Debbie(mother of the bride): Anna got those at a boutique in West Monroe, called Kim’s Kloset. She told the buyer for the store what colors she wanted and when she went to "market" this is what she came back with. Anna loved them. There were matching bracelets also. I don’t know if she’ll remember what she ordered but here’s the phone# 318-807-0012. Who knows, maybe she can find them again and ship to you. Good Luck. 12.15.08, 10:50AM
meghan: Beautiful pictures!! My friend is getting married and all of us girls in the wedding party LOVE the necklaces on the bridesmaids– Where did she get them?! 12.7.08, 8:43PM
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Kyla Branch Photography: Jessica these are fab! I was really hoping to get to meet you when you came in. You came and went before I even knew it! Next time you come to town let us know(the Crazies that is We’d love to show you some of our favorite places around Monroe to shoot. 11.15.08, 12:57PM
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