marge: I don’t do weddings, but i was present at this one through your wonderful photos, lovely job 10.28.08, 6:41PM
Nichol : Jessica, Beautiful stuff as always. I absolutely love the image of the couple in the field. STUNNING! Sounds like you have been traveling a ton. Let me know if you ever come to Michigan or nearby and ever need a second shooter. Take care! Nichol 10.17.08, 9:41AM
Rani: are you real gonna start private consulting? can you give me some more info please. love your stuff. 10.15.08, 4:35PM
Megan: Alright, just when I was going to stop checking your blog every day of my life… you know just how to reel me back in. I love the 6 AM shoot. I guess I’ll stick around. Just kidding, I would NEVER stop coming to look at your blog!!! 10.14.08, 11:03AM
erica ferrone: Wow! You’ve been super busy 🙂 Awesome pics. 10.14.08, 9:21AM
Doug @ Furious Photographers: What inspirational photographs! Ah I want to go to Image X next time 😀 10.14.08, 2:55AM
Lucy: I cant wait to see the baby pictures!!! Im so excited! 10.14.08, 12:12AM
Emily Mason: Absolutely stunning!! 10.13.08, 7:56PM
Paper Monkey: Wow! You’ve been busy! I can’t wait to see the rest of these shoots, especially the new baby! 10.13.08, 4:36PM
Sergio: Wow! These photos are incredible… makes me want to get into photography. Well done! 10.13.08, 4:32PM
Joyce: I love love love the 6AM shot! That’s so beautiful and magical! 🙂 10.13.08, 3:50PM
Dominoe Imus: Whew!! I can’t even keep up with your images! I don’t know how you do all that running around and still manage to get beautiful images, but you do! 10.13.08, 2:53PM
Larry Reeves: These are so awesome! I dig that last picture! 10.13.08, 1:58PM
My First Kitchen: I can’t wait to see all that you’ve been doing! I get my weekly amazing aesthetic fix from your blog, so I’m looking forward to having you back. 🙂 10.13.08, 7:25AM
Mark: Beautiful shots, Jessica. That second shot in particular is very nice. 10.12.08, 11:26PM
Kortnee : My first post on your site!! Yeahhh!!! Thank you for such an amazing couple of days in New Orleans. Your class was amazing, the black jack was unforgettable and the photo shoot was the chance of a lifetime!! We think the world of you and can never thank you enough. Keep on rockin’ it as we all know you will!!! 10.12.08, 11:12PM
deB perry: Those photos of Thea and Nilsson are AMAZING…and ofcourse the bebe portrait is breathtaking with that punch of color. I love how you showed such a range with a snapshot from each shoot. 10.12.08, 7:54PM
tunji: Yay 10.12.08, 7:16PM
Smoki: great, as always ;-)) can’t wait to see something more.. greetings from Poland 😉 Dorota&Michal 10.12.08, 3:19PM
Noei: Hello from Thailand. I’ve been tracking down your blog for months and today I just read your In the next 101 in 1001 and found that you want to travel to Thailand. I think it’s a good idea. Thailand has many good things and places to offer! Oh and I also found that your #11 and 54 are the same in Blog every day for a month which you have recently failed to do but really I’m looking forward to it. Your pictures are amazing and very creative. I love them;) 10.12.08, 2:50PM
Vanessa Tuau: Your images all have one thing in common – perfectly natural skintones. Watching….and learning 🙂 xxxx 10.12.08, 1:40PM
quinze: a little teasing! I am impatient to read you dice Monday 10.12.08, 1:09PM
Jennifer: Gosh – what a busy bee! Gorgeous results. 10.12.08, 2:24AM
Priscila: you’ve been very busy missy. Keep up the great work. I just love coming to your blog (ok the blog coming to be courtesy of GR) and seeing your amazing work. God Bless!! 10.11.08, 10:57PM
Candice Brooke: ok seriously I miss you! and I can not wait to see all these blog posts! I know they rock! Candice 10.11.08, 10:36PM
Renee Mader: Image X was incredible! I had so much fun and learned a lot. You RAWK! 10.11.08, 9:23PM
heather broom: Oh my gosh, that baby room is TO DIE FOR! I freaking love it!!!!! 10.11.08, 9:13PM
melanie: Welcome to Monroe! Can’t wait to see the pics! 10.11.08, 5:33PM
Mike Allebach: My God, what lens did you use for most of these images. Don’t you hate that question? Since you took the photo…and it’s good cause you got skill. But seriously what lenses do you prefer. 10.11.08, 5:05PM
Callie Crass: Hey Jess, Just wanted to say it was great meeting you this week and imageX and thanks for letting me tag along on Rachel’s shoot! 10.11.08, 4:57PM
Bobbie Brown: Wow! I love all these pictures and you have been BUSY BUSY! Can’t wait to see the full posts… 10.11.08, 4:38PM
stephen: wow =) so awesome =) 10.11.08, 4:06PM
Evelina: I started to scroll down and then I saw the black chandeliers on the wall, I scrolled down a bit more and expected a pair of shoes or a tiara. I "awwwwed" when I saw the cutest baby of the month! 🙂 10.11.08, 1:08PM
Ursula: It was a pleasure to be a part of your class. It was great to meet you and see you work. I hope you got some relaxing time the extra evening that you stayed! 10.11.08, 12:40PM
Stefan: Can’t wait to see long post! 10.11.08, 12:17PM
Anne Nunn Photography: I can’t wait to see your full posts! Beautiful work as ALWAYS! Get some sleep this weekend. 😉 10.11.08, 11:23AM
Gloria N: Jessica, I still can’t believe you are so close to me(geographically). Monroe?? What a co-inky-dink, well not really, but it is cool!!! And I have great connection, so come on over and you can use mine! Have fun, and I can’t wait to see the pictures from Monroe! 10.11.08, 11:07AM
Tira J: Hi Jess. I can’t wait to see all of the details of these posts. You are one busy woman! Get some rest. 10.11.08, 8:33AM
ryan manthey: jessica, image x was amazing! it was very inspiring. the time away from the classes was as fun as the classes itself. i can not believe my wife gave you that ring, it was my great great grandmothers 10.11.08, 7:51AM
Brienne Michelle: Oh my goodness! You’ve been busy girl! Hope you get some sleep in there somewhere. Us blog stockers can certainly wait a day or two and you need your shuteye! Hang in there! 10.11.08, 2:42AM
Ray: OMG, such awesome photos! I can’t wait to see a post with each story. I especially loved the photo of Thea and Nilsson at 6 am. I can’t believe they woke up that early after their wedding day. "THEY ROCK!" And that engagement photo of Ian and Vivien is TOO COOL! I love street art like that. And you can’t get any better than the Joker (at least I think that’s what that is, hehe). What location was that photo shot at (I’m curious to know)? Well, take care. =D 10.11.08, 2:35AM
Keats Elliott: speechless! take a nap – you make the rest of us slackers look bad! lol!!! 10.11.08, 1:42AM
Cathy Crawley: WOW woman, you have been everywhere! I remember Thea from her gorgeous Bridals, good to see her hubby is just as cute 😉 I wish I was at Image X, but as they say there is always next year!!! 10.11.08, 1:38AM
Erin: wow, you’ve been busy, sounds like you need an assistant….hmmm I am thinking of someone right now!!! J/K! 10.11.08, 1:29AM
Liza: Can’t wait for your blog return! =) Busy busy person you are! Can’t wait to see the beautiful photos! 10.11.08, 12:33AM
James Day: Jessica, You are amazing. Your work just blows me away every time. JD 10.11.08, 12:13AM
sara: I can’t wait for the full posts!! So nice to hear from you again! 10.11.08, 12:07AM
Maureen: OMG!! If I didn’t have a wedding to shoot tomorrow I would so be stalking you in Monroe! 😉 That’s only like 30 minutes from where I live!! Way cool! 10.11.08, 12:00AM
jen berry: wow. i can’t believe you had time to even do the above. i bet you could sleep all day like Larkin Olivia. good luck over the next couple of weeks. thanks for taking the time with the updates. AS USUAL. perfect and beautiful 10.10.08, 11:53PM
r. j. kern: thank you for sharing your time with us. you were super patient in answering our questions with such professionalism!!! 10.10.08, 10:58PM