Trent Buckle: Beautiful and natural! 2.28.09, 1:15AM
Evelyn Laws: horrible addict….going to add you on FB now….need to get better about twittering or would that be tweeting?? 1.7.09, 12:19PM
Jeffrey Rease: Here’s another thing that might get you addicted: check out LOOPT at… it works with your cell phone to let you and your friends or family know exactly where you are and what you are doing…within reason. 1.7.09, 10:57AM
Jessica Wise: I love her dress..w/ the little mermaid like flair at the bottom. And the picture is great, the way the sun comes through the trees just above their heads. =) 12.26.08, 12:52PM
Steve Gerrard: Hi, my name’s Steve and I’m an addict. My wife still doesn’t "get" Twitter but I’m updating all day and linking my updates to my Facebook page. My mom loves it cos she can keep track of me. Not sure that’s a good thing 🙂 Merry Christmas Jess from one of your "followers" Steve x 12.26.08, 3:36AM
Betsy, La Vida Creations: guilt as charged. on all counts. facebook. twitter. blogs. I’m not sure, but I think that the oatmeal cookies may have been positive reinforcement! 12.17.08, 3:30PM
jodi Van Straalen: i added you! 12.16.08, 7:09PM
Annie : I already follow you on Twitter! 🙂 12.16.08, 4:58PM
Pascal: I am sooo addicted to these online social networking apps also. Just added you on facebook ;p 12.16.08, 8:41AM
Jamie Burnett: The Facebook app is soo addicting… 12.15.08, 5:01PM
Asim Soofi: Hey Jessica…you are not alone. I was just thinking last night of starting a support group…want in? /asim 12.15.08, 3:13PM
Sarah: Oh yay! Gotta love those oh so fun time suckers!! Facebook has been great to reconnect with old friends. 12.15.08, 2:56PM
Lawrence @ Tofurious: Following on Twitter now : ) 12.15.08, 2:02PM
tina lou: I did read this post, buthis teaser photo is like heaven. Just beautiful! 12.15.08, 1:37PM
Kenzie Shores: I’m completely hooked on this stuff… 12.15.08, 1:02PM
Jo-Anne Kyle: Well, um, I’m supposed to be working on some photos for a client, but I’m stalking your blog instead. Does that tell you anything?? 12.15.08, 11:05AM
Cathy and David Photographers: Ummm addictive? I have no idea what you’re talking about. 🙂 12.15.08, 10:45AM
kiki: O.k. I’m a perfect stranger and you talked me into coming out. Yes, I am addicted to Facebook. Who isn’t? That’s what I keep telling myself. Beatiful photo! I am anxt to see the rest. 12.15.08, 9:11AM
Jerome Braga: Guilty… 🙂 And I follow you on the "Book" and twitter. 12.15.08, 8:21AM
Events by Evonne: OK… I admit that I am also an addict! 🙂 12.15.08, 3:06AM
joshua Awesome! 12.14.08, 9:14PM
subhi karim: Hi there, so far there is only one thing that i am really addicted to. It’s YOU! Your work always and will always inspire me to become a good wedding photographer. Enjoy ur time in FB! 🙂 12.14.08, 12:32PM
Donita: Yeah, I have been known to stick my 3 yr old in front of the TV so I can have me some Facebook time! Crazy! 12.14.08, 10:03AM
Christine-Fandango Girl: Oooohhh, good post. I am totally an addict! Hmm…I need to follow your earlier example and spend the majority of my time building my business instead of on facebook and twitter! 😉 12.13.08, 11:17PM
Tony Bisson: Twitter is the most interesting thing to hit the net in years. If you hadn’t posted a link to this post I would not be here. I have missed this blog for many months. Nice to see you can still shoot better than the average bear. 12.13.08, 10:37AM
Rob Alberti: Beautiful Shot. Where was this taken? I love photos like this that take the b&g out of the normal flower backgrounds in a park. 12.13.08, 7:19AM
Aric Hoek: I love this image. It really pisses me off. I imagine myself in a classroom taking a final exam that I have studied endlessly for, and then you come in without studying and making a 100. 12.13.08, 1:13AM
Ruby Slippers: Haha, I added you the other day! I’m so addicted that now that I’ve run out of real-life friends on FB, I’ve started adding my favourite photographers and bloggers too! 12.12.08, 11:57PM
Anna: I’ve been on Facebook forever, but I’m only now starting to get addicted! 🙂 So far it’s been fun, but we’ll see… Amazing sneak peek photo, btw! 12.12.08, 11:03PM
Liza: I am definitely already addicted to these sites and am so unbelievably thankful that you have confessed your addiction so that it isn’t so weird confessing mine! 🙂 12.12.08, 6:44PM
Michelle Davies: I am definitely an addict to Twitter and Facebook. Oh, and blogs. Good think I don’t like anything illegal! haha 12.12.08, 6:02PM
Brian Khang: It’s ruined my life!!!!!! No seriously, it’s the greatest invention since the internet. Now everyone in the world can quietly stalk each other any time of the day! Yay!!! 12.12.08, 5:35PM
Ray: Me, personally, I’m a Myspace addict. Sad but true. LOL. =P But I’d have to disagree and say that Myspace is much more entertaining than facebook. You can find out more about a person than you can at facebook. I just signed up for facebook and to me, you can’t really do much on it. I wasn’t a fan (but then again I only made one to friend Britney Spears, hehe). But that’s just my opinion. Have fun on facebook and twitter! =) But PLEASE do continue to write here because I like coming here. Take, care. 12.12.08, 5:23PM
Emily L: I’m right there with you! 🙂 I’m on FBK & Twitter, in fact I’m already following you! They are fun ways to keep up but they certainly can suck away all of your time before you know it. 12.12.08, 5:17PM
Simply Modern Weddings: love this shot! 12.12.08, 4:07PM
Cathy Crawley: Facebook is my evil drug of choice. I check it all day long, so when I’m editing photos I simply have to unplug the laptop from the internet so I can actually get work done 🙂 12.12.08, 3:54PM
Crystal: I’m an addict too. I quit MySpace & Facebook earlier in the year. I’ve since gone back to Facebook, but I only log on when I get a notification that someone has left me a comment or emailed me. I use Twitter (love it!). And more and more lately, I’m addicted to blog stalking. Especially photographers. Google Reader owns my soul. 12.12.08, 3:36PM
laurel: I did it. You said to do it, and I went straight to Facebook and added you. You have the power of Oprah. 12.12.08, 3:22PM
Joy Bianchi Brown: hooray for addicts everywhere! love your post, girl. 12.12.08, 3:14PM
Misty Dawn: Oh I am completely addicted to both Twitter AND Facebook. It’s soooo bad…..but I LOVE it! 🙂 12.12.08, 2:54PM
Rachel: Um, complete addict over here as well. I just can’t help myself! 12.12.08, 2:36PM
Tracy: My name is Tracy, and I’m an addict. I’ve been clean for 2 minutes. 12.12.08, 2:14PM
Sandra: I sit on my couch with my iTouch and twitter EVERYTHING. My poor husband or son do anything, my husband turns around and says "Oh god, you gonna "Twitter" that too?? Your a dork Sandra" yeah…its HIGHLY addictive 🙂 12.12.08, 1:32PM
Dina: Yay! to the more posting! I have been checking in to see when you will fulfill your promise of photos with the Actions info. Always love seeing your stuff so please, keep to it this time! ;o) 12.12.08, 1:31PM
jerry: Yep, definitely an addict! I’m on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed… and more! 12.12.08, 1:30PM
Tira J : Hi my name is Tira J and I am no longer addicted to MySpace because I deleted my profile and am now addicted to Facebook. Facebook is the best thing next to Apple Pie. Seriously! 12.12.08, 1:10PM
Alyssa: I’m addicted to the internet period! I just followed you on twitter and facebook. I have so many accounts of different websites in crazy. This one is my favorite though- Just a warning though.. you will cross over to the dark side. 😉 12.12.08, 1:06PM
Bobbie Brown: hahhaha! Love your comment Krista! Love the picture Jess! Can’t wait to see more!! 12.12.08, 1:04PM
Kortney Jarman: My name is Kortney, and I am an addict. But the ability to connect with potential clients and friends is awesome. 12.12.08, 1:03PM
Alyssa: I totally hear ya! Just recently, i’ve started to reaaaly get addicted to every and any kind of social networking there is out there. Sometimes i try to remember what it was like without facebook… and i just can’t! Beautiful pictures by the way = ) 12.12.08, 12:59PM
Tiffaney Watts: I am showing myself. I, Tiffaney Watts, am addicted to Facebook. 12.12.08, 12:51PM
Krista Photography: Hi, my name is Krista, and I’m also an addict! 12.12.08, 12:47PM
Vivian Tran: I know what you mean…I went down that same path….myspace>facebook>twitter. They all give me a different ‘fix’ when I’m on their site…I remember the days of spending hours and hours on it (still am!) 12.12.08, 12:44PM
Christopher Wren: I’m addicted too, but I agree that it has huge benefits! I think my business would not be where it is today without facebook, and I got a Canon 5D Mark II because of a Twitter tip from Chenin Boutwell! Score for me. 12.12.08, 12:42PM
Amy: My addictions are blogging, facebook and stalking photographers blogs/websites 🙂 I loooove looking at the pictures! Yours and Chenin’s work are my FAV! 12.12.08, 12:36PM
Tara: My name is Tara and I’m a myspace-aholic. 🙂 12.12.08, 12:34PM
Jackie L.: Addict since 2003! Glad to know that I’m not the only one out there! 12.12.08, 12:33PM
Heather: I am Heather and I am addicted to Twitter! Its so bad, I am always on there, and always talking and its on my phone too which makes it worse. My boyfriend is always like WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I sadly say…twittering. Now I even have him sort of hooked. But yah I already follow you! 12.12.08, 12:33PM
Lucy: Im a big fat addict… you I also need a meeting..maybe we can go togather 😉 12.12.08, 12:18PM
robert: Well by the looks of it Jessica you’re not just an addict but a dealer too! lol … it’s the first step to a cure. 12.12.08, 12:11PM
Katie Jo: MySpace, Twitter and Facebook are now an extra appendage without which I cannot function. 12.12.08, 11:51AM
Brandy Frank: I’m seriously addicted to my blog. I feel *bad* if I don’t blog at least 3 times a week. Also, Myspace I have a love / hate relationship with. Then I JUST discovered twitter. And um, yeah. addicted. BTW I have seen your random twits on twitter when you were traveling somewhere. And I’m all "where the heck is she?" : ) oh. yeah. I have facebook. I’ve been on there twice. 12.12.08, 11:43AM
Imthiaz: Ha, Ha that’s so funny! That’s the reason why I won’t set-up my own facebook account and I’ve completely taken over my husbands. I had to promise my husband I would take a break from myspace and I’m scared to sign up on twitter, but it looks so much fun. Good luck Jessica, I know you’ll do well. Plus you can’t keep us waiting any longer to see your fabulous work, LOL. 12.12.08, 11:41AM
deB perry: yep…an addict already an it’s only been a few days. weeeeeee! 12.12.08, 11:41AM
siti ruzaimah: i’m addicted too.. can’t help it. ehehehe.. 12.12.08, 11:39AM
Dani J.: Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. I’m also an obsessive Google Analytics checker. 12.12.08, 11:39AM
adampad: I’ve been trying to get myself to blog more. I do way too much reading on sites like and dpreview about gear, when I should be doing other things. FlickR sucks me in too. I plan on doing more on myspace and facebook soon too, but I to redesign my website first. 12.12.08, 11:37AM
Sarah: I’m addicted to both too!! I check both throughout the day. I’m already a follower of you on Twitter. Adding you on fb now. 🙂 12.12.08, 11:36AM
Karinne: I am an addict. *Facebook Mobile*: says it all. 12.12.08, 11:34AM
Lisa Llarena: Never got on the MySpace and Facebook wagon and I doubt I ever will, but I’m a Twitter addict. It’s a huge time waster and I’ve worn out the f5 button on the laptop refreshing the darn thing all day long. I’m already following you on Twitter, of course. 12.12.08, 11:29AM
Lorraine Daley: I am an addict too. so sad. I thought I had recovered…used to be into photo sites…, etc. Now it’s social networking. I love the picture…gorgeous. I would remove the pink flair dot though. It is a bit visually distracting. Love the quality of the light! 12.12.08, 11:22AM
Amanda: Haha…I am already your friend of facebook, and I have to laugh every single time you post. (Which is like every half hour). I am an obsessive facebook ‘checker’, but probably only post 3 or 4 times a day, which I guess in the ‘real’ world is a lot. You definitely have me beat though! This is better the proverbial water cooler. You can kind of still be in your sweat pants, or in your car, or on a really boring date, and still keep in touch. 12.12.08, 11:18AM