Tonya Peterson: Could she be any more ADORABLE!!! 11.24.08, 3:54PM
Darcie Brown: What a great promo video. It’s great to hear her put her approach and inspiration behind her photography into words. 11.23.08, 12:36AM
nate: josh smith from made this promo! one of my really good friends and (imho) the best wedding videographer in the biz! peep his site. 11.22.08, 11:26PM
Melissa Jill 🙂: Crystal IS such a sweetie! A total joy to be around! 11.22.08, 3:01AM
Curtis Ludlow: You have the most beautiful blog/website I’ve seen in a long time. Very nice! 🙂 11.20.08, 3:11PM
Cathy and David Photographers: VERY COOL video. 🙂 Loving the light and the processing. She looks super-sweet too! 😀 11.20.08, 8:51AM
Amelia Thornton: WOW WOW WOW – great promo video…and she seems sooo sweet and down to earth. Fabulousness attracts Fabulousness, Jessica… I do believe you guys are all about to see a spike in the promo video market…lol… 11.19.08, 10:52PM
dale: I know!! Crystal is such a super-sweetie!! Meredith and I adore her!!!! 11.19.08, 5:56PM
Alan Nielsen: Darn, I really need a promo video now too…. ..and a new blog to follow. tks 11.19.08, 12:22PM
Misty Johnson: Yes, I couldn’t agree more! Crystal is in my town and I’ve had the great privilege of working with her team. She is super talented and a true sweetheart! 11.19.08, 10:10AM
Anna: What a great promo! You totally get a sense of her and what she is about. Wonderful job! 11.19.08, 8:16AM
marchelle: besides her obvious talent, she is ADORABLE! 11.19.08, 8:03AM
Jessica Cernat: I think it is so great and special to do a promo video as a photographer! Great job and God Bless you on the path to a great career you love!!! 11.19.08, 12:46AM
abraham: really cool dof work on her video! great stuff! 11.19.08, 12:31AM
karin dailey: wow. who did the video? it is breathtaking! 11.18.08, 10:40PM
Lydia: Wow, that is a FAB promo video! 11.18.08, 7:47PM
Lawrence @ Furious Photographers: Dang I need a promo video lol 11.18.08, 6:11PM
Anna Pryor: Awww, she’s so cute! I loved her! So sweet! 11.18.08, 5:41PM
serena: wow! that was such a beautiful promo vid. and love that she used a priscilla ahn song. 11.18.08, 4:42PM
jamie: that was great! she’s a couple hours south of me… 11.18.08, 3:44PM