Sarah (Desired Focus): can let you talk with up to 98 or so people at the same time if you are interested. I would love to just listen to someone else ask questions! 6.7.08, 2:40PM
Melissa Koehler: You’re awesome, that’s all I have to say 🙂 xoxo 6.1.08, 4:28PM
Fotografo Matrimonio: Sounds really great! Thanks a lot! 5.29.08, 1:17PM
Liza: This is absolutely amazing…learning poker skills is always an added bonus. 😉 5.29.08, 12:37AM
ron storer : uh…i just have one little question…."how did you get so smart"? 5.29.08, 12:02AM
Anna: I am with Laura…can we trade something?!?! Hehehe. I think it is great what you are offering! I just wish I could pay that right now… I am sure your times will fill up quick! Have fun! 5.28.08, 11:02PM
Matthew Saville: And I agree, one-on-one is BY FAR the best way to teach and the easiest way to learn… 5.28.08, 8:27PM
Matthew Saville: Wow, I just racked up 150 advice emails, and I thought THAT was a lot! With great popularity comes lots of attention. Or something like that… Jessica, you should do a Ustream like Dane Sanders does from time to time! =Matt= 5.28.08, 8:24PM
Kirsten: You poor thing, I can only imagine the pressure of all those unanswered emails 🙁 Maybe one way to get around the problem is to do a comprehensive FAQ? Answer pretty much every question you have ever been asked and leave it at that. That should cut out 90% of the mails, I reckon? Good luck with it all xxx 5.28.08, 6:21PM
laura: I’d love to meet some day, not sure if I can make it by jun 6th, I’m a little short on sweet moola right now. I ‘might’ be able to swing it, however, if you’re open to any alternate forms of payment, maybe I can mow the lawn, or house sit, tell you some stories of back when I used to work at disneyland…stuffy mickey wouldn’t tell you *winks*, let me know. and, "yes", I’m serious. 🙂 if not, I still think you rock and I will continue to stalk you until we do finally meet. 5.28.08, 5:28PM
Jodi: On the business side, would your one one one phone consulting apply to building my blog and website (creating a bigger following), etc – I am not a wedding photographer. I market and conduct one on one Photoshop Trainings and sell Photoshop Actions. Let me know if you feel your expertise would transcend to helping with the business side of what I do. Here is my site for a peek: – and my blog: 5.28.08, 3:44PM
amanda forbush: the password doesn’t work for any of the categories! Grrr… 5.28.08, 10:27AM
vanni: okay, I would pay any price to participate – well . . . within my limited budget . . . trying hard to break into weddings. I just lost my part time job (that feeds my habit) and I am unavailable before this time frame. So even tho’ you said one time offer. I am putting in my two cents for another request for the future!! I have only recently discovered you and become one of your stalkers . . . er . . . admirers. Tried to send private message, could not figure out how. 5.27.08, 11:36PM
tony Bisson: I have the photo thing down, but I’d listen to your poker advice any time. 5.27.08, 11:02PM
laura h.: whoa! haha. talk about crazy. good luck with that… and since im not nearly skilled enough to think about hiring you to help me (or in a position at the moment to do so), maybe you might consider (as a consolation something or other to those of us who aren’t able for one reason to another to take you up on this amazing offer) posting about making the perfect white russian drink! and then later in life when we meet for the greatest ever day of shooting the shit (ya know when we’re rubbing elbows over martinis) we can talk about the jeans. 5.27.08, 10:15PM
Mom: OK all you photo bugs. Here’s your chance! You wouldn’t disappoint Mom, would you? 5.27.08, 9:22PM
Kelly: Clever marketing Jessica. 5.27.08, 9:06PM
Joanna: This is amazing! Can’t wait to see what it is all about. 5.27.08, 9:02PM
Cathy Crawley: I feel for you, really I do! I’d feel guilty too, but hey you are only one person. I do think you have come up with the perfect solution to your problem 😉 5.27.08, 9:00PM
Jen Harr: Thanks! Perfect! 5.27.08, 8:38PM
Janet M.: Well I might just go so I can learn how to make the perfect white russian. 5.27.08, 8:23PM