Christopher Elston: It’s cool that you guys are all friends. I actually went to an ugly sweater party this year, but I thought my friend was kidding. I was the only one that showed up without an ugly sweater. ;( 1.13.09, 5:43PM
Lacey: HA! I had FUN just looking at the photos! What a fun, charismatic group of people (and potential SNL/MadTV cast members)! 1.10.09, 10:37AM
Alvaro Galvan: hey is that went very well, Congratulations 1.8.09, 7:39PM
Angela Noot: I am obsessed with your website! Your pictures are always so gorgeous! These Christmas pictures are hilarous! You know you’re a great photographer when you can make "Ugly Sweater" Christmas parties look amazing. 🙂 Anyway, I love your work and wish I could have you at my wedding! 1.6.09, 1:43AM
cat sparks: So funny! I love the side pony tail. I told my husband that we need to do this next year. 12.29.08, 11:39AM
Onsite Minnesota, Minneapolis: Too funny! 12.27.08, 11:29AM
Jessi: Wow- those are hilarious. 12.22.08, 5:25PM
scott westerman: Hi Jessica, looks like a real fun party and i have to agree, Shots 1,2 and 3 are very sexy !!!!!!!!! 12.22.08, 8:09AM
cg: could jasmine be any hotter? Oh ya, nice sweaters 12.22.08, 2:05AM
Carrie: So freaking hilarious. 🙂 12.21.08, 7:28PM
Lucy M: I love this! I want to play!!! 12.21.08, 12:59PM
evie: Oh this is hilarious!!! The Ugly Christmas Party is such a funny idea, but I think my in-laws have been doing it subconsciously for years. LOL 12.21.08, 11:04AM
Ann Hamilton: I have no words for this. But I’m laughing! Happy Holidays! 12.21.08, 10:36AM
Events by Evonne: LOVE all the sweaters! All of you are very crafty! 🙂 12.20.08, 4:59AM
eva: jessica, what camera/lenses/camera setup-ISO did u use for the last 4 photos? id like to be able to do some natural low light not-blurry for once photos like these:(( any hope for an amateur like me? PS i dont have a camera yet-still deciding which average priced pro camera would give me these results…. 12.19.08, 4:40PM
Kari Dawson: What do a group of photog’s do at a Christmas party? Shoot each other of course! Too funny! 12.19.08, 2:12PM
cabe nelson: Dude, Is that Kipp? Great shots. 12.19.08, 12:42PM
Kris Leigh: Oh, I soooooo want to come hang out with you rockin kids! lol! You guys just have waayyy too much fun together! 🙂 12.19.08, 9:16AM
Christina : Haahahaaaa!!! Rock on! Love it! 12.19.08, 8:59AM
Rob Alberti: Love the idea of the ugly sweater party. Just overheard someone in the postoffice talking about throwing their own. Hope I get invited… 12.19.08, 6:01AM
Lisa Llarena: Ugliest sweaters EVER. And hi, a book of Chuck Norris jokes? Awesome. I’m getting Jeff one for Christmas. Hahaha. 12.18.08, 11:52PM
marie: too f unny girl! And yes you worked hard on your ugly sweater and it looks ugly 🙂 12.18.08, 5:44PM
Ashley: Words just cannot describe how hilarious these are. They just can’t. 12.18.08, 2:23PM
brooke bowland: hahaha. you are all so funny…love it. that sweater..> H O T !!! 12.18.08, 1:28PM
Darby Elizabeth: I love these photos!! I’ve always wanted to host a party like this, but can never seem to find a sweater quite ugly enough! 12.18.08, 11:56AM
Ray: UGLY Christmas sweater parties….? YOU GUYS ROCK! Hehehe. =P Love all the photos they are great. Great gifts as well. I loved the American Gothika photos of you and Michael. The broom you’re holding is adorable! Which is weird because how many brooms out there are adorable???Hehehe. Take, care. 12.18.08, 1:00AM
joyful weddings & events: Your skate zipper is pretty incredible. I’m a little jealous! 12.17.08, 11:01PM
Troy Woods: This is hilarious and such a great idea! 12.17.08, 6:30PM
bartek: big lol:D 12.17.08, 4:46PM
Bobbie Brown: Hahhahahah! Love these pictures! That party is just too funny! And I think you should def. win the award for ‘best dressed’ for the party b/c when I think of an ‘ugly christmas sweater’ yours is exactly like something what I would picture!!!! It is perfect!! 12.17.08, 4:14PM
Adrienne: Hilarious shots! Those sweaters are really so hideously awesome. 12.17.08, 4:11PM
Emily L: Looks like a lot of fun! You certainly did a good job uglifying that sweater! 🙂 Merry Christmas! 12.17.08, 3:50PM
Katie Lewis: A year subscription to Cat Fancy?? HILARIOUS!! Jingle Jugs?? MY GOD!! Oh I want to have a party like that! 12.17.08, 12:45PM
Lindsay Kipp Photography: lol! this was way too funny, it looks like you guys didn’t have any fun at all! Have a great Christmas Jessica!!! 12.17.08, 11:05AM
craig j stodola: Becker and the jingle jugs put me over the top. Hysterical. LOL 12.17.08, 10:23AM
Lorraine Daley: looks like you guys had a blast. have to say, I think Becker’s outfit takes the cake for ugliness though. Did you guys go out afterword? That would have been a riot. 12.17.08, 9:50AM
Caroline Ghetes: I heart ugly christmas sweater parties. I host one every year. This one just cracks me up. I love the skate hanging off your zipper. And the Lyon’s first pic made me laugh very freakin’ hard. Awesome. 12.17.08, 9:31AM
Jodi Friedman: I cannot stop laughing at these – thank you for sharing and making me smile. Jodi 12.17.08, 8:33AM
john waire: there wouldn’t happen to have been alcohol involved in this party? …looks like a blast! 12.17.08, 6:44AM
Pascal: Hahaha already seen some of these shots on Jasmine’s blog, those are great.. ugly but great nonetheless XD 12.17.08, 5:55AM
Siany: LOL! I always read your blog but never comment – just wanted to say that youre all so good looking that you can really pull the ugly sweaters off well!! 12.17.08, 5:49AM
Cathy Crawley: Freakin fantastic! Wish I was there 🙂 12.17.08, 4:58AM
regis Chen: Hey, I WAS wearing an ugly Christmas sweater… it was just a very, very, very understated one. 12.17.08, 4:05AM
pinky: oh my gosh, i love it! love all the ugly christmas sweaters!! Regis’s face is hilarious =) 12.17.08, 3:08AM
Katrina James: bahahahahaha So I thought your sweater wasn’t that bad!……Then I saw the back! Terrible Jingle Jugs? I don’t know what they do, but I am laughing. 12.17.08, 2:33AM
Julie Hill: These are HILARIOUS pics! You have to post one of Alex (or email one to me) – I didn’t get to see him in all his Christmas Sweater glory! Glad Becker is enjoying the Jingle Jugs!! 12.17.08, 2:03AM
Jasmine*: Can you say AWESOME?! I don’t think any of us have looked better! 🙂 12.16.08, 11:57PM
Erik Miguel : This is a great post, I particularly like Regis’ face and sweater – he wins! 12.16.08, 11:17PM
Kricia Morris Photography: haha…fantastic! Totally hilarious! I wish I had such a great group of photogs in this area to hang out with and take horrible pictures with! 🙂 12.16.08, 11:06PM
cydil: oh my goodness. my parents gave that SAME tie (that Becker’s wearing) to my husband for Christmas a few years ago. Until today I hadn’t seen another… 12.16.08, 10:31PM
Anna: Do we get to vote? Wow, didn’t realize there are so many fugly xmas sweaters in this world. I think I used to own one or possibly two. 12.16.08, 9:33PM
anniecat: looked like pure hilarity thanks for sharing! 12.16.08, 9:21PM
Charlotte Geary: Oh my god, I’m howling here. 12.16.08, 9:11PM
Mandi: ROTFL. Man I wish I’d a thought of the ugly sweater party for mine on Friday. All my favorite photogs at one party, and it was hilarious. 12.16.08, 9:06PM
Kortnee and Ted: Wow! I am totally inspired! How fun!!! The sad thing is my mom wears those for realz… 🙂 12.16.08, 8:43PM
Terrah: LOL!!! aw, thanx for a good laugh. 12.16.08, 8:40PM
Tony Bisson: BTW, How about a little photo credit love for that first photo…Nails! 12.16.08, 7:52PM
amelia Lyon: ROTFLOL!!! Hilarious, good times! 12.16.08, 7:49PM
tony Bisson: Someone in Canada told me about this post. That shot of me and Michael is much less humiliating than loosing to you and your THREE POCKET ACES after the party. Odds of bullets are 1-200 so santa must really love you Jess. 12.16.08, 7:42PM
lindsey d: Jessica, I’m hosting an ugly Christmas party this weekend. I think we may outdo you in the tacky department though…think light up sweaters and the like. hahahaha The photos got me really excited for this weekend. Too funny! 12.16.08, 7:41PM
Adrienne: what a fun party! cute, cute, cute!!! 12.16.08, 7:38PM
Cathy Empey: Now THAT is what I call a PARTY! Happy Holidays to you all! 12.16.08, 7:38PM
Jodi Van Straalen: WOw-that looks fun! 12.16.08, 7:08PM
Julie Cruz: Hilarious!! 🙂 Jingle Jugs…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. I love it. 12.16.08, 7:03PM
Jasmine Marie: This is just way too much fun. Jingle Jugs?! 12.16.08, 6:34PM
jaclyn kaiser: sooooo bummed we had to miss out on all the ugly. my favorite is chenin’s with the big ole bow. the shots of the lyons are hysterical and the one of michael + tony makes me feel uncomfortable. so awkwardly funny…and cat fancy? flipping genius. 12.16.08, 6:10PM
lauraim: LMAO! thanks for the 5h1t5 & giggles, awesome post! 12.16.08, 6:02PM
Jeff: Now I know why you and Michael were texting me Chuck Norris jokes at midnight…Ha. 12.16.08, 5:59PM
Lawrence @ Tofurious: Wow you picked out an awesome one for Becker! 12.16.08, 5:48PM
Chung Nguyen: Como dice "OMG" en Espanol? *laughs* 12.16.08, 5:48PM
Caitlin: Hideous. Just hideous. I hate to see what kind of mail JD is going to be getting now he’s on Cat Fancy’s mailing list! I’m sure Jasmine will blog about it 😉 12.16.08, 5:48PM
jason huang: the GIFTS were effing hilarious!! the chuck norris book might be a legitimate gift. but cat fancy??!? LOL 12.16.08, 5:47PM
michael norwood: THAT is a while lot of ugly… and I’m a major contributor. WOW. 12.16.08, 5:46PM
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography): This looks like fun! I’m so jealous that we aren’t in Cali to get to hang out with everyone! 12.16.08, 5:45PM
betsy: OMG LOL!!!! You guys are hilarious! The side pony made me LOL. Great job!!!! 12.16.08, 5:44PM
Amanda: OMG…that is all i have to say 12.16.08, 5:43PM