hawaii photographer: Your words really rang true to me, lol. I have a 6-1/2 -year-old daughter and a 22-month-old tornado of a son. My work is snuck in between the utter chaos that is my life. Beautiful work, btw, but I’m sure you’ve been told that many times! Thanks for sharing. aloha, Gabi 8.15.08, 4:00PM
vanessa H: That is so funny!! i have a 3 it is so fun but hard to sit and edit!! That is why I edit at night !!! 8.13.08, 1:01AM
Detra: I have four of those little ones and I never understood how people did it until I actually had my own. They don’t start out as a little wrecking ball, just this cute little miniature thing in a blanket and you wonder how you ever lived without him! You learn as they grow, and your schedule adjusts with theirs. It all works out, though mine are chasing our dogs around right now and I am wondering if it will be crazy around here all day. 😉 8.12.08, 9:52AM
Neely: I love the Totally Rad Actions! I just wish I had enough money to buy them!! lol. 8.10.08, 6:06PM
Joni: I just read your blog for the first time and I love your last post. It speaks to me 🙂 I am a stay at home mom of 3 boys trying to run a small art business. The lack of sleep is killing me!!! Also, my oldest decided to take some photos for the first time ever the other day. He wanted me to put them up on etsy. I think he is really good for a 9 year old beginner who never had a single instruction 🙂 I would love to get your feedback if you have a second to check his work out (www.theeyesofachild.etsy.com) I know diddle about photography, but I love it so much! By the way Anya, your kids keep you young and not neurotic? I’m jelous!!! 8.8.08, 3:14PM
Paulo Jordao: Nothing else to say other than… CUTE!!! 8.8.08, 12:47AM
Anya : LOL! I have 5 of those wrecking balls…..and a husband who is an ob/gyn…..it is a wild ride every day, but children keep you young….and they also keep you from becoming too neurotic 🙂 8.6.08, 10:00PM
Erin McFarland: I have to thank you for the validation this post gives to all us working mommas 🙂 I have three "wrecking balls" under the age of 2. Makes work close to impossible to get done, but having photography is a wonderful crative outlet. And in between the craziness, i realize that my little ones are truly my inspiration in my art. Here’s a peek at my crazy trio, just for kicks 🙂 http://emphoto.typepad.com/erin_mcfarland_photograph/2008/03/my-babies.html 8.6.08, 11:16AM
TD: Hey Jessica, Which lens did you use to get a close-up shot of Isaiah (first two pictures)? Love, love the shot. Thanks. 8.6.08, 11:03AM
Melissa Papaj: I am so glad that somebody actually realizes how crazy it is! I have a four year old and a one year old…crazy…crazy. Thanks for appreciating us INSANE mothers out there. 🙂 He is sure a cutie! I love the shadow of the baloon shot…very creative! As always…you captured the moment! 8.6.08, 10:46AM
melissa lee: Jessica, I LOVE your blog and your photos! You do an amazing job. Having kids definitely changes things and makes it harder to do the things you used to do, but luckily, they don’t come out as two year olds! 8.5.08, 4:22PM
Marilyn from Miami: Yup. I would be in that list. I have an 18 month, a husband who should count like a Toddler and my Photography Business. One thing I do know, it is all worth it and at the end of the day I thank God for my family and my Passion for Photography! 8.5.08, 4:02PM
Rick Bucich: My son will be 22 months in a few days so I can definitely relate. He can be exhausting, you can never let your guard down. Great photo! 8.5.08, 3:33PM
Marnee: I’m laughing so hard now as I am reading your post on my laptop while I am sitting against the door to my 2 and 4 year old’s room so they can’t escape from their much needed nap time. Full time moms/photogs learn all kinds of creative ways to work. It is definitely exhausting, but so worth it. Thanks for making me smile today! 8.5.08, 3:31PM
Embassy Pro Books: Adorable subject! I’m 6 weeks from learning first hand the fun of working and being a stay at home mom…and the phrase ‘mothers helper’ keeps playing in my mind more and more! 8.5.08, 1:25PM
Sarah Green Photography: I have a 3-year-old and 18-month old. I am also a full-time photographer. My house is a disaster but my life is full & fun. I would not have it any other way. 🙂 8.5.08, 8:07AM
Betsy Barron: too funny, JC! Yes, children making working tough (I stay up realllllly late to blog) but they are worth it! When you’re ready. What’s that saying…? Having children is like getting a tattoo on your face – you better be damn sure you’re ready!!!!!! thanks for the TRA info, I’m going to get the new ones now.. 8.5.08, 7:07AM
maryann ashley: He’s crazy cute. I need a housekeeper to follow my kids around, so the house looks tidy. Too bad I don’t have one, so tidy it is not. On another note, I got my Shootsac in the mail today. LOVE it! 8.5.08, 2:16AM
Candice Brooke: AHHHHH these are sooooo cute! I love the shadow/balloon photo. You are so great!!!! I will see you Later gater. 8.5.08, 1:36AM
logan: Hilarious post JC! My son is 20 months and the description "wrecking ball" it just about perfect. Full tilt all the time and always after the worst thing around : ) Maybe [b] can keep up with your kids one day! 8.4.08, 11:40PM
keryn: I completely agree!!! I have a 2yr old and 4 yr old and am constantly thinking how does anyone run a business from home with children! Its impossible!! 8.4.08, 11:02PM
jen mabray: great processing!! thanks for the tip on which one you used!! and about the whole mom thing… i have two little ones… and wondered the same thing. somehow it’s so different when they are your own and you grow with them from the beginning. 🙂 here’s to a wrecked house!! hee hee 8.4.08, 10:35PM
Abigail Seymour: Ha! This is great. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 15 month old, and it is so freaking hard sometimes! I’m used to chilling out and reading and having lots of time to myself. Uh, buh-bye to that! Anyway, just wanted to give a shout-out since you are a fellow NC-er and I admire your work so much. You are a true innovator and kick-ass businesswoman. 8.4.08, 8:54PM
amber dawn: That’s hilarious! Welcome to my life! =) It’s nice to know that the crazy life we live as working moms doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks for mentioning it! And glad you had fun with the little rascal…they really are the sweetest blessings! 8.4.08, 5:41PM
Rebecca Franklin: Jessica, I love this post. It’s true, it’s hard, but rewarding. I have a 6th month old daughter, who is my most favorite subject to photograph. I am getting ready to work on some pictures and Tyler is sitting next to me in our "office" in her jumperoo. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. In order to do what you love and be with those you love you MAKE it work. And you keep thinking it’s all gonna be worth it in the end. Right now I’m trying to juggle spending time with my daughter, working full time (on rotating shifts nonetheless) and getting my photography business up and running. Not the way I had imagined it but I would change a thing. I love your work, thanks for the inspiration… Becca 8.4.08, 4:15PM
Krissy: I have a 2-yr-old and a 4-month-old. Sometimes it’s like you either have a nervous breakdown, everyday…or you don’t. It’s a choice. It makes you stronger. 8.4.08, 3:34PM
Paper Monkey: What an adorable little guy! Those are great pics! I’m sure his mom appreciates having a friend like you to capture these great moments so beautifully. 8.4.08, 3:28PM
Lisa: Not only MOMS take care of their kids and work. 8.4.08, 3:24PM
heatherbroom: I LOVE that shot of the balloon. And thanks for reminding me why I don’t have kids at the moment :)…I just couldn’t juggle it all at this time of my life. Kudos to all who multitask 8.4.08, 2:49PM
Dave T.: Hey Matt S., Don’t feel so bad…I am "somewhat older" and if I were to not renew my annual pass, my wife might leave me. Jess…Your right..go on a Tuesday in October..especially if there is a slight chance of rain (less than 10%). 8.4.08, 2:06PM
Beginner Photog: Hey Jessica, I have been a long time fan of your blog and always had an interest in photography. And because of you, I have decided to explore my interest to see if it could become something more. Now I know the theme of the comments here have been "juggling motherhood and job" but as of yet, I don’t have kids, so I would love to pick your brain about Night-time and indoor shooting. I am having some issues with it right now and have been told by a couple of photographers that its all about tripod. I refuse to believe that in order to get some great indoor/night-time pics that I must carry my tripod with me everywhere. Not practical if I’m out in a bar/restaurant with family or friends. And since I see some awesome indoor/night-time photos on your blog I was wondering if you had some tips or advice. 8.4.08, 1:08PM
marta locklear: it is CRAZY. I have 3 kids, full time nanny, and I still have a hard time getting it all done! Finally got a studio to move into, just so I can get out for a bit and focus. The little one is adorable…but it can be very tasking to be your own boss and a mommy. 8.4.08, 12:35PM
Tonya Peterson: Being a mom to a 1 year old and trying to run my business is so hard but it is what drives me to be better. Thanks for this post! It gives me some inspiration and hope that I am working hard! Cute shots from DL. And it really is better in October! 8.4.08, 11:49AM
Melissa: They still have Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at the CA park? I’m so jealous!! They closed it down at the Orlando park! My BFF has 10 yo quads, and I remember the fun of having them at Disney! Enjoy your time with them! 8.4.08, 11:33AM
tunji sarumi: I like the picture second from bottom. The picture tells us about the life journey that awaits the "little guy" 8.4.08, 10:36AM
karen: so….am i the only one who finds it ironic that at crowded Disneyland, you were able to find an empty hallway for a photo? or are you just a genius? 😉 8.4.08, 10:18AM
Michelle: It’s nice to hear you say you appreciate moms. Although it may be tough, and you don’t get to get up and run out at any given time, it’s simply the most wonderful and rewarding thing you’ll ever experience. I had my boy when I was only 20, because of him I now have my own photography business. I have true inspiration behind what I do. My boy brings me more joy than any trip across the land or lots of money ever could. Hopefully one day you’ll have a little one so you can experience the beauty of motherhood 🙂 8.4.08, 9:55AM
Andrea Robinson: Isn’t fun?! I have a 2 year old and 3 month old! 8.4.08, 9:13AM
Megan: You’ll appreciate this- I work full time, have my own booming photography business on the side and two children- 4 and 1! If my life were any less frantic and packed, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself! 8.4.08, 7:42AM
Pascale Wowak: Oh girl, it’s even harder than you think! 🙂 I have a busy photography business and two little ones underfoot and no help! It is insanely crazy and I have do most of my work late, late, late into the night (early morning, depending on what you consider that time of day!) and it’s exhausting, yes, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. The only thing I’d change about my life is getting more SLEEP!…. but that is going to have to wait until they are older and in school and I can actually get stuff done during the day! Til then the chaos reigns and I juggle everything as best I can. Mommy photographers know how to multi-task like NOBODY’s business! Thanks for the validation, much appreciated! 🙂 Pascale p.s. I think you are going to be an *amazing* mommy one day 🙂 8.4.08, 2:44AM
Carin: I have been a lurker for about a month now. Love your site! I have three, count ’em…Three BOYS. No I don’t have the energy they do and yes it’s exhausting, but in a great way. Your photography inspires me! 8.3.08, 11:20PM
joyful weddings & events: Oh, I hear ya. I have my own Isaiah- 10 months old. He’s all over the place, into everything. And he doesn’t even walk yet! I’ve been learning as I’ve been going this year. I learned quickly that if I was going to run my business and get the most out of my time with my son, I needed help. It’s been a blast since then! 8.3.08, 10:34PM
April: Just like so many others who’ve posted before me, I want to say thanks for this post. I feel like such a wimp sometimes when I get frustrated with the balancing act. So, this post makes me feel a little vindicated in my frustration 🙂 Just like everyone else, though, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Ever. 8.3.08, 9:52PM
angie: He is such a cutie! I definitely do not have the energy of a 5 year old or the patience of a saint 🙂 You just have to laugh and cherish all the funny things they do and soak in every awesome second you have with the little rascals! 8.3.08, 9:13PM
allan z.: yup, u disappeared! welcome back. CUTE KID! 8.3.08, 7:18PM
Dawn: Yes, it is hard when your editing photo’s while your child is in your file cabinet pulling all your clients contracts out. But, I get to do what I love and be a stay at home mom and the same time. I am sure you will feel the same way. 8.3.08, 4:48PM
stay-at-home photographer mommy: i think it seems more difficult when it’s thrown at you for a week. every day of motherhood prepares you for the next day. like jumping into a pool versus gradually getting in little-by-little. glad you had a fun week!! by the way, i love the balloon shadow shot!! 8.3.08, 4:21PM
raya: I work from 10pm – 1am and last night I literally pulled an all nighter to get caught up. It’s kind of like being in college again…oh wait, it’s nothing like college 😉 8.3.08, 2:05PM
Karissa: One of my favorite posts by far! It is interesting hearing about your experience. When you become a mom it’s not about you anymore. I say that not out of remorse but pride. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, and I had my first 22. I have two boys, 3 and 2 years old, and I want more eventually. I wouldn’t change a thing. Photography was a hobby turned business, and it is just nice to have something I can call my own amidst the Buzz Lightyears, cars and dirty hands and feet. No matter how successful I become my children will always be my greatest accomplishment. They, unlike many things, are 100% irreplaceable. If you do have children, you will find your instincts take over. You just take on a new role, put yourself aside, and be a mother. It’s a lot more rewarding than it sounds on paper, trust me. 8.3.08, 1:51PM
patrick: jes, see, now you are realizing the truth – photography is the easy part in life! 🙂 seriously, i have three of those (boys in that age that is) and it is all good! different, but good. 8.3.08, 12:06PM
Kris Leigh: Ha Ha! Working Mum’s definitely rock! Love these images, childhood at it’s best! XX Kris (a very big fan!) 8.3.08, 9:16AM
Cathy Crawley: How funny are you! Yes, running a business from home with not one but THREE children is a challenge, but you do get used to it – you have to if you have no other choice. I’m sure you on the other hand will be able to afford a top class Nanny when the time comes 😉 Have fun with you little guest. 8.3.08, 8:05AM
Brandi Tejeda: You are too cute! Love the mom/new business stuff! I assure you..its harder when its someone else’s kid! 🙂 8.3.08, 7:24AM
Jo-Ann: Jessica, you have me laughing! I run a business from home with 3 kids and it really does work, it just takes some creative scheduling. Oh, and sometimes you need to lock yourself in the bathroom to talk on the phone. : ) Don’t let it discourage you though, when it’s your own child, you fall into a schedule and make it work and count your blessing that you’re able to do it. 8.3.08, 7:23AM
Anna: Hey Jessica…these pics are so sweet and thanks for the KUDOS to all moms! I have totally enjoyed my flourishing business and that my kids can see me do it has been a real bonus…especially my teen daughter who is thrilled for me! Being able to pursue my passion I think has made me a better mom and wife! Thanks for all your inspiration!! Cant wait to see more this week! Anna 8.3.08, 7:08AM
[michele]: Oh how I wish I could take you along on our Disney trips – I love these photos! Way to go on the fitness bootcamps btw! 8.3.08, 6:59AM
Fiona Carson: I seem to be struggling to find the balance right now – I feel guilty when I am trying to do work stuff during the day, and then I feel guilty when I’m playing with the kids when I need to get work stuff done. Mother guilt is a bitch. Anyway, it’s tough but we all get there eventually! Nice blog post, and what a cutie! 8.3.08, 5:08AM
Furious Photographers: He is so cute! I read on your FB that you were going to take him to Disneyland! You’re an awesome friend for doing all of that 😀 8.3.08, 2:20AM
Ray: Beautiful shots of Isaiah. I especially love the two first colored shots. As well as the one of the mickey mouse balloon shadow, on the floor. Adorable photo. It has a childish touch to it, which I love. 8.3.08, 1:42AM
Erin: THANK YOU for some vindication! Well I am just waiting for someone else to one up me but I have a 7 year old, 6 year old, 2 year old and 10 month old…..and of course a brand new photography business. Bring it on…kidding! P.S. I love the TRAs and don’t have any, unfortunately I have to pick so… the basic or should I just get the TRA2??? 8.3.08, 1:29AM
Rae Leytham: ahhh…..that is my life you are talking about! Avery is 16 months old and it is not easy to get work done with her home with us. So, we play with Avery and take turns working and then we work after her 8pm bedtime. Unfortunately, that leaves no time for housework. Our house is trashed all the time. We do speed cleaning when we have people over…we do consultations in our home too. We are crazy in more ways than one. But, toddlers are super fun and I can’t imagine my life without her. 8.3.08, 1:01AM
laura: that’s the cutest wrecking ball I’ve ever seen! 🙂 8.3.08, 12:01AM
Caroline Ghetes: Hi Jessica! I agree that it is tough trying to run your own business and taking care of a child too. I have three boys, a 3 year old, 2 year old, and a 5 month old, and I am busy 24/7 with work, running every aspect of it on my own. It is extremely hard, but I love my job and my husband is such a huge moral support system. BTW, I LOVE the Totally Rad actions! My favorite B&W is definitely still "Old-Skool". Anyway, huge fan of your work as are a ton of others that I know. Great Disneyland shots! 8.2.08, 11:57PM
Matthew Saville: Haha, I have almost that exact picture of Mr. Toad! I LOVE D-land, and I’m 24. Don’t tell anyone. (well, I love it WITH my fiancee, of course…) =Matt= 8.2.08, 11:56PM
Sara: Thanks so much Jess for the kind words to us moms!! We need it, just like I needed that just about now thinking I was the only mom running her own photography business and trying to juggle a husband and two wonderful, but CRAZY kids!! Thanks 🙂 8.2.08, 11:28PM
Anne Nunn Photography: You will have a PERFECT balance when you have kids….but you feel like EVERYTHING is off balance! I have a 3 1/2 and 20 month old girls..it IS crazy! My editing and all the OTHER stuff is done for a MAYBE two hour time period when they are sleeping. 😉 8.2.08, 10:17PM
Melissa: OMG Jessica you have no idea how much this post made my day today…I stay home with my 19 month old and TRY to run my photo business at the same time and it’s basically impossible sometimes…..I was wondering the other day if I’m the only mom in world who thinks her kid is a "wrecking ball". Thank GOD I’m not! 8.2.08, 9:49PM
Heather: I can only imagine how exhausting it must be. I remember I had to babysit for a whole day once and I felt like I had been through 3 weeks of bootcamp! But is good to have you back, I missed seeing new blogs 🙂 8.2.08, 8:34PM
maya: such sweet pictures. 🙂 what a doll he is! i work at home as an editor and have a 33-mo.-old and i haven’t had a full 8 hours sleep in exactly 33 months now. harsh. it’s totally worth it, though. 😉 8.2.08, 8:28PM
Melissa: Kids are definitely exhausting! I never was able to imagine keeping up with them either… until I had my first. ;o) Love the shots! 8.2.08, 8:12PM
Katie Beverley: Jess! I love this post! This is my first year in business and I have 21 month old and an 8 month old–A huge part of the "growing pains" of my first year has been trying to learn out to balance the babies and the photography! It’s a blessing to be able to do both, but certainly it is a challenge..so thanks for the "shout out" cause it made me smile today 🙂 8.2.08, 7:56PM
Stephanie: ooooo…i have those actions and am soooo in love with homestead in that series 8.2.08, 7:55PM