Joanna Fassinger: As a mom, I’ve been following the Lawrenson’s blog. As a photographer I follow your blog, so what a great surprise to see you shot for them. You are very gifted and gave the Lawrensons an astounding gift. 5.23.08, 10:05PM
Rachel Brooke: Those little fingers…this is a sweet moment that was captured here. 5.23.08, 9:41AM
Dennis Urbiztondo: Beautiful moment 5.20.08, 2:03PM
Chantal: The slideshow made me cry! Great job, as always….you are such an inspiration! 5.20.08, 9:31AM
Simply Modern Weddings: what a sweet photo! 5.20.08, 2:43AM
Sarah: I read you blog every day but this is my first post. I love the emotion captured in this picture. 5.19.08, 1:04PM
Steven Parker: Hi there! Just you let you know – your blog is a favorite amongst the participants of our forum: We’ve also added a listing to our wiki: (feel free to modify this if you like)… Thanks! -Steven Parker 5.18.08, 7:34PM
Vikki: Just another reason why I love you and your work. You are so amazing!!! 5.17.08, 9:43PM
Megan: I have actually been following both your blog and Nathan’s blog for awhile and was so excited to see that you were able to get pictures of their family. I have always thought you were a fantastic photographer, but seeing what you have done for the Lawrenson family makes you one of my favorites now! 🙂 Fanstastic work. 5.17.08, 3:56PM
jeanette sanchez: Powerful photo. I can see the connection you made with Gwenyth, so sweet! 5.17.08, 11:02AM
Susan Berman: Jessica – I read your blog everyday, but rarely post, but this just got to me. These are beautiful photographs, but even more beautiful is the gift you gave to this family. They are blessed in so many ways and my prayers and thoughts go out to all of them for healthy recovery and for little Gwyneth to grow big and healthy! 5.17.08, 10:33AM
Beth: Definitely NO coincidence!! Blessings deserved by that family! 5.16.08, 7:41PM
erin.: Jessica, You look like a natural holding Baby Gwenyth! 5.16.08, 7:36PM
Morgan : Jess, thank you so much for posting this. I have a good friend whose husband is being treated at Duke right now for adisease called Scleroderma, and they also have a little one, so I passed this info onto them and I think they were able to make a connection with this family. See how blogging unites us all? 5.16.08, 2:17PM
Kristin : You take AMAZING photographs. If you ever get a chance, check out Very tragic story but some neat photographs from an amateur. I bet you could capture his daughter beautifully and somehow incorporate his late wife. He seems to share some of they style of your photographs (him not his photos). Thanks for sharing your photos – I LOVE them. 5.16.08, 1:47PM
Nadine: What a lovely, heart-melting photo. 5.16.08, 1:07AM
Kelly Vohs: I think it was a God thing. 🙂 5.15.08, 8:42PM
patrick: jes, with a connection/look like that, you know it is only a matter of time… 😉 5.15.08, 2:03PM
elizabethk: jessica, i’ve always admired your work as a photographer, but now i’m truly amazed at your gift. i live in cary, nc and had the chance to read about this family when they were featured in the local paper a few months ago. your photos have captured more emotion and the love shared between them than the whole article could even begin to convey. thank you for using your gift to be a blessing to the lawrenson family. 5.15.08, 12:51PM
Araxi: They definitely deserved that 40 minute of sun. 5.15.08, 12:46PM
Tricia Whitmer: NO COINCIDENCE!!! Thank you for the inspiration. 5.15.08, 12:08PM
Melissa: Amazing photo and wonderful story! 5.15.08, 12:00PM
Ling: I love your pictures! They are amazing….and very inspirational. 🙂 5.15.08, 10:57AM
Stacy Reeves: Wow, you look so beautiful in that photo! It’s amazing what kind of warmth and glow comes out of women when they get near babies 5.15.08, 10:50AM
DrewB: No, she got quiet and happy because you are the baby whisperer! Maybe you should quit being a photographer and start being a nanny 🙂 Or better yet, a mommy 😉 5.15.08, 10:18AM
Robin Dini: it sounds like you had a inspiring and special visit with this family. their story is amazing. 5.15.08, 10:10AM
Rachel Absher: Oh, Jessica, this photo speaks! Love it. I love how her tiny hand is grasping your finger. What a precious gift you have given this family. And NO, I don’t think it’s coincidence. 5.15.08, 10:07AM
Lindsay Kipp Photography: What an amazing story from start to finish! Plus this is such a beautiful picture of you and Gwenyth! I hope you have a wonderful day! 5.15.08, 9:39AM
Miz Booshay: I believe. God is good. 5.15.08, 9:08AM
Tanya Perez: This is such a sweet photo! 5.15.08, 7:47AM
drago: jess, you look so natural holding a baby! 5.15.08, 7:07AM
Bobbie: I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday, so here I am today! That story is just amazing – every bit of it. I wish that family the very best and I am so happy that they have a baby girl of their own… 5.15.08, 6:39AM
Lu: Your a natural. Such a sweet photo, and a lovely story about the family. 5.15.08, 3:09AM
Natalie Williams: Amazing story! Definately not a coincidence 🙂 5.15.08, 1:06AM
Erin: Amazing photos! What a beautiful family and an amazing gift you could give them as they begin the next journey of their lives. I admire you! I LOVE your photography. You are such an amazing person. Thank you for sharing your blog with us! I’m officially de-lurked now 🙂 5.14.08, 11:51PM
ricci: little miracles are all around us I love getting the chills for stories like this. In the midst of chaos and despair there is always hope. 🙂 5.14.08, 11:51PM
Carol Nanfito: Coincidence, maybe. Good fortune, could be. God, definitely!! 5.14.08, 11:50PM
Nate: So glad you posted this pic! If you know Tricia, you know that the sun shining when she steps out of a car, or enters a room, etc. is no coincidence… 😉 5.14.08, 11:47PM
FRED EGAN: Good fortune 🙂 5.14.08, 11:09PM