Cristina Thornburg: I love this shot! The light, the bg, his expression, the crop….totally sweet image! 9.18.08, 12:43PM
Brandon Mulnix: Incredible Photograph, I love the lines between where her eyes should be and his. I see this same pose all the time with out the line of sight. Beautiful 9.18.08, 11:54AM
Paper Monkey: I love how this picture is so warm and inviting. Perfect mood for a maternity shoot! 9.16.08, 1:41PM
Ann Hamilton: What a beautiful moment and such gorgeous light to work with! 9.16.08, 1:27AM
Furious Photographers: You always have the most perfect lighting! I’m jealous =P 9.16.08, 12:20AM
Bobbie: Ohhhh! A maternity shoot? I am SO excited to see this! I have no doubt they will be amazing… My due date is in 5 weeks; sure wish I could get you to do mine! 9.15.08, 1:53PM
sanna: this is the one of the most beautiful pictures i’ve ever seen i think. you are really talented! 🙂 9.15.08, 4:22AM
Tunji Sarumi: SWEET!!! 9.14.08, 10:03PM
Candice Brooke: this is amazing! wow you are honestly the best! wahoooo 9.14.08, 7:54PM
hillary: I love it! can’t wait to see the rest. i wish i could have you do my maternity pictures!! 🙁 9.14.08, 6:54PM
Katie Slater: This is so cute! I can’t wait to see the rest! 9.14.08, 5:43PM
Stevi Savage: love the golden light 9.14.08, 4:03PM
Gjertrud: LOVELY picture. You are so amazing. I really get inspired by you…thank you. Gretings from Norway 9.14.08, 2:34PM
Kriea: Love the light as always! His expression is fabulous 🙂 9.14.08, 1:32PM
Michelle: What an awesome shot!!! 9.14.08, 11:35AM
Matt Dorroh: Awesome lighting and I love to feel to this shot! 9.14.08, 11:35AM
Anne: I can’t wait to see the rest.. what a gorgeous light you had.. i bet the rest of the session pictures are just as amazing.. i would love to shoot some maternity pictures too, just couldn’t find a model for it yet. 9.14.08, 10:30AM
Tom Janz: Love it! Cant wait to see the rest! Jessica you are amazing! 9.14.08, 9:39AM
Stanleyliew: YAY! This is so awesome. One post every single day. There’s something to look forward to everyday now =) 9.14.08, 9:22AM
Melissa: I love this! So warm. 9.14.08, 8:57AM
Henrik: Very good lightning. I like the warm tone that it is creating in this shot! Very nice work! 9.14.08, 8:33AM
Rae Barnes: I love it! Wish you lived closer to us (or vice versa) so that you could do mine! 9.14.08, 6:37AM
Anna: You can feel the excitement and love. Beautiful Jessica. 9.14.08, 6:37AM
scott westerman: Wow jessica i love the colours in this image, cant wait to see the rest. Can i also say its great to see you blogging again, ive missed seeing and reading your stuff. scott. 9.14.08, 6:35AM
Cathy Crawley: Such gorgeous light, and what a happy daddy to be! 9.14.08, 5:23AM
therese : Gorgeous! 9.14.08, 5:16AM
Annie: Fantastic light!!! Can’t wait to see the rest! = ) 9.14.08, 4:37AM
pinky: i love it! so beautiful! 9.14.08, 3:02AM
Abra: Gorgeous Jess, absolutely gorgeous…as always. 9.14.08, 2:30AM
Paul Metzgar : Incredible shot! Do you think as part of the daily blog post you could include info on the processing or action? 9.14.08, 2:06AM
Ray: What a sweet photo. Can’t wait to see the rest. 9.14.08, 1:31AM