Mikkel: Thank you so much for sharing some TRA recipes! I LOVE when you do that – such an invaluable educational tool for a novice like me! 12.30.09, 1:53PM
Neiva Diniz: Lindas de doer essas fotos!!! Parabéns! As do casamento então… sem palavras! 12.15.09, 8:46PM
Paul: So bummed that I missed the sale! The TRA actions are just incredible! 12.6.09, 2:07PM
Lynn Castillo: Hi Jessica, thanks for the help I use totally rad, some time ago but the combination of the stirrup does not please the public knew more tricks you’re wonderful at what you do a thousand thanks for the help. 12.4.09, 8:37AM
Shannon Phillips: THANK YOU! I love when your processing posts so much. I feel like I get in a rut with my actions and do the same old thing over and over. I have never even seen clarify before and I just tried it and I love love love it! You are the best. 12.2.09, 8:04AM
Inland Empire Wedding Photographer : I love it when you do the examples. I dont know why I get such a kick out of it~ 12.1.09, 2:52PM
Tim – Wedding Photographer: Thank you for posting this! I took advantage of the sale since I have been wanting to buy these actions for like 2 years… 11.28.09, 1:30AM
Carin: Your images are always beautiful! I have these actions (and LOVE them) and I have never used luxsoft….I am off to try it now!!! Thanks for the tip! 11.27.09, 6:35PM
rhonda: agghhhhh, I can’t decide what set to get!!! what do you like better? 11.27.09, 4:01PM
jenny: Love your before and after posts as always ! You’re on a roll ! I love waking up to see a new blog post by you 🙂 Happy thanksgiving ! 11.27.09, 3:52PM
Vanessa Day: Thanks so much for the link to Totally Rad. I’m so excited to try out these new actions. 11.27.09, 3:18PM
adeirra: dear jessica, i’m an amateur photograopher from jakarta, indonesia. it’s been a while since i spotted your website and it has been one of my must-to-observe websites. one new thing that i learnt from you is this totally rad action. from the nature of my country, is it still possible to order the action and pay it with indonesia credit card and with IP address of Indonesians? because often times i want to buy things online, the server wont let me, because the nature of IP address from my country is to do credit card fraud. please help me and give me tips what to do, because i’m so want to purchase the totally rad actions mix. thanks. adeirra 1.4.09, 7:37PM
Marla Halac: Something that I love is the magic look between a bride and groom, just before they say I do. I hate people who honk their horns! It makes me jump!! Impatience is nasty! 12.24.08, 4:54PM
joe: I love these actions, couldn’t live without them 12.1.08, 6:28PM
PREMA BUCK: Hey Jessica…thanks for filling us in on the one day sale! I finally went for it and got everything! 🙂 11.29.08, 11:06AM
Fernanda Petelinkar: I want soooo much! And I really want one shootsac!!! But I’m in Brazil!!!!!!! 11.28.08, 8:07PM
Kate: Thanks for the reminder!! They sent me an e-mail, too and I went and got the original set today. Awesome! 11.28.08, 7:09PM
Andrea Blair: I wish you shipped to Canada ;( I need a new cover for my Shootsac. 11.28.08, 11:27AM
tim dinofa: i’m getting my first shootsac tonight – one for me and one for my wife. i’ll also be picking up some more "rad" as well. 11.27.08, 9:20PM
candice brooke: we got you girl! Check out our blog! I LOVE your shoot sacs! 11.27.08, 2:02AM
Cynthia Q.: Thanks for sharing—sharing is caring after all ; ) 11.27.08, 12:12AM
Ray: Also: Do you retouch every photo or just some? 11.26.08, 11:12PM
Ray: Such COOL sales for Black Friday! Too bad I’m not a photographer or I would have definitely checked those out. I checked out your link and I thought it was so cool that you posted on my birthday. Well, take care. 11.26.08, 11:11PM
photoTristan: I have these set actions and they are pretty rad indeed. 11.26.08, 6:33PM