Tzar: Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with the world! 8.28.08, 2:31PM
luke walker: hey that looks like the forecast for….. well….. anywhere outside of california! 🙂 you got it lucky out there jess. 8.22.08, 2:28PM
Katie: Great to meet you at Beach Week. Best of Luck to you this year. ENJOY BEING! 8.22.08, 10:47AM
Gary: Beautiful!! 8.21.08, 11:22PM
JMHickerson: awesome photos! You have AMAZING talent with photos! 8.20.08, 2:58PM
Lin: I love your outdoor shots. Great work Jessica. 8.19.08, 11:38PM
Events by Evonne: Have a great vacation! 8.19.08, 3:56AM
Vanessa Tuau: The lasy looks like Jessica from behind but here’s a photo of her front on:,22010,5033854-5010141,00.html 8.18.08, 8:01PM
Honey: Have a great vacation. You deserve it! 8.18.08, 7:35PM
Janey: Yes, I agree – SoCal beaches are the best! But, have a blast anyway. Time with family is the BEST. 8.18.08, 2:09PM
Ben Watson: Have a great vacay! Don’t let a forecast ruin your well deserved vacation with your family 🙂 8.18.08, 2:04PM
Tracey: I agree with Lauren !! This looks suspiciously like Jessica….and her new Shootsac shoulder pad ! Oooooh, just tell us you did it ! 8.18.08, 12:33PM
Melissa: I know how that feels, here in Ottawa Canada, we got 24 days of rain in July and it’s no better in August! You’ll still have fun I’m sure 🙂 8.18.08, 6:17AM
Michelle Pearson: Yuck, hope you stay dry.. 8.18.08, 12:49AM
Tracy: if you are coming to Florida, be prepared for a possible HURRICANE! 8.17.08, 8:31PM
Troy Schneider: Yikes… are you coming to Austin? That’s what our forecast looks like as well. Hope the vacation is sunnier than the forecast. 8.17.08, 7:16PM
Lauren: Are you sure you didnt shoot a wedding before you went on your vacation?!?!? We saw pics of the Ellen & Portia wedding on the news over in Oz, and there was the backview of a photographer, that had hair exactly like yours, and I think she even has a shootsac on…. Any beans you want to spill, Jessica?! Even if you cant post those photos on your blog, can you at least tell us about the wedding?! 8.17.08, 5:48PM
Cathy Crawley: I’m on family vacation at the moment too, at the snow – Brrrrr! Hope it gets better for you 😉 8.17.08, 7:24AM
Vanessa Tuau: Wow! Thunderstorms aren’t really holiday weather. My brotehr lives in the USA and on his last holiday here (Australia) we hit a balmy 116! Woooh it was a scorcher:) Hi! to all you lovely American people 🙂 You have the best of everything in your beautiful land.Vanessa xx 8.17.08, 6:07AM
jennbest: I too am off in the morning for a family beach vacation where it looks like it will rain the ENTIRE time 🙁 But best of luck on yours, hope it’s fun. 8.17.08, 2:38AM
meg: Beach week Fiji! we’ve had absolutely perfect weather for nearly a month now… (true!) 8.17.08, 1:05AM
Ray: Hope the weather for the rest of the week turns out being better. ENJOY your annual family vacation! =o) 8.16.08, 10:15PM
Susan Braswell: ha – I wonder if we are going to the same place? That is the forecast for Myrtle beach where we are headed tomorrow. 8.16.08, 4:50PM
Sarah Green: Oh no! I’m hoping the forecast is wrong. I hope that you enjoy your family vacation either way! 8.16.08, 4:08PM
Gene Higa: Have a great weekend away! 8.16.08, 4:06PM
Melissa: When we went to FL in June, that is exactly what the forecast looked like! Luckily, it usually rained in the early morning hours and was great the rest of the time! 8.16.08, 3:51PM
melissa pearce: It’ll be great. I am sure it can’t rain every day… besides, if it’s NC, the "scattered" storms are fly-bys. Have a great week relaxing! 8.16.08, 2:09PM
daryl brewton: looks like someone is going somewhere around wilmington or holden? enjoy your vacation! 8.16.08, 12:34PM