Amanda Donaho: H.O.T. :o) 10.19.08, 9:29PM
Jules Bianchi: thank you for this. such a cute pic! 10.18.08, 12:15AM
Sir William: HAHA! oh men! 10.17.08, 11:58AM
Dennis: Wow! What a stud 10.16.08, 5:55PM
Cathy Crawley: This is hysterical! I LOVE it!!! Becker, or young Christopher as he was then, looks so cute! Happy Birthday [b] 🙂 10.16.08, 5:16PM
clint: that is awesome… 10.16.08, 4:58PM
Larry Reeves: Classic! Happy [b]irthday, Becker! 10.16.08, 4:30PM
Joseph Finn: Woah – that could so be me in 1983, as I’m only a few months older and was a huge fan of the Lamarr Hoyt White Sox. 10.16.08, 4:00PM