Michelle Noel: Hello, I enjoyed the maternity shoots. I particularly loved the creativity of laying the mother over the "Bump" sign in the street. That is good stuff. Nice work. – Michelle www.michellenoelphoto.com 11.19.08, 1:04AM
Larry Reeves: Beautiful pictures! my favorite is the "bump" one…fantastic! 10.10.08, 5:59PM
Misty smith: I love all of these!! Congrats to the couple!! I wish I was still living in California cause I would love to have you shoot my maternity photos! 10.8.08, 8:40PM
apis: love u’r editing sooo much so cool… 10.5.08, 9:14PM
Ryel j: Congratulations… You’re right their baby is going to be hot hot hot! 10.1.08, 1:40PM
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Joyce: I love this maternity shots! Your photos and her portraits can be in a magazine! She’s beautiful. 🙂 9.30.08, 10:55AM
Gary: Wow one of the best maternity shoot ever!! 9.29.08, 11:02PM
Karen Kirkland: What an absolutely gorgeous couple! Katie looks amazing and is definitely a brave soul for baring it all… Loving all of the shots – the "bump" photo is my fav. 9.29.08, 10:09PM
Shy: OH MY!!! The Minardi’s are having a baby! I shot this wedding with you and Mike. It was my first as his intern I think. 🙂 wow… that was eons ago! 9.29.08, 8:50PM
erica sergio: wow. these are stunning. 9.29.08, 7:19PM
Aimee Greeblemonkey: Stunning photos, as always. And I wish I looked half as good when I was pregnant. 9.29.08, 6:31PM
Paper Monkey: These are great! I love the cowboy boots! Too adorable! 9.29.08, 4:07PM
gabriel.ryan.: …wondering what the baby is telling john in one of those last photos. it looks like it was something good 9.29.08, 3:39PM
Jennifer: Beautiful! Amazing work and such beautiful shots. Something I am sure these two will cherish forever! May I ask who set up your blog/web page? I would love this same idea if you don’t mind! thanks! Jenn 9.29.08, 2:35PM
Gina Leigh: I have to agree with the others that I LOVE your bump photos! Definitely worth repeating!! 🙂 Gina Leigh 9.29.08, 2:14PM
Erin Gardner-Jensen: I am sure you have tons of questions about the actions on these. What is the texture/blurry action? Love the pics! Great job! 9.29.08, 1:43PM
Katie Slater: I also love the BUMP photo – what a cute idea. These are beautiful, and Katie if you are reading…you looked FABULOUS pregnant!!! Congrats on the new baby!! 9.29.08, 7:37AM
robin dini: absolutely gorgeous jessica! i love the shots with the yellow dress and the brown dress. so soft and intimate. great job. 9.29.08, 7:11AM
Events by Evonne: Beautiful photos as always. I think all pregnant women look gorgeous! 9.29.08, 4:09AM
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Lindsay Ernst: These are incredibly beautiful, I wish I had some like this when I was pregnant! 9.28.08, 2:06PM
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Evelina: I absolutley adore the "BUMP"-photo! 🙂 I’m going to stop being quiet around your blogsite, because I love it too much!!! / Evelina 9.28.08, 12:01PM
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Kris Leigh: Wowee! What an amazingly beautiful couple! 🙂 9.27.08, 5:29AM
Jas: I love your ‘bump’ photos. Have often thought how cute it is and wondered how to do a similar photo myself. Unfortunately in Australia our signs say HUMP and that just doesnt have the same conotations! 9.27.08, 12:07AM
kim: the couple really is beautiful together but the new mom is simply breathtaking in that field. so awesome to see someone embrace their new body instead of be ashamed of it. really. she looks angelic. if only i had something like this from my pregnancy. 9.26.08, 10:39PM
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Jacob Bergmeier: HOMERUN! 9.26.08, 8:54PM
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Lucy: Cant wait to see what the baby looks like! If it looks like her, he will be the most adorable little baby. 9.26.08, 7:31PM
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Nadine: Really lovely shots. And stop beating yourself up about posting-frequency! 9.26.08, 4:11PM
Tanya Jose: love it, love it, love it!! i am expecting now & i can’t wait to have my friend take pictures of me!! and i’ve been a fan of your "bump" photo since the first time I saw it. i have a small rendition of it that i wanna try out, so when i do it, i’ll have to send it to you, to see what you think!! great shots!! 9.26.08, 3:37PM
Lauren: Such a brave woman!!! I am 7 months pregnant right now and so nervous to take my clothes off at the sight of a camera! They really look amazing and appreciate the changes your body really goes through adding a new addition to the family 9.26.08, 2:39PM
Emily Heizer Photography: This was the cutest thing ever! Kudos for Katie for not being afraid, and your body is gorgeous! Who needs to be shy when you look that great! Awesome! I loved this. And the brown dress and boots was just lovely. 🙂 9.26.08, 2:33PM
Bobbie: There are so many from this shoot I love! The boots are so cool, and I LOVE the ones of the them at the fence, and the bump shot, I love that one all over again! And that field – WOW! 9.26.08, 1:53PM
Mandy: *sigh* These are magical, perfect, emotional, and daring. What a perfect mama and papa! 9.26.08, 1:02PM
amber: JESSICA! These are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. I think this might be my favorite maternity session ever. I love how warm they are. Awesome job! 9.26.08, 12:10PM
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Chung Nguyen: Naked pregnant body? Beautiful. Incredible. Dare I say, miraculous. Excellent captures and yay for posting them! (: 9.26.08, 12:05PM
Dawn : Love the pic’s. What action is that you used on the 3 picture down. It is kind of dusty looking. I have you use this before and I love it. 9.26.08, 11:53AM
Amanda Nelson Photography: These pictures are absolutely beautiful Jessica! I am so glad that she was willing to pose nude. Those pictures are just breathtaking. I plan on taking similar pictures when I’m pregnant. The lighting makes everything feel so natural and real. Nothing posed or photoshopped. Just gorgeous.. as always. 9.26.08, 11:33AM
Grace: these images are STUNNING. where did you shoot? the location is also gorgeous. 9.26.08, 11:14AM
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