karen: What a beautiful lady!!! Look at how well she cares for herself! Her hands are so elegant and look at those nails!! Her smile is amazing and she is soooo accessorized. Sheesh… I really need to take notes and get with the program! Thanks for the motivation! 9.22.08, 8:16PM
Jamie Thoreson: Seeing Nana in this shot made me sad….I miss you all and wish I was still a large part of your life. I miss going to the beach too! She looks great and good job with kickin butt! 9.19.08, 3:33PM
carrie Peele: Hi Jessica: Just met your mom today at Duke. Your name came up a few weeks ago during a conversation with Doug Barger of Marriott City Center in Raleigh. Doug was with Duke a few years ago and new you MOM. Go to www.barclayvilla.com 9.19.08, 11:59AM
Brenda: This is adorable! What a kickin’ Grandma you have. 9.19.08, 4:28AM
Brandon Mulnix: What a cute grandmother. I wish I could sit around and play cards with her sometime. She seems like she would be a riot. I assume she is a pretty spunky lady. I am no good a poker, but it would be a fun just watching her play. 9.18.08, 11:56AM
Kris Evans: This is fabulous! I only hope I have that kind of twinkle in my eye when I am 71 let alone 91. What a great relationship you have with your family, no doubt you treasure it. 9.17.08, 11:42AM
Paper Monkey: That is awesome. Your grandma is the bomb! ha ha! 9.16.08, 1:39PM
V: What a fabulously fun foto! You go grannie-girl. 9.15.08, 12:43AM
Patrina Odette: could she be any more adorable? i don’t think so. thanks for sharing, jessica! 9.14.08, 4:11PM
Michelle Davies: Love it! How great that your grandma is still so full of life. And what a cutie, too! 9.14.08, 2:35PM
Henrik: This is a very nice portrait shot! Like the concept behind it! 9.14.08, 8:34AM
Avi Revivo: A picture that just make you smile! great great shot!! 9.14.08, 2:02AM
Ray: GOD BLESS YOUR GRANDMOTHER! Ninety-one and she likes poker: "Your grandmother is the COOLEST!" =o) 9.14.08, 1:29AM
laureen: AWESOME shot…I just LOVE this! 9.13.08, 11:48PM
Paulo Jordao Photography: What a great shot. You just captured her happiness!!! 9.13.08, 11:34PM
Amy Martin: This is just about the greatest thing ever! 9.13.08, 11:10PM
Renee: Your Grandma ROCKS!!! I love her perfectly manicured nails too. This Mississippi girl hopes Tunica is good to her! 9.13.08, 10:35PM
betsy: LOVE THIS! Adorable. I see where you get your skills! ; ) 9.13.08, 9:38PM
Whitney: She is a hoot! Love her expression and french manicure!! 9.13.08, 7:35PM
Alicia Brown: Oh my land! I sure do hope I have as much spunk when I’m older! 9.13.08, 2:55PM
julie: what a great post! ha! you go grandma!!! 9.13.08, 2:36PM
Lucy M: Such a cute shot! I love it!!! Makes me miss my grandma… 9.13.08, 12:29PM
April Ingram: This is precious! I love seeing spunky grandparents. How cool! 9.13.08, 12:20PM
Melissa Koehler: That’s freaking awesome. Go Grandma! 9.13.08, 10:11AM
Cathy Crawley: What an awesome Grannie you have! 9.13.08, 9:44AM
Katie Slater: That is so C U T E! What a hip, stylin’ Gram you have! 9.13.08, 9:12AM
Melissa M.: This is so fabulous!! I love it!! 9.13.08, 7:19AM
kellie: I love that at 91 your grandmother has french tips! 9.13.08, 2:50AM
Tanya Jose: That is AWESOME!! 🙂 I love it!! My gram can kill us youngens in some poker & it makes my hubby cringe! LOL 9.13.08, 12:50AM
ashley bartoletti: that is the best picture ever! 9.13.08, 12:49AM
annaliza: aww! how awesome is that? 91 yr old grammie can kick butt at poker. that means no early signs of alzheimer’s soon. praise God for amazing genes! 9.13.08, 12:44AM
One Love Photo: That is toooo much! Love it! Thanks for the tips on the actions in the wedding post below. It was very helpful and much appreciated! 9.13.08, 12:30AM
pinky: aww your grandma’s so awesome! 9.12.08, 11:54PM
Kia: Grandma’s are awesome! This picture is so cool. 9.12.08, 11:31PM
Jess: Your Grandma is so cool! 9.12.08, 10:57PM
Melissa: That’s awesome! Your Grandma looks like one cool lady! 9.12.08, 10:34PM
Kim Garcia: This is such a cute photo. it reminds me of my Grandma. She taught us Polish poker when we were kids. I really don’t think there is such a thing. I think she made it up as she went along. We lost a lot of nickles to her. And yes, she IS Polish. ha ha. 9.12.08, 10:32PM