ajira: How fabulous! I’d love to be doing what you’re doing too… combining two of my absolutely favourite things- traveling and photographing! And you’re going to my home country too… SA… enjoy! I’d love to learn about how you developed your e-matte. 🙂 9.24.08, 6:41PM
Danny Klimetz: I was curious how you got in to the business of being a destination photographer. I love the idea of being able to go to various places to photograph a wedding, but how does one advertise for something like that? Thanks for you time and I love the work. 9.15.08, 2:17PM
Johnny Tran: Wow, Jessica, that’s awesome. I love to travel too. I want to do exactly what you are doing. I just don’t know how to get started! 9.14.08, 4:02AM
Paulo Jordao: You go girl… I wish my schedule was more like yours… LOL And sure I follow you on Twitter. My Twitter is http://twitter.com/paulopics1 9.13.08, 11:39PM
Audra: When you coming to Phoenix?? You are going to love it here! 9.13.08, 7:36PM
wendy: Hi, I see you are going to be in Sweden for a workshop. I was wondering how I could get some more information on that. i live in Holland and would be very interested in flying to sweden to attend, or maybe you would be interested in doing a workshop in Holland. Thanks Wendy 9.13.08, 4:24PM
Melody Gibbs: And why isn’t Australia on your list of places for next year? LOL You do know there’s been some campaigning going on! 9.12.08, 2:53AM
V: Watermark comment. . . we find inspiration from all around us. Whether one thinks about it or not. 9.11.08, 12:15AM
Jenn: I wonder where this lady got the idea for her watermark ???? WOW. http://dhonea.blogspot.com/2008/09/blog-post.html 9.10.08, 10:32PM
meghan: I am ENVIOUS about the South Africa!!!! 9.10.08, 1:23PM
Megan Robbins: How exciting, your shooting a wedding in South Africa?!?! I can’t wait to see it! How did you get into being a destination photographer, you’re obviously doing a good job at it! 9.10.08, 11:59AM
Captured by Jess: It looks like your head may be making an appearance in Boston. Would that be this weekend (13/14th), by any chance?? 9.10.08, 9:12AM
Jason : OKC! Sweet! If you need help, I am right down the road! 9.10.08, 8:20AM
ulrica: WOW.. I saw you were coming to Sweden for a workshop.. is that something that is possible to attend? I have adored your photography and your knowledge for so long and when you come here, i would love to get a glimpse of you and your work!!! Best regards Ulrica Hallen, Sweden 9.10.08, 4:13AM
jane: Jessica, I LOVE your work. I’m just beginning in this digital world(i’m old school with film) I don’t know if you ‘ll ever have time to answer my question…. but HOW do you get your outdoor shots so beautifully in the sun? Mine usually have harsh shadows on faces. Your skintones are beautiful and everything just seems to sparkle. Super idea with you all over the map! Thank you … you are inspiring. p.s. i have an almost 16 yr.old daughter named Jessica! 9.9.08, 9:14PM
stacy t: coming to NYC? need an assistant or driver or someone to get you a bagel with schmear of cream cheese? would love to help out. honestly! i would be your beck and call girl. wait, that doesn’t sound right! i’m not a call girl! haha 9.9.08, 6:19AM
Laurie: Have a great time in Phoenix – next time you’re here, I’d love to book you to shoot my kids! Safe travels! 9.8.08, 8:37PM
Diana Sanders: Hi Jessica, I am amazed with your website…I’ve just spent soo long on it…very engaging!! Got a question for you – Who do you use to make your wedding albums?? Diana from New Zealandx 9.8.08, 6:39PM
Jilda: Hi, I was so excited to see you are coming to South Africa for a wedding. I was curious how that came to be… it is nice to know I am not the only south African fan. If you in Cape Town and need any help, you most welcome! if you have the time how about a course!!!! 9.8.08, 3:06PM
Ray: I love how you put your face all over the map, to let us know where you’re going. Cute. And a wedding in Hawaii and South Africa sounds like great fun. I can’t wait to see those photos. Have fun with all your travels. Take, care. 9.8.08, 3:01PM
pinky: wow that’s great you’re traveling to so many places! i’m praying my cousin will hire you for her hawaii wedding next year =) 9.8.08, 1:16PM
Megan: hi! you probably already have someone lined up, but if you need any help with the Memphis wedding, I’d love to help! 9.8.08, 1:15PM
Natalie: Ooh, ooh! If you need someone to carry your stuff or fetch water for you while you’re in Atlanta, pick me! 🙂 I love your work and I’d love the chance to drool over, I mean, observe you while you work. 9.8.08, 1:12PM
Gregg Shaw: Oh that makes me a little sad! Not that you’re busy but that people are that crazy out there!! You must get some weird comments. You share so much of your life and your work with everyone out there in cyber photographer land, and I for one appreciate it a ton. You have always inspired me. But don’t ever let your generosity be taken for granted. Thanks Jess… 9.8.08, 12:24PM
Nancy : Ha! I love this 🙂 We need to make one of these too! 9.8.08, 12:12PM
rollee: Thank you for sharing your schedule. I admire your talents and hope to see you filling more parts of the map. I was at a wedding in Joburg, great to know that you are heading to SA. Keep up the great inspirational work, and I thank you for updating your posts. 9.8.08, 12:08AM
Gemma Clarke: Will you in NYC for long? I fly in from London on my world trip on October 27. Would love to meet you or even pay for a session with you 🙂 ~ Gemma 9.7.08, 3:58PM
Erika Gerdemark: Looking forward to meet you in Sweden! Hopefully! Jessica, you are awesome! Brilliant work! /erika 9.7.08, 3:57PM
Linda Broström Cabrera: Ohh..!!! I just saw that you have added "workshop" for Sweden, so I guess I was right yesterday! You will definately see me there! You have inspired me a lot since I started out as a wedding photographer a couple of years ago and when I was asked for advice on which photographer that should be invited to the workshop there was no other alternatives for me! /Linda 9.7.08, 3:11PM
Denise Karis: HA! Oh so sad, jessica, Im so sorry that you’re one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world and that no one wants to hire you for their wedding… yeah right! 9.7.08, 12:44PM
Abra Morris: Oh Jessica, I just read you are coming to Atlanta. When and why? Please tell me it is for more than just a wedding. If it is a workshop of any sort would you mind letting me know. I would love to look into attending. 9.7.08, 10:21AM
Rachel Jacobus: Where is your trip to OHIO??? 🙁 I told my husband, when we save up enough money we’re flying her here to Ohio to shoot our pictures! 🙂 You inspire me! 9.7.08, 8:14AM
renee: Jessica, where are you going to be in South Carolina? If it is Charleston, I would love to meet you. Do you ever do one on one mini workshops? If you do, I would love for you to consider me. At the very least, if you are in Charleston, eat at Basil’s. It is the best Thai food around anywhere…:) 9.7.08, 7:07AM
beate: i love that you’re going to sweden. i am in norway myself, by very close to the border – if you need a 2nd shooter for sweden, just holler – and i’ll free up my schedule. 9.7.08, 6:58AM
V: i’ll help you shoot a wedding anytime. If you give me a chance. 9.7.08, 6:26AM
Julie: Who’s trying to guilt you into posting more? Where’s my ball bat? 9.7.08, 6:26AM
V: South Africa?! 9.7.08, 6:14AM
Kris Leigh: Wow! Look at all those gorgeous little Jessica’s popping around the US, lol! Wishing you wonderful travels! 9.7.08, 5:38AM
Candice Brooke: I just wrote a nasty comment to all the people that thought you were not busy. But then I deleted it cuz it was nasty…and I dont want to be dumb like that….But I wish you were not so busy, i need my "hood" friend back asap! Hood is short for Neighborhood. But it is super exciting that you literally travel the world each year! sorry if this comment is weird, I shot for 18 hours straight today. xoxox 9.7.08, 2:49AM
amee: i love it jessica! 🙂 i’ll be in new orleans with ya! Have fun! love the picture of you! 9.6.08, 11:23PM
Jeanelle Caraway: Ya know…if you need a 2nd shooter for that Monroe, LA wedding, I’m only 2 hours away…wink wink. hehehe, okay, a girl can dream, right?!?! Good luck and safe travels! 9.6.08, 10:40PM
terrah: you go girl. 🙂 9.6.08, 9:42PM
David: Thank you for sharing you’re work. You are such an inspiration. I am following your blog for the past 3 years or so and this is the first time I leave a comment. Please don’t let the idiots making you believe we don’t appreciate what you are doing for us. 9.6.08, 9:00PM
Cathy Crawley: Seriously, that sounds like something a ‘real stalker’ would say? I know we are all blog stalkers because we enjoy your work but we don’t own you, we are just along for the ride. Enjoy your trips 🙂 9.6.08, 8:28PM
Steven: When in South Africa, be sure to make Cape Town your prominent destination. It has to be one of the most beautiful places the Southern Hemisphere has to offer. Not to mention all the fantastic photo opportunities! 9.6.08, 6:11PM
Jessica Jones: I’d be happy to be one of your spare ‘Jessica’s’ if you like, our wedding season over here in New Zealand doesn’t start till your off season – so I’m good to go if you want me to carry your bags or somethin’….! 9.6.08, 5:51PM
Melissa Jill 🙂: I’m excited you’ll be in Phoenix! I’d love to take you out for some good Mexican food if you’re available!!! 9.6.08, 5:44PM
Linda Broström Cabrera: Sweden! YES!!! I mentioned your name for some of my friends that will arrange a wedding photographer workshop next year and when I just saw your post my heart started jumping up and down :-)! The photographer for the workshop is not official yet but now you certainly have given me some hope! /Linda 9.6.08, 5:28PM
Lauren: I hope you get a job in Australia next year – you’ll love it (and I’d get to meet you!!) 9.6.08, 4:39PM
Keats Elliott: You should add your Shootsac schedule too – so people’s heads can really spin:) Partnercon, LA, Photokina, Germany, Photo East, NY, Imaging, Phoenix and that just gets us to January 🙂 9.6.08, 3:25PM
jodi: what?! you’re not traveling to canton, ohio? what does sweden have that we don’t? don’t answer that. LOVE the map. 9.6.08, 3:09PM
Wendy: Funny how when you are as talented as you are, people feel they own you. Whoever wrote that stupid comment about the economy is so clueless. AS IF you were obligated to post anything at all. I appreciate the precious moments you do take to share your awesome and inspiring work with us. Hope you don’t get to fried with all that travel. Cheers! 9.6.08, 2:03PM
Hannah Suh: How unfortunate for that one commenter that they are feeling the economic crunch so much so that they have nothing better to do than to leave mean passive aggressive comments on your blog. Anyway, I’m super jealous of all your travels Jessica. My heart and mind have been itching for new places, people and experiences and I wish I could be in your shoes! 9.6.08, 1:35PM
* M E T T E *: OH, are you coming to Sweden? You have lots of fans here… is it a wedding or something else? Maybe we should get our ** off the wagon and get married while you are here anyway… When is it? Would you have extra time? Pricing? Best regards, Mette Ottosson 9.6.08, 12:11PM
erin.: I love reading your twitter updates & am amazed at your wonderful travels. I always love reading the posts about each destination & I look forward to seeing the images from each stop! Safe travels!! 9.6.08, 11:31AM
Kate Wall: I’m with Tiffany – let us take you to lunch at a fabulous place and pick your brain! It would be great to have a meet up here in Phoenix! 9.6.08, 10:50AM
Christi: LOL…I just assumed that you were busy. Thinking of the slow economy affecting such a talented photographer makes me laugh. It would take quite an economic slump effect your business. Thanks for the chuckle. I do hope you make up for lost time and post a WHOLE HECK OF A LOT…IF things ever slow down enough for you to do so! 9.6.08, 10:06AM
Tracy Grant: Patience is a virtue, right people? hehe. I love your map. It gave me a great big smile and I am very happy that you are busy. Thank you for inspiring me. 9.6.08, 10:01AM
Tammy Marcelain: I wish you huge blessings on all of your endeavors. Blogging is such an awesome tool and a blessing for us to learn more about each other, but it is just that, a tool. Go live life, fly here and there, savor each experience. When you can share, please do, but don’t every feel guilty or let someone else make you feel like you are slackin’, life comes first. Cyberspace guilt…that does not make my heart warm and fuzzy at all. 9.6.08, 9:41AM
JP Elario: Its good to know you’ll be at photoplus in NYC, see you there! 9.6.08, 9:32AM
Stephanie: You are a busy woman! Maybe next year you can set your goal to do a shoot in all 50 states!! Wouldn’t that be cool? 9.6.08, 9:16AM
Noelle: Jessica…I want to be your assistant! Such fun all the travels you have on the agenda. 🙂 9.6.08, 9:07AM
tiffany: can I take you to lunch in phoenix and pick your brain? I promise it will be fun 🙂 9.6.08, 9:01AM
MrsPfeiff: Hi Jessica, whilst I am a serial lurker and tend to log on once or twice (or three times?) a day, "just in case", I can’t believe someone had the audacity to post that comment to you!! How anyone can somehow breeze past the fact that you are super busy is beyond me. Keep up the amazing work!! Besides, I like to look at the occasional JC absence of posts like Christmas: you know it’s coming, and then when it does, the surprises on the day were worth the wait!! Take care. Karen x 9.6.08, 8:23AM
Samuel: Hi Jessica, where are your going to be in Sweden ? Thanks ! 9.6.08, 8:23AM
Jill : That’s crazy Jessica! When you do make it to Raleigh, Katie and I will buy you a drink. 9.6.08, 8:11AM
Rick Fernandez: I love this post! Talk about being visual! 9.6.08, 8:01AM
Vanessa Tuau: I didn’t see NSW, Australia on your list? *taps foot impatiently*. Your travel must be seriously exhausting Ms Claire but very exciting and adventurous too:) Enjoy your weekend, Vanessa 🙂 9.6.08, 7:45AM
ricki ford: Have you been to SC yet? if not what part are you coming to I am from Myrtle Beach SC. 9.6.08, 7:34AM