I’d stop by to tell you how much I adore your photos! This last posting is just stunning! Well done! Oh, and don’t mind the nasty comments, I’m sure you get WAY more positive ones than bad ones! Much love from Belgium and thanks for sharing your pictures! Lieselot x 2.7.09, 2:37AM
Ny Brown: Beautiful Photos. Thanks for the details on the actions. It helps a lot when trying to learning, (the multiple actions :). 2.7.09, 2:15AM
JEN G: Some wise person once said that Love and Jealousy are Sisters. They probably love your work so much they are jealous and it is just eating them up not to know what you are up to they can "TRY" and compete with you..lol I personally am so inspired by your blog. I say "FECK" them. 2.7.09, 2:15AM
lisa luft: just wanted to say, give yourself a break on those blog stalkers who went beserk on you for not blogging for a whole 2 weeks! i love your blog/site and was checking it and missed seeing anything new. but hey, it’s january and everyone deserves a break from the routine in january! they only miss you so much bec. you’re so fantastic!!! thx for all the details in the post and action descriptions. best!! Lisa 2.7.09, 12:09AM
Gloria Mesa: Welcome Back! hope everything is well with you and your love ones. Thank you for the amazing tips.. 2.6.09, 11:42PM
heather S: wonderful! Thank you for sharing all the info. Very helpful for me…still learning!!! 2.6.09, 10:12PM
Navy Sou: Finally!!! It’s always a treat when you post! I always look forward to yummy images like these! : D 2.6.09, 9:38PM
James Couto: Oh my Gosh.. Just love it baby…. Awesome…Love the way you put all the information abou the pics… God Bless Ya!!!! 2.6.09, 8:36PM
Cecilia Grace Mizin: Hi Jess! Soo happee that you can blog again and share with us your beautiful and inspiring work. I’m sorry that you’re getting comments from mean people. It takes a great deal of character to still move on and persevere. So be encouraged. I LOVE THE TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS! You’re right! They are a great investment. Thank God for talented people and are willing to share their knowledge, yes for a price but, little price compared to a wealth of knowledge. Thanks again for gracing us with your work. Press On!! 2.6.09, 8:17PM
Lucy M: Oh….and I love your photos by the way…thanks for sharing!!! 2.6.09, 8:05PM
Lucy M: Hello Jessica! You have a lot of blog love here. I’m sure you know, as we all do, how talented you really are. Don’t let those negative people bring you down. They are just being "haters". It’s sad that people have to be so demeaning…but that’s just how life is sometimes…always people trying to bring you down because of jealousy or whatever the reason may be. But truth be told, those of us that "follow" you, we know you are a true talent, and you seem like a really nice person too :-). Keep what you know to be true, close to your heart. You are a great person, with a great eye for photography. And we all know you do have a life too! So if you miss a few days, so be it. You are doing what it is you need to do. We will be here, waiting patiently for the next batch of "blog goodness" that you give us πŸ™‚ God bless!! Oh…P.S. I have your Shootsac and love it! I hope to meet you at WPPI πŸ™‚ All the best!!! Keep your head up high, and keep being you!!! 2.6.09, 8:04PM
Kris Leigh: Oh Jessica! It is so nice to see some more of your beautiful work! *sigh* I truly appreciate you sharing not only your stunning images but also so much of yourself with us. I hope that the nasty commentors stay away and realise that you don’t owe us anything more than what you already give. You are an inspiration and I hope that the good far out weighs the bad! XOX 2.6.09, 4:23PM
Emily L.: Hey Jessica! Great work as always!! Thanks for sharing so much information, it really is so helpful! Don’t worry about nasty commenters, if they’re that glued the your blog they just need to get a life, or a blog reader. Thanks! You rock! 2.6.09, 3:23PM
BetsyJo: Nasty people make me sad. Sorry you had rude comments. Your work is beautiful, amazing, inspiring. And the fact that you turned those rude comments into a selfless act– giving camera secrets, well, that’s just plain spiffy! Thank you! 2.6.09, 3:05PM
Christie Mumm: Hi Jessica, I love your work, have followed your blog for like 2 years now and have gleaned so much wonderful inspiration and great advise from you through it. Please know that you sharing your beautiful work and knowledge is a blessing, a gift, that you give freely, and it is GREATLY appreciated, despite what an insensitive and selfish minority might think, you don’t have to blog, you do because you want to, and everything you offer is out of the kindness of your heart. Don’t let those few rude and self-centered people get you down!! I am really excited to see this post, and think the images are fabulous, and everything you share is so welcomed, thank you!! 2.6.09, 2:45PM
christian burge: u will always have mean people that TRY to break u down when they wanna be u…..u keep on being ya bad ass self gurl…cuz I love ya and I think ur an inspiration and U make me see what i can be If I try!!!! 2.6.09, 1:41PM
The Last Forty Percent Photography: Great set of photos. I really like the one w. the mirror. 2.6.09, 11:09AM
April Ingram: I can’t believe any could be rude or nasty to you Jessica! You seem like such a sweet person. These images are amazing as always, you rock! 2.6.09, 10:01AM
Steve McKenzie: Jessica, love your work! You inspire me! You are making a difference in a dark world. May your future be bathed in light!! 2.6.09, 9:11AM
stephanie . o: these are amazing! you are truly an inspiraton to people like me who are about going into the wedding photography business. it is photographers like you who really set the standard and inspire me to be the best i can, so for that, i thank you. 2.6.09, 8:17AM
Kristin Mizo: Those sun flare pics are AH-MAZING!! This post was well worth the wait. I too am sorry that people are nasty to you. 2.6.09, 8:16AM
Steve McKenzie: Jessica, Love your work! You inspire me. Thank you for making a difference in this dark world. May your future be bathed in light! 2.6.09, 8:11AM
FELIX WU: Hi Jessica, I love your beautiful shots, totally and everyone of them. I am just curious that you mentioned f1.2 or f1.4, do you refer to the lens only or did you actually used your lens wide open for all images? Because some of them look like f3.5-4 to me. 2.6.09, 6:48AM
Kim: These are awesome. I love them!! Thanks for showing us how to use the actions. It helps me out a bunch. You are a great photographer and I inspire to get shots just like you. I have a lot to learn. Thanks again for sharing. 2.6.09, 5:37AM
Alex : You are FANTASTIC!! I LOVE your photos. Ignore any negative comments that come your way, you are beyond fantastic and such an inspiration to so many people. I love your blog, whether it’s regularly updated or not, take your time – being busy is not a crime!! xxxxxx 2.6.09, 3:59AM
Emily Heizer Photography: Jessica! Remember, just because someone treats you unkindly doesn’t mean you should stoop to theirlevel. Let itroll off your back and don’t let it bother you. It doesn’t matter what they think. But never stoop! Let ’em complain. That bride is a BEAUTIFUL renissance woman! Love the pool party usage. Lovely, as always my dear. 2.5.09, 11:42PM
Kat Braman: I absolutely love that mafia-eque shot of the groom. Thanks so much for sharing the recipes you used. 2.5.09, 11:22PM
Corinna Hoffman: Thanks for sharing your f/stop info πŸ™‚ Blessings! 2.5.09, 11:17PM
Alyssa Schroeder: It’s so awesome to see another image filled blog post from you Jessica! I lack blog inspiration way too much myself, haha. I have a question if you have some time..why did you choose to shoot at ISO 400, when your shutter speed was so fast already? Just curious. Thanks! πŸ™‚ 2.5.09, 11:15PM
ec: Hey Jessica, again brilliant work. Sorry to hear about any of those losers that left negative comments. Simple actions like those is what separates professionals from the rest. So a big thanks to all those that left negative comments, the rest of the professionals here will be glad to take your business. I am certain your demeanor is easily noticed by your clients. Keep up the great work Jessica nothing hotter than a great looking successful business woman/ entrepreneur that provides wonderful pieces of art…. Peace Out! 2.5.09, 10:52PM
Paul: Amazing as always! Posts like these more than make up for a low number of posts. You (unlike many photographers) are busy SHOOTING not just blogging! Can’t wait to see part 2. You rock! P.S. I really like to see the details about the photos. πŸ™‚ 2.5.09, 9:23PM
Bobbie Brown: These are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing with us all the info you did too… And as for all the ‘nasty’ commentors you mentioned; puh-leez ignore them and know that I for one am just happy that you share your images with us! Can’t wait to see the rest! 2.5.09, 9:04PM
Suzy & Patrick: that jessica claire flare! it is SO what you do best! how you make that light sing… not so easy to do with flare… AWESOME as always Love those BW with the doorman! 2.5.09, 7:29PM
Ray: OH AND, Question: Do you photoshop all your photos? How do you go about what action to use? Is it hard for you or does it just come naturally? I’d love to read an entry on how you go about putting the finishing touches to the photos, after the wedding day is long gone. When you have a chance of course. Take, care. 2.5.09, 7:15PM
Ray: Definitely love the photo of Ami by the curtains. Great photo and it’ll be a classic for sure. It sort of has an old-fashioned feel to it. Can’t wait to see the details from the reception. I love details. =o) 2.5.09, 7:11PM
Audrey: Hi Jess, Frequently blog-stocker, *smile* rarely a responder……………….. Love the new posts, and sorry to hear about nay-sayers….Booo to that, is what I say!!!!!!! I’m excited to see you’ve posted some new pictures and love the tips. I came across your web site a few months ago and like to check out your blog a few times a week. I’m not sure why people would want to leave rude comments though. I was a little disappointed to not see new posts, only because I really LOVE seeing your work!!! But HELLO, life gets busy, and when you get a moment to post, I’m sure you will! In the mean time, look at older posts, right???? p.s. Can I just say I’m very jealous of your California weather. It’s 5 degrees here in Maine. Brrrrr. 2.5.09, 7:00PM
Joyce: You are so good with what you do. Please don’t stop posting! πŸ™‚ Take care always! 2.5.09, 6:58PM
Ruth: thanks for the update. love your pictures 2.5.09, 6:25PM
Michelle Miller: Beautiful Work!!! Welcome back and way to stand up to those that have nothing better to do than to be mean. I have the 50mm lense too and seeing what you have done with yours inspires me! Thank you! 2.5.09, 5:05PM
Stephen J. Zeller: Jessica, Thanks for the great information and the photos are awesome! I’m a big fan of the Totally Rad Actions as well. They are great! Cheers, Stephen 2.5.09, 4:32PM
Chelsea: You do NOT deserve the hatefullness, Jessica! That really makes me mad. Your work is beautiful, and I giggle everytime that I see you’ve posted a new blog, but I certainly don’t feel ENTITLED to it! That’s so ridiculous. Take to heart all the posts from those of us… photographers and lay-stalkers alike… we’re just blessed that you share when you get around to it! Can’t wait to see the other half of this post!!! 2.5.09, 3:55PM
Tami Hastings: With every new post, you inspire me more than words could ever describe! I understand the crazy business of life… heck, i neglect my blog for a couple weeks at a time too… But i figure, it just keeps people wanting more! Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re amazing! 2.5.09, 3:19PM
jesi haack: wow, i love how you used the light in these photos! What a beautiful bride and I love the dress! Thank you for sharing! 2.5.09, 3:15PM
Jeremy Gilliam: People leave mean comments complaining that you aren’t posting? You don’t owe anyone anything. Of course it’s always fun when you do post something. Oh, and these images are Totally Rad! 2.5.09, 2:58PM
Sunny: I love the fact that you post your settings….very helpful for this aspiring photographer. Re the posting……it’s your blog, post whenever you darn well feel like it. πŸ™‚ 2.5.09, 2:35PM
imthiaz houseman: First of all, great images as always. Its good to see you posting again! But, its a shame that people think its okay to send rude comments, LIFE HAPPENS! And honestly its really none of our business why you haven’t been posting. Obviously people only wish that could be on your level. Clearly they have too much time on their hands. Anyway, its very generous of you to provide the data for us. Your are very talented and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for the last few years. Thank you Jessica for being so inspiring! 2.5.09, 2:33PM
Martin: Great to see you posting again. I was actually worried something had happened to you. YouΒ΄ve spoiled us with your alomst daily blogging in the past. If someone was rude I guess theyΒ΄re really just bummed they didnΒ΄t get to read and see your amazing work and afraid to admit that for some reason. Very interesting to see your f-stop and lens choice. If I can ask for even more it would be awesome to see one before and after version of an image. Keep it all upp Jessica! 2.5.09, 1:50PM
Dave: Jessica, thank you for providing the EXIF data and the filters used. Beautiful photos, for sure. 2.5.09, 1:12PM
jennyo: These are so pretty! Don’t listen to rude comments. You’re a busy woman and I just don’t see why someone would be MAD that you don’t post for awhile. That’s ridiculous. 2.5.09, 1:06PM
Melissa: Jessica, your photos are so inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to share your settings and post-processing. It’s appreciated! 2.5.09, 12:21PM
Michael Gumapac: I really could not understand how someone can say anything bad about your blog! I have a been a long time reader and fan of your blog. I’m an even bigger fan of your photographs. Those people who leave bad comments could only wish to get the kind of business you get. Heads up and move forward! 2.5.09, 12:03PM
julie: great photos. what an awesome job. life gets busy doesn’t it. i’m sorry people leave you nasty comments. julie 2.5.09, 11:53AM
Tara: amazing photos – i love the first few of Ami getting ready…great angles and compositions. Thanks for posting! 2.5.09, 11:41AM
Carol Nanfito: Thank you so much for all your tips here; they are much appreciated. I am sorry to hear that you received some not so nice comments. Your stuff is awesome and I always look forward to seeing your posts. 2.5.09, 11:18AM
Jim : Actually it has been three weeks without a post, but who is counting ;)… Beautiful images as always. Thank you for sharing! 2.5.09, 10:58AM
Marissa Rodriguez: Thank you for sharing! Your work is inspiring! 2.5.09, 10:26AM
Allison Davis: Thanks for the post-production tips! You’re fabulous. Have a great week! 2.5.09, 10:24AM
Kate@depict: These shots are awesome and thanks so much for sharing the processing details- You’re a star! I love totally rad and it’s great seeing how you utilise them in your work. People who have left nasty comments should be ashamed – it’s not like you have to do it – and when you do post it’s well worth the wait ! x 2.5.09, 10:20AM
Monica Hodges: Great pictures – so worth the wait!! One problem… I tried to order from Jesh’s site, but the order now button isn’t working. On another subject – do you use flash or light boxes at all?? 2.5.09, 10:06AM
Deyla Huss: WOW! stunning images as always and I absolutely Love that you shared the post processing info with us as well, its always interesting to see what other Photogs you use for their own little mixture. And to those who have been bashing you for not blogging, back off, she rocks and is a busy lady!! Keep rockin girl and get your ars to Portland soon! 2.5.09, 10:02AM
Low Bi Hong: Have been missing you blog so much. Again, the photos are gorgeous. And, thanks for sharing details of shooting and your recipes of post processing πŸ™‚ looking forward for part II 2.5.09, 9:31AM
Danielle Layne: People really get nasty with you? Um, okay. That’s pretty sad. But anyways, I just bought the Totally Rad Actions and I LOVE THEM! I just have to learn how to blend the right ones together now. Beautiful photos by the way. πŸ™‚ 2.5.09, 9:16AM
mnra: Really love the way you took the pictures Jessica…. Best…..Love to see it. So beautiful…… 2.5.09, 9:15AM
atpanda: Jessica, I look forward to every post you get the chance to put up! I do weddings (on a much smaller scale!), and you’re an inspiration. Thanks for putting up the setting/actions details. 2.5.09, 8:50AM
feisty tourist: yay! these are GORGEOUS! love the shots and love the details of the shooting and processing. those naysayers should put their efforts into making a clone of you so you can do twice as much. πŸ˜‰ 2.5.09, 8:36AM
Ruby Slippers: Thanks sooo much for sharing this, Jessica! I have the TRA samples (trying to afford the real things…exchange rate is a bummer) and I’m hooked on even those! Thank you for sharing the percentages and mixes – your pics always look beautiful! 2.5.09, 8:28AM
Katlyn: hi jess! i’m also a fan and a frequent blog reader of yours. your work inspires me and your talent consumes me. don’t worry what others say – they are rude beyond belief. concentrate on what makes YOU happy. if that means taking more pictures (or making more shootsac covers πŸ˜‰ hehehe) then don’t you go worrying about updating your blog. we know you’re busy! πŸ™‚ and we love you for it. keep painting the world with your extraordinary vision. <333 2.5.09, 8:02AM
Jo Pearce: ignore the mean people Jess, you are worth waiting for :0). I too love both sets of rad actions and you are a source of inspiration so thankyou. 2.5.09, 7:43AM
Amy: Have missed your blog updates and photos! I’ve been wondering if everything was alright with you. I can’t even imagine how busy you are. This is what I love about your photography. These pictures are just treasures and this couple are so lucky to have them. Awesome job! Thanks for listing your camera/lens specs. Interesting to see what you shoot at. Welcome back! 2.5.09, 7:38AM
Miz Booshay: Hi Jessica, It is such a delight to find a post today. I know it hurts when people are jerks. You do not owe anyone anything. Not like you’re getting paid to blog. Just one little idea that might help when you are short on time. Don’t worry your pretty little head about a huge post. One picture would make us smile. It doesn’t take a lot of time and your many fans would get a peek at what you are up to. You are an inspiration! Thank you for taking the time to share! 2.5.09, 7:35AM
Christoph: As always.. Awesome Images : ) and thanks for the link to the action sets.. they look really good. I already own the first TRA set but the new set and the Jesh De Rox set look like a good investment : ) 2.5.09, 7:12AM
shawn: i am sorry that you got nasty comments about not posting…that is unkind!! i love this blog and am happy when i see updates and love that this post you included what actions you used on them!! 2.5.09, 7:08AM
Daisy: Love the photos, as always! Thanks especially for the photo details! Those actions are fantastic, but the ones SOOC are just as great! 2.5.09, 7:00AM
Elizabeth: Jessica go on!!, donΒ΄t let the nasty comets of those people, stop you. Keep going!! If you stop, they win. You are an excelent photografer, and a excelente person. I dont know you in person, but I can feel it. Don’t have to worried for a few ugly people, that I’m sure they can have a little pice of your talent. You are inspire a lot of people, like me. This photos are beautifull, i love it. Have and excelent weekend πŸ™‚ 2.5.09, 5:46AM
Felisha: I read you blog often but never comment…but after reading today I felt I should. Folk can be haters, although I don’t think you are by don’t let them rattle you….YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! 2.5.09, 5:19AM
Linda Broström Cabrera: You really don’t have to make up for anything but I sure appreciate getting some shooting and processing details (even though I have never used a bough action in all my life)! It seems as if you love your 50 mm and I understand why :-)! And you know, rude comments from people say more about how they are than about you = don’t let them get to you and continue doing what you want when you want to do it! 2.5.09, 4:52AM
Henrik K.: You are the most awesome wedding photographer in the world. Bar none. I can’t think of anyone comparable to you! Thank you for inspiring the whole world of photographers πŸ™‚ Kind regards from Norway 2.5.09, 4:47AM
Jocelyn Filley: I absolutely love your "100% favorite." It’s spectacular!! Well worth the wait!!! 2.5.09, 4:28AM
Pat: Hi Jessica, Love this collection of wedding photos. Some great posing and stunning details. Thank you for sharing your post processing – I’ve been hearing about Totally Rad a lot recently, so really must check out their actions again πŸ™‚ PatB Photography 2.5.09, 4:13AM
Kirsten: Hi Jessica. Thank you for posting this set in so much detail. I have the TRA2 set and use Pool Party a lot, but it’s great to see how you combine the actions. I can’t believe people have been on your case about not posting lately?! Rude rude rude. 2.5.09, 3:46AM
raymonwell: Youre my greatest inspiration. truly haha have a great week! 2.5.09, 3:09AM
Marco: Great set ! Wow, buttery all around. 1.2 and 1.4 ! Thanks for sharing! 2.5.09, 1:45AM
Ryan Welch: Hi jessica! I love what your doing at the moment, and am i constant awe of what you mange to acheive! Good luck in the future πŸ™‚ And carry on enjoying and loving and living life! πŸ˜€ 2.5.09, 1:45AM
Cynthia: So glad to see a post from you! Your work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your recipes πŸ™‚ 2.5.09, 1:14AM
Emilie: Oh I’m so sorry for the nasty blog comments… this is so rude!! πŸ™ I just wanted to tell you that Emilie is my real name and this is my real email addy, LOL! I can’t blame you for not blogging, I mean you have a life, a real life and you have a job! Why don’t these people get a life? Then they would understand that you are an active woman who is busy and who is not sitting in front of her computer all day long! duh!! Your pics are gorgeous by the way!! πŸ™‚ Take care, Emilie 2.5.09, 12:46AM
Melinda: What is up with that? do they think you OWE them, that you are obligated to blog, are they paying a subscription? of course not, they are being given yummy images to look at and helpful photo info FOR FREE and they should be happy that you take the time to blog at all. My guess is that they do not have their own blogs or even a life for that matter, if they did they would realize just how hard it is to run a business, have a personal life and do extra things like update a blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images. 2.5.09, 12:22AM
Jen: Hi Jessica! I never comment, but I always love reading your blog! You inspire me and I appreciate all the time you take to give back and share with others. Im totally self taught, and have learned so much from reading your blog. So thank you!! And for those meanies out there- boo on them!! 2.5.09, 12:14AM
Kairi Purnell: Jessica, As always a great job. I undertsnad that you get busy as we all do so don’t feel too bad about missing the blog time. I am sure you blog so much more than the rest of us so once again great job. Can’t wait to get your comments on the new 5DmkII. 2.4.09, 11:54PM
annajoy: i love these……….. and its really cool how you took the time to detail how you got the shots, i super appreciate that! thanks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ cant wait to see the rest! 2.4.09, 11:52PM
bekah: Jessica, its been almost a year since i began stalking you! i can’t tell ya how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos. they inspire me and just are simply lovely. i love how you get the little details. i’m not gonna lie i was definietlely missing your blogging but also understand how life gets away at ya. i’m glad you blogged today and am really sad people are idiots. makes me sad for you…! keep up the awesome photos and ignore them, they’ll always be there. thanks for sharing!! 2.4.09, 11:29PM
Vanessa M: well worth the wait! thanks for posting these gorgeous images and sharing the recipe too πŸ™‚ 2.4.09, 10:55PM
Angie Bell: I appreciate you sharing your wonderful images and processing information. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Canon 5D Mark II. 2.4.09, 10:54PM
Denise Prichett: People should not be rude. Blogging is great, but sometimes you have to live life! Thanks for constantly raising the bar…I always learn a lot from your work. BTW, I’m lovin’ my SHOOTSAC. 2.4.09, 10:52PM
Trent: It’s tough, you know, not to crave more from you when the pictures look like this, though leaving not nice comments is really not acceptable. I’ll take what I can get, though I do admit there is a certain expectancy when you don’t post for more than a few days…. 2.4.09, 10:49PM
Suzanne : Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing all the tricks! I’m a total novice so this is sooo cool to see! 2.4.09, 10:37PM
Camille Elise: I’ll gladly wait a week or two for blog entries like this one, these photos are so gorgeous. You are such an inspiration to aspiring photographers, SO excited to see the rest of the wedding, and Mark and Matt’s take on it all πŸ™‚ 2.4.09, 10:29PM
Elaine: As my mother says "that which you give attention to, you give power to", so don’t give the "negative commentors" any attention! πŸ™‚ It’s your life do what you want!! Enjoy it! Love the pics, and thanks for the specs on the photos. Can’t wait to see the reception pics. 2.4.09, 10:24PM
Jenny Sun: that’s terrible of people leaving you nasty comments! I mean, really. Don’t listen to them – they are probably bitter because they aren’t as cool and successful as you are πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing. It makes you that much cooler! I love Jesh De Rox’s actions too. Purchased mine a few weeks back and have been going nuts with them πŸ˜€ Keep being fabulous Jessica! 2.4.09, 10:13PM
Kim Kalyn: Thanks for this SUPER helpful post Jessica πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see the rest !!! 2.4.09, 10:02PM
Sarah: I agree, your photography is wonderful and ignore the haters. I have been stalking your blog for a while – found you through Sarah Anne Photography – your skill and eye is amazing, love the technical info, love your pictures, love, love, love it!!!! 2.4.09, 9:19PM
Cathy Crawley: Yay, a new post! These are just lovely, you can tell from their photos that Ami and Scott are a really sweet couple. As for those nasty people giving you a hard time, I want to reach into cyberspace and give them a good old fashioned b**ch slap! But I’m better than that πŸ˜‰ LOL. You know the only reason people try to bring you down is because deep down they are insecure, it’s their issue not yours. Have a beautiful week! 2.4.09, 9:16PM
Anne Nunn Photography: Oh! I am so sorry about the bad comments! That is horrible! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of the couple coming out of the hotel! AWESOME candid! My other favs are the first with sun flare then the mirror! That one is so moody! Great job. Your post was worth the wait. πŸ™‚ 2.4.09, 9:12PM
Fran: What a great post – thanks for sharing! 2.4.09, 9:09PM
Lisa Scherer: I love that you give the details of your shots. It is like learning from the mind of a master. And I am so sorry that you got such negative comments…sometimes I think people have nothing better to do but try to make other people feel bad. 2.4.09, 9:09PM
Peter Lawson: Fabulous pictures, as usual! The processing information is great – I feel I’ve been neglecting some of the totally rad actions, will have to have another play with them. So glad you’re blogging again! 2.4.09, 9:01PM
Lindsay Kipp Photography: Hi Jess, I think your amazing and I always look forward to your shoots which I"m sure everyone does but I have to admit that I think it is so horrible that people would leave you mean messages for any reason but especially for not blogging enough. We all know how busy you are and I personally want to thank you for what you do blog about! And I also wanted to say thanx for all the tech info, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when you include all that fun stuff! So thank you! 2.4.09, 8:58PM
Jamie: Cheer up. Sounds like you have been quite busy.. and possibly have a life outside of your blog… who knew you had a right to that? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the specs. Screw the haters:) 2.4.09, 8:54PM
anne: gosh thanks soooo much for all these processing tipps again!! i am a big fan of you and i love it that you are so generous and share so much!!! love flair shots too.. this is my favourite thing to do! 2.4.09, 8:52PM
Brian Khang: Wow shocked that people were leaving rude comments. Haven’t they heard of being busy? Oh I headed over to your area for a shoot in the fields. Has anyone ever gotten busted there? We saw some mountain bikers too. 2.4.09, 8:24PM
Daniel: Great work as always…thanks for sharing your shooting details and processing info! 2.4.09, 8:24PM
Joanna McNeil: Hi Jessica. I’m the Whitford’s nanny and have been obsessed (in a non-creepy way, hopefully) with your blog ever since you shot the kids. Your photography is my favorite in the world. I’m sorry to hear you got negative comments. I appreciate every time you post! 2.4.09, 8:21PM
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs: oh wow – they are lovely. my favorite is the lipstick shot. don’t listen to the mean commenters!!! in fact, spam em. 2.4.09, 8:20PM
Chung Nguyen: I can’t believe someone would anonymously leave negative comments about your lack of blog posts. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Don’t even waste any of your time and energy on those lame’os. Sheesh! BTW, I hope you don’t intend on putting your post-processing info for each and every single photo you post. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very useful, but I’m looking out for you. Don’t want you to burn out on blogging. I can’t imagine it’s that much fun to write down percentages and funky action names for every photo you blog! (: 2.4.09, 8:19PM
Rebekah at EAD: Boo to negativity! Yay to great pictures and a new post! 2.4.09, 8:18PM
Laura: THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing what actions you used and the % , camera + lens info. I love reading/viewing your blog for inspiration and for learning. PLEASE KEEP POSTING BACKGROUND INFO. on the images you post. So much appreciated! 2.4.09, 8:17PM
Macy: Beautiful images, and I so appreciate you sharing your post-processing recipes. I love TRA, and I love to see how photographers use them in ways I hadn’t thought of. I love Bitchin’ B&W, but I always forget about Sparta. And the photos with Jesh de Rox’s actions are beautiful. I’m on the fence about getting them because I’m not sure how they’ll work with my style, but I love what you’ve done with them. Thanks again. 2.4.09, 8:14PM
Kerry: Can’t people believe bother to be negative! Very glad to have you back — your images are always an amazing inspiration! Screw the haters . . . 2.4.09, 8:11PM
greer: Yay! shes back, thanks for sharing, beautiful images. 2.4.09, 8:11PM
Victoria: This shoot was absolutely beautiful! I would like to know more about your "flare." Maybe in a post soon. I get scared around direct sunlight, so please share a little something for us scaredy-cats!! πŸ™‚ 2.4.09, 8:10PM
Karen (Mikols) Bonar: YAY!!!!!! A return from the blogging black hole! Now I don’t feel like a loser for checking 100x a day …. there WILL be more awesome photos here in the near future … I can’t wait! 2.4.09, 8:07PM
cristen chester: congrats ami! you look radiant! i can’t wait to see the rest of your vow renewal images! 2.4.09, 8:07PM
melissa gregersen: heh jessica….I don’t know who was sending rude comments..but I am so sorry that they did. =( I was thrilled to on your site and see these AMAZING photos. Thank you for all that stats…so incredibly helpful. Hope to see you at WPPI! =) 2.4.09, 8:05PM
Nancy: thanks for all of the info! i bought TR2 , but haven’t played around with it as much as i want, so this gives me some good ideas. beautiful stuff! and seriously, WHO updates their blog everyday? not me. 2.4.09, 8:02PM
april: I was pumped to see you updated your blog – and SUPER pumped to see it was full of shooting and processing details! I second the question about what mode you shoot in (manual? Av?). Beautiful photos as always!! 2.4.09, 7:58PM
Dani J.: I’m glad your back! I kept checking and checking. Thanks for all the photos. I love your work and advice. 2.4.09, 7:57PM
michelle: For Real? Negative comments?! That’s crazy. People really need to work on their manners. The shots are gorgeous and I really appreciate you putting the recipes on there. I always wonder about that when I see pics. πŸ™‚ Thanks! 2.4.09, 7:54PM
Jess: wow. Ami and Scott are friends of mine from college (they are the reason I even started reading your blog in the first place) and I am just in awe at how many fine details you captured. Ami’s eyes really are that blue in real life, too πŸ™‚ 2.4.09, 7:53PM
cara: i rarely ever leave comments, but i just wanted to say please don’t take anything those rude people say to heart or let it bother you. the rest of us don’t mind waiting, because like someone else mentioned, when you do post it’s totally worth the wait. thank you so much for sharing the details of how you shoot and the actions that you use. it’s really helpful to those of us that are trying to learn to be better photographers! 2.4.09, 7:53PM
April: Oh I hate to ask for more but what action did you run on the table setting. WOW it looks so neat! It’s my favorite…OK I know but I love drama! Thanks & Good job! 2.4.09, 7:48PM
Caitlin: We miss you when you’re gone, but ignore the rudes – they are just jealous πŸ™‚ I have to say, I kind of like a little blur in the images sometimes – it doesn’t always work, but when it does, it has this beauty that reminds me of looking at a Monet painting or something. It’s high art, even if it wasn’t ‘on purpose’ All of the images are gorgeous, and I really appreciate the technical info too!!! 2.4.09, 7:46PM
John Klemick: I agree with lauraim, you’re worth the wait. Welcome back. Love the tech info. 2.4.09, 7:46PM
Rachel Lindley: Wow! ~ I do check for new posts about every day, but I know what it means to be busy. I’m sorry people were rude to you.. πŸ™ This post was totally worth the wait! AMAZING!! Looking forward to the follow-up! Thanks for the tips.. πŸ™‚ 2.4.09, 7:44PM
Ashley: So worth the wait! Thanks for sharing all your settings and post processing details. So enlightening! And as for those who are complaining, just tell them they’re lucky enough to have such an amazing blog to read in the first place. I hate anonymous comments too! 2.4.09, 7:42PM
Meg: Gorgeous Jessica! … I love how even though more and more actions are being released you are able to use them and make sure your style remains the same. 2.4.09, 7:27PM
Kayleen t.: Thanks so much for sharing all the details of the shots! Wow, I can’t believe people would leave negative comments about not blogging! You should ask them if they wanna meet up in Vegas and go toes, you can knock some people out…haha ha just kidding! 2.4.09, 7:24PM
Jen Beasley: Well I am a first time commenter, long time blog stalker πŸ™‚ But your post encouraged me to come out of hiding and leave you some love after so not so nice comments that were left in the past. You’re always an inspiration to me and always worth the wait! Great wedding and hot bride and groom! 2.4.09, 7:24PM
Christa: I’m so glad your back! I love the technical talk….keep it comin’ 2.4.09, 7:19PM
Kevin Le Vu: Absolutely gorgeous work Jess, You have done a great job in capturing the couples emotions in images. 2.4.09, 7:02PM
lauraim: sure you were late, but you’re so worth the wait! another impressive shoot and blog spot, even if it’s slightly under motivated. you’re a wonderful source of laughs & inspiration. ppl are rude some times…F’em, that’s F for forget ’em! πŸ™‚ 2.4.09, 7:01PM
Mandy Sroka: Well Jessica, no wonder it took a while to post…this is chock full of wonderful, helpful information. The photos are gorgeous and well worth the wait. You did wonderful. Thanks for sharing. 2.4.09, 7:00PM
Neha: Beautiful, as always! Thanks for including info. about shooting and processing. Do you shoot in full manual mode? p.s. Have people really left you negative comments? INCREDIBLE! People can be strange….and RUDE! Can’t wait for the next post! 2.4.09, 6:56PM
Adrienne Byrd: GORGEOUS, Jessica!!! Love them all! thanks so much for sharing the processing on them. I am still trying to bring myself to invest in TotallyRad. I know it will be worth it when the time is right! you rock!! 2.4.09, 6:53PM
Kyle: the internet brings out the worst in people. just ignore it! Thanks for showing us your processing TRA recipes…very cool to know how you get certain effects. 2.4.09, 6:51PM
Adam & Kim: Thanks for the wonderful photo recipes and glad to see your on the road to recovery from blog bankruptcy. 2.4.09, 6:48PM
Laura: These are great! i was so excited for a new blog post, and then it was even better because you were kind enough to share how it was shot and processed. As always, truly inspiring! 2.4.09, 6:47PM
Laurie: Classic, beautiful Jessica Claire photography – thanks for sharing! 2.4.09, 6:45PM
Izzy: Gorgeous, Jessica, as always! And shame on those who leave negative comments about updating. It’s not like you have 2 businesses to run and a life to live…oh wait… 2.4.09, 6:44PM